Larten/Darren: Something Special

I hummed as I stir the mixture of egg, flour and melted chocolate on the big bowl. It had been years since I got together with my old math teacher, Larten Crepsley. Now, I work as a regular full-timer in an office while Larten found another job in the most famous school in our area. My name is Darren Shan, twenty eight years old, and my boyfriend, Larten is approximately two hundred years old.

My family knew about our relationship since I told them, wanting no secrecy between us. Of course, they were against it. Our age gap was too much; not to mention that my lover was another man. So, I decided to move out of the house, looking for our own unit in an apartment and started earning our own living.

Today is Larten's birthday and I would love to give something for him. But I just didn't know what I should give to him. So, I decided that I will just make a chocolate cake to celebrate it. It might not be that fancy but I really hope that he'll like the cake. Speaking of which, I wasn't a great cook at all when we moved together. Even Larten can cook better than I could. Gradually, with patience, I reached the part where I can fulfil my duty as a . . . housewife. That word always makes me twitch.

I took a day off today, just for the sake of finishing the cake before he comes home. I usually arrived home later than he does, which is why sometimes he told me to quit my job, not that I listened to his advice anyway. When the first time I saw Larten wearing a suit and a tie, I swore, I was laughing so hard, as blue seriously didn't suit him. To break it down, blue is Kurda's colour, brown is Gavner's, purple and black are Gannen's. The only colour that fit with Larten is blood red.

"Darren," Steve walked to the kitchen without me hearing that he was coming. The front door was opened, so, I wasn't surprised at all that he just strolled in like that. He was wearing a dark grey suit with black tie. "Apron!" He exclaimed, narrowing his eyes. "No, boy, no!" The silver haired boy approached, tugging my collar. "You should greet Mr Crepsley home with nothing but an apron covering your body." He looked at me with sparkling eyes, giving an example. "What would you like to do first, Larten?" He twisted his head slightly to the right, "warm bath?" Now head to the left, taking one of the cooking utensils on the kitchen table, putting it close to his lips. "Dinner? Or. . ." He put the thing back, this time pretending to peel his clothing, looking at me with a pair of puppy eyes. ". . . Me?"


The whisk that I had been holding fell to the floor. I gaped at him in an utter flabbergasm. If I could see myself in a mirror nearby, I might be able to find my face turned pink (red for blush and white for paleness mixed together) in whole. Steve grimaced in satisfaction after seeing my priceless expression. His finger flew to the dough inside the bowl. I slapped his hand even though my face was still red, making the bowl moved over the edge. If it wasn't for Steve's steady hands, catching it, everything would have fallen to the floor.

"Phew, thanks." I smiled, putting it back to the kitchen table. "But don't put your hand inside the dough without sterilising it first." Glancing at Steve, I noticed that his skin had changed colour from sun-kissed tan into pale cream with shade of purple. "Are you full now?"

"I haven't eaten anything."

"I mean, are you a full vampaneze now?"

"Oh, well. . . I'm entering the last stage of the purge. You see, as a half, you won't grow an inch. Well, in the purge, your height will shoot. If you notice I've gained a few more centimetres." He retorted. I do notice the change in his height. Probably an addition of eight centimetres in a few days. "I'll get going now, kay? I have court in eighty seconds." Before I could say anymore, he stormed off, flitting in a fast, inhuman speed. Steve is quite well-known as a lawyer in this area, despite his last-second-arrival attitude.

Oh yeah, Steve quitted his job at the dormitory a year ago as he confessed that he didn't enjoy teaching; he moved to the town I'm currently living in. Gannen remained there, though. Both of them have a long-distance relationship and only able to meet once a week. On Steve's days off and holidays, he would return to the dorm to visit his lover, and to help around a bit. Most of the teachers and students didn't mind his presence.

"So. . . naked under an apron?" I mumbled with such a red face, tugging the thin piece of clothing while considering whether or not I should take Steve's suggestion to heart.

Larten's eyes widened in disbelief as soon as he turned his body from the door, mouth parted in surprise. He dropped the handbag that he had been holding and it landed with a soft thud on the cold ceramic tiles. Shade of red flitted across his cheeks.

