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I sat at the end of the road waiting for the bus to come. It was about seven in the morning and I was on my way to school like every weekday. For some reason this day was bothering me. My mom and I got in a fight. My siblings at least weren't up so that was a plus. Oh, I forgot to do my math homework! As I turned down to get my math sheet I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and was dragged into a car. I tried to scream but it seemed like I was all out for today. I was totally confused and I could not see because the person who caught me blindfolded me and tied a ribbon around my mouth. At that moment I began to regret yelling at my mom. I eventually fell asleep in the back of the car. When we pulled in to where I guessed was a house that belonged to the owner of the car, I sat up. Almost instantly I was pulled out of the car and out into the sun. I believed it was about an hour after I had been kidnapped. I was pulled into a room that looked un-used and fifthly.

"Now listen to me and we won't have any problems ok? Seek only when spoken to and only come out of this shed when the timer goes off. You have a bed, a trash can and a chair. You also have a couple books. I am being very considerate to you so don't take advantage of me! Now, what is your name?" he spoke with a condescending tone. I didn't respond and when he realized it he smacked me across my face. I felt the sting intensify as he slapped me twice more.

"Be-Bella." I responded shivering and hurting from the smacks. I knew from the start my days of good fortune was gone.

The man's eyes narrowed in annoyance, his gaze intensifying.

"W-Why are you keeping me here?" I demanded, wincing at his glare. The man stared at me before backing up and slamming the old door behind. I was thrown into darkness, the only light coming from the small cracks in the walls. "Okay…" I muttered, making my way around the room, trying not to trip over anything. Immediately as I thought that, my foot connected with an upraised floorboard and fell forward and, crying out in pain, scrapping my knees on the ground.

"I thought i told you to stay in this room and only speak when spoken to!" the slammed open right after I fell and immediately my heart started fluttering as he stopped viciously into the stable.

"I-I tripped. I'm sorry." I cried out in worry

He took his broad hands and slapped my face with a sound you would hear when someone is breaking into your house.

I raised my hand up to my cheek and was about to scream when his glair repositioned my thoughts and actions.

"stay in here! Do whatever you please but don't leave or speak, got it?"

i was going to respond when his glair told me it was best to shake my head yes, so i did so.

i slept on the dirt floor last night and my back is aching. i have not eaten and have not spoken a word. I should have been more careful the other day when I was taken. What will my mother think? i had not said goodbye, she must think i hate her and ran away! oh what will she think?

I wished desperately I had been able to say goodbye to my mother, she must be so worried! Stifling a sob, I shuffled towards a far corner where I then huddled in a ball. My stomach was aching dully, which I realized was due to lack of food. Why am I even here? I asked myself in vain, knowing that the answer wouldn't come soon. I had just sat up when the door opened, allowing a beam of sunlight to penetrate my dark prison. Blinking my eyes in the searing light, I could make out a tall shape, a teenager, by the lean figure. Squinting, I tried to make out the figure. "W-Who are you?" I called out, but my voice came out no more than a whisper.