Chapter 2

"I could ask you the same thing!" he shot back, confused.

"Someone took me here; I was on my way to school and some man with black..." I was cut off by the handsome boy standing in front of me.

"We don't know each other. I have never seen you before. You don't know that my name is Edward. Got it?" he asked with a harsh tone, but his words came off severe and meant a whole lot to me.

"Um... Okay?" I muttered, staring at him. "Well, not Edward, I suppose I can't ask you why I am being kept here." The boy looked at me, as if debating whether or not he should tell me.

Sadly, my eyes wandered and landed on his gorgeous chest. My eyes followed his beautiful chest lines up to his amazing face. His eyes were a golden blue, I have never seen that color before but it is very amazing. His hair was a rusty golden brown. His lips were lush looking and painted with a red gold color.

"Look. I don't know who you are and I don't care. So, just go back to working on whatever you were….." I cut him off angrily.

"I was not working and I will never work in this disgusting place of a house! Do you understand me? You don't understand! I had friends. I had my family! I had a life and to go to this! It's a tragedy to be living in this house!"

I don't know what happened but the next moment, I was on the floor. I opened my eyes and saw his eyes. I also felt him hold and caress my head. He smiled and then, directly after, he pulled me up. So much for a perfect moment!

"I advise that you go back to the corn..." he spoke with a rough tone and was cut off.

"What the...? What are you doing? Get outside! Now!" a voice roared and I started to move. "NOT YOU! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK!"

"It-It's not what it looks like," I stuttered, staring at the threatening form. The man turned towards me, glaring at me before stepping forward menacingly, his fists clenched. Edward stared at his father and scuttled out of the room, averting his gaze. My eyes narrowed slightly at his meekness, but I shrank back from the man's threatening posture, keeping my gaze on my feet. "I-I'm sorry," I muttered, but knew an apology would not calm the man's temper.

"Do you ever listen?" he shouted back at me, making me horrified.

"Sometimes... sometimes not" I whispered to myself, yet apparently not quietly enough.

"What? Don't you dare back talk me!" he replied.

"I-I never said anything!" I exclaimed lamely, though you could obviously tell I was lying. I noticed some small movement, and tearing my gaze away from the man, I peered behind him to see Edward staring back at me. I glared at him, my eyes narrowing as I questioned why he was staring at me. "What?" I mouthed.

"I don't know... I don't know what to do now." he mouthed back at me

"Well, anything I think would do!" We continued to have a mouthed conversation when he accidentally said what he was going to mouth out loud.

"Well, run then!" he shouted.

Crap! I though immediately.

"What!" the angry man turned in rage over to Edward. "What did you say?" he slapped the boy across the face just like he did to me.

"Bella! RUN! NOW BEFORE... before he can get you" Mike, the father, strikes Edward once more and that gave me my chance to try to run away. My try was filled with pity as when I ran, I tripped, giving Mike a chance to step on my leg.

"OWWWWW" I screamed in horror as pain rushed through me.

"Now you both are in here and you both are missing today and tomorrow's breakfast and lunch!" I turned to look at Edward; he had tears swelling in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry" he mouthed.

"It's not your fault" I barely mouthed back.

I could feel tears forming at the corner of my eye, my hand instinctually clutching my injured leg. Edward's father shoved both of us back inside before slamming the door shut on us, throwing us into utter darkness. Gasping in pain, I tried to maneuver around the dark room without hurting myself anymore. "At least we have each other," I muttered, Leaning myself up against a wall, cradling my injured leg.

"I guess," Edward replied, his form barely visible in the dull lighting.

"You should seriously get some lighting in here," I murmured, more to myself than to him. I knew we could probably escape, but the odds were against us now, what with me weak from hunger and with a bruised leg. I looked up towards Edward. "You can leave me, you can go. Far away from here," I informed him, blinking away tears.

"What?" Edward exclaimed, plopping down next to me. "Why would I ever leave you?" I turned towards him, my face in shadows.

"It's the only way, you aren't the one injured or weak, and you have to go. Find someone, anyone, inform them of my whereabouts, someone will come and get me. You mustn't worry." It took all my control to get those words out calmly, even though I was on the verge of hysteria. Releasing an exasperated sigh, Edward stood up, pacing, clearly debating the situation.

He kept going back and forth and finally he said, "No, I won't."

I wondered why he wouldn't leave. I was the reason we were BOTH trapped and he is refusing to leave?

"What are you, crazy?" I asked, staring at him. "We're trapped in a freaking shed and you don't want to get help?" I stared at him, my eyes widening.

"I may be crazy, but at least I'm sure about one thing," he replied and I looked at him questioningly.

"And what's that?" I commented, watching as he sat down beside me, a small smile playing at his lips. We were inches from each other, our breath mingling with the other in the air. "Edward, I don't think-" he cut me off, leaning forward so his mouth was by my ear, my breath automatically speeding up in reply.

I closed my eyes and leaned in. I felt him breathe quietly. His hand brushed against my cheek as he pulled me in. My heart when crazy as my lips gently touched his. He moved his hand to my back from my head. My hands weren't relaxed anymore, they were tangled into his hair and suddenly i was halfway on his lap. I ran out of breath which caused me to pull away. I bit my lip slightly and leaned against Edward.

"Wow," I said.

"Ya, I know." He smoothed my hair out as he looked at me. We stayed like that till around noon. We eventually fell asleep with me in his arms. That was quite a day!