"W-welcome home," I leaned in, bending my body towards him in ninety degrees angle and could felt the apron dropped, exposing my erect nipples. "Would you like a warm bath, dinner, or. . ." I swallowed thinly. "me?" My face turned extremely red after I realised what I just said.

"This is definitely not your idea of home welcoming." He stuttered, completely in awe of who was standing in front of him. "Remind me to thank whoever it was who gave this marvellous suggestion to you." Without any further ado, he untucked his hands from his red suit, dropping it on the floor and pulled me up, draping my body on his shoulder like I was no heavier than a cat.

I was thrown roughly on the cosy sofa; the apron was shoved to the sides because of the impact, revealing my Adam's apple. When I looked up to see his eyes, I could only find lust all over. I gulped. Somehow, I knew that I caused it. And Steve.

Larten landed thousand of hasty kisses all over my bare chest, nips on my neck and a passionate kiss on my lips for one full minute, completely suffocating me. We broke for air and with all my might, I started speaking,

"Happy birthday."

The orange-haired vampire looked aside to find a simple cake, covered in delicate melted chocolate and strawberries. With his sharp nails, he cut a small bit, putting it into my mouth, along with his finger, silently asking me to lick it clean. The sticky liquid of the chocolate left a strange sensation on my lips. He was about to put another piece in but, he 'accidentally' dropped it to my chest. The chocolate splattered wide.

"Ah. . . what a waste." He smirked, licking the stain full-tongue. I shivered and moaned at the sensation. His other hand worked on my crotch, moving them in an up and down motion. Unwillingly, my body reacted to this intensely as I began to move my hips. "You're moving." He smiled. "Such an honest body. Such an honest reaction."

"Hn. . . L-Larten. . . more," I begged, placing my hand over his, pressing them gently. "Please." He pulled back his hands, watching me doing it myself.

"How shameless, Master Shan. You are masturbating in front of me." He whispered into my ear with the low, seductive voice of his. Larten nipped on my neck, hard enough to draw blood. I winced as the pain stung but calmed down when he sucked on the wound, closing them, before he repeated the action on different places.

Sweat began trailing down, making the thin apron see-through. Larten could see both of my erect nipples clearly, only covered by a thin piece of clothing. He leaned in to lick the apron in a swirling motion, the other hand squeezing hard.

I came with a soft moan. Larten's face was redder than usual, which means he was enjoying it. On the next second, I could feel Larten's tongue wrapped around my member in a hot sucking manner; licking it with such passion that it blew my mind away, allowing me to only think about him and the vibes of pleasure that he made with his mouth alone. I pressed his head downwards gently with my hands; silently begging for more. He placed his index finger on my hole, slowly inserting it in, making me release a loud moan at the sensation. After I've calmed down a bit, he put the second one in, stretching me with a scissors motion.

My back arched in both pleasure and pain as the vampire inserted his third finger; I snapped and pushed him back on the edge of the sofa, this time landing a kiss on his lips so roughly. This is his birthday and I couldn't make him do all the working. I spun around, engaging in the sixty-nine position; I began to massage his balls while he sucked on my length. I used my throat to rub his manhood, sucking all his pre-cum with me.

"Darren," He moaned, kissing my buttocks ever so seductively. I released him from my mouth and I crawled on top of him, positioning myself right above his hardened member. "The lube. . ."

I ignored his words, proceeding to swallow him slowly. Of course, it hurts more than usual as we used no lotion. But, for his sake and pleasure, I would have to bear with it. Both of us moaned at the sensation. After I got comfortable, I began to lower my body, taking him deeper, deeper and deeper, swallowing him whole. He buckled his hips up and down while one hand tweaking my nipple and the other playing with my member.

"It hurts," I moaned, speaking out the word inside my head. However, he took no notice of my word; instead, he continued thrusting into me. "Larten! Ahn. . ." I panted as he pulled his member back and spun my body around in ease. Without any warning, he pushed himself inside me for the second time and I moaned, clutching the sofa sheet firmly. He bent his body forward, touching my back and he tweaked both of my nipples, pinching them roughly. Larten moaned with me, spilling his seed inside of me, and I came along. "H-happy birthday," I whispered before I fell into his arms, exhausted.

"The cake was delicious," The orange-haired vampire smiled, licking his fingers. "I wish my birthday is every day." As he said that, I blushed, as if yesterday wasn't enough. "So, was it Steve who suggested the whole apron thing?" I nodded as a response. "I figured so. I thought I heard Gannen mumbling about apron when we met."

"Wait, so Steve is the. . . tachi?"

"I cannot imagine him wearing an apron so, Gannen must be the neko." He smiled, looking at my red face. "And I heard something about kitty ears."

My brain wandered off somewhere, imagining Gannen naked under an apron with a pair of kitty ears and tail. I gave myself a mental slap. "They really are. . . active."

"They are," He smirked. "Steve told me about how he did Gannen. Once in a while, the whole apron drama, maid uniform, kitty ears, bondages, vibrators and. . ."

"STOP!" I exclaimed, banging the table before I could die from the heat of my face. "I've got a feeling that I don't want to continue listening to you."

"My humblest apology, Darren," Larten chuckled while holding my arm. "I will not discuss this further." Pouting, I sat back on the chair.

"Do you want me to do such a thing?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.

He was looking at the table so intensely for a few seconds before the corner of his lips twitched and he banged the table, laughing so hard, pissing me off. Just look at him. When I was being serious, he just laughed hysterically like that. "Darren, I would rather you to be yourself, rather than copying other people's routine."

I looked away in shame with my lips curled, pouting. "But you were enjoying last night's more than usual, weren't you?"

"Does it matter?" He rested his head on his right hand. "As long as it is you, I will enjoy it wholeheartedly." His other hand grabbed mine and kissed it gently, lovingly, caringly. "As long as it is you."

I blushed again, for the countless time in twenty four hours after I realised how truthful his words are. The feeling of satisfaction whirred inside my stomach since I knew that I made the right decision by leaving my house, come to lead my own life with Larten, the only one whose love to me is so sincere.

Steve/Gannen: Penalty Game

Kurda leaned on Gavner while focusing his eyes on the book he was holding. Gavner smiled, draping his arm around the blond's neck, pushing his head gently to his shoulder. Yes, this is the secret of the two teachers in the dormitory. In front of everyone, they tend to argue and shout at each other. And in contrast, they would act like a pair of young lovey-dovey when they were left alone by their own.

"Oi, Gavner," Steve pushed the door to their office ever so suddenly, making Kurda snapped and pushed Gavner away from him and shot him an angry glance, then scooted away one metre. "Where's Gannen?"

"Would you ever look for someone else, aside from that dude? Like, seriously. You're being too transparent." He rested his head on his head, being slightly annoyed by the young half-vampaneze's presence. "He's in the infirmary with Glalda."

Without saying thank you, he closed the door. The two vampires smiled at each other, starting to scoot closer. However, before they could kiss, the door was opened again. They were ambushed by Steve. Awkward silence for five seconds before Steve was on the floor, rolling in laughter. "I was about to ask if you have rope or not but, instead, look what I found? You two are dating each other! I'll make sure every single living thing in this dormitory knows about this!"

He was gone in a blink of eye. The two teachers looked at each other awkwardly, sharing the same question.

What in the world did he need a rope for?

Steve was about to push the door to the infirmary open, if it wasn't for the odd, soft conversation from inside. He didn't really recognise who it was. However, it was enough to make his veins popped.

"You can't lick your own –enis."

"Yes, I can."

"You can't."

"I'll try." Shifting noises. "Fuck!"

"Dumbass! You'll break your backbone."

"Hey, you have chocolate on your –enis. How did it get there?"

"I think it was from lunch."

"I'll lick it."

"Well, if it's my –enis you're talking about then, you are able to lick it."

Steve kicked the door open in one swing, face red in anger. "NO! The only one who can lick Gannen's penis is me! And Gannen, you–"

". . . Penis?" Both Gannen and Glalda exchanged looks in confusion before they fell of their chairs, laughing hysterically. "Oh my gosh, did you hear that, Gannen? He said penis!"

The other teacher covered his mouth with his hand, hoping that his laughter would cease faster, even though he knew it was impossible. Just like trying to lick your wenis, impossible. "Not penis. Wenis."

"Penis, weenies, the same thing!" The silver-haired male blushed in embarrassment, half-shouting at the two vampanezes in front of him, who apparently were laughing harder than before. Although Gannen was trying his best not to embarrass his lover any further, he just couldn't suppress the hilarity.

"Not wee-nees. Wee-nes." Gannen said, pointing at his chocolate-covered elbow. "You can't lick your own elbow."

"I know that!" Steve snapped, walking away in anger. On the corridor, where nobody could be spotted, he stopped walking and lifted his arm and stuck his tongue out. "Oh, you seriously can't?"

"What's wrong, Steve?" Vanez popped out of nowhere.

"Oh, Vanez! I need your help." He smiled and the sport teacher looked at him questioningly. "I wanna borrow your rope."

"Sure thing. Just follow me. What do you need it for?"

"For a penalty game," Steve snickered before he threw a creepy ear-to-ear grin, looking back to the infirmary office's way, where Gannen was still standing at.

Tonight is certainly going to be very fun.

Gavner/Kurda: Just Look at Me

Gavner shrugged when all of the students, some teachers, began questioning him about his relationship with Kurda. Some were really excited, some were surprised and some were jealous. Because of their popularity, a few students had a crush on them. However, it was either they were too dumb to notice, or they just didn't give a damn. Unlike the easy-going brunette, Kurda was trying hard to deny the fact. Yet, Gavner broke his attempt with a single:

"Jeez, guys! It's about time you lots find out about this."

Kurda stomped on Gavner's right foot with his vampiric power, making him yelp and totter. He turned his back with a red face, trying to escape. Gavner ran after him, grabbing his arm and spun him around, pushing him into a deep hug in front of everyone. The students cheered as they embraced. "Let me go!" Kurda pushed him hard to the wall and he fled, almost broke into tears.

"Kurda, why were you so angry?" The brunette slammed on the geography staff room's door a few times, trying to get Kurda to come out. However, the door didn't even budge. "Don't tell me this room is soundproof too." He mumbled, remembering the stupid mistake he made in front of Larten's office.

"Go away, Gavner." His voice shook.

The geography teacher leaned on the door, looking up at the ceiling. "Kurda, do you love me or not?" When no response was made, he continued, "Sometimes I think that we're over. We always make fool of ourselves in front of everyone by spending time arguing and fighting like some goons. When we're alone, sure, we don't fight. But, you know, I think that we quarrel more than we act like real lovers do." Kurda still didn't answer and Gavner wondered if the room really is soundproof. "Are we over now?"

The blond slid the door opened; his blue eyes were shining due to the tears that swelled up. "I don't want anyone else to know about us." He whispered almost inaudibly. "Please, I want this to be a secret."

Gavner shook his head without even looking at him. "I want you to just look at me. Not anyone else. Just me. Not even when we hold hands, hug or kiss on the corridor. Just look at me. Pay no attention to our surroundings." He said with his low gruff voice, the kind that is usually reserved for serious moments. "You want to do that for me? Or you don't love me enough to?"

Kurda's body shook and he clutched Gavner's jacket fabric sternly, letting his tears dropped. "I love you," He whispered, rounding his arm around his lover's stomach. "But, I just don't want to do anything romantic in the public."

"We both are selfish, okay?" Gavner let out a humourless chuckle, not making any attempt to touch Kurda's hand on his stomach. "One has to step back in order for this raw relationship to grow. I don't want to keep this a secret, Kurda. Having to be by your side thrills me. Everyone has to know about this news. I put up with your secrecy request for over two decades now and I've got no plan to keep it going."

The blond sighed as he released his grip, retreating into his office, leaving Gavner outside, heart shattered. He clicked his tongue and put his right hand on his forehead, wondering if he made a wise decision or not, by wanting to leave right away. "Well, if it's over then, so be it." He whispered into the gap on the office door before he left.

Gavner Purl was not amused.

He spaced out unusually often in the class. After giving some work for the students to do, he sat on the teacher's desk up the front, staring straight at the sky through the transparent window while resting his head on his hand. He hadn't met Kurda that day because he didn't go for breakfast. How could he face that blond after what happened yesterday? Kurda might not have any problem acting like nothing special happened. But Gavner wouldn't be able to hide his emotion.

The door to the history class slid open in ease without Gavner realising it. The students inside smiled at the geography teacher who just came inside. He stood beside Gavner for at least a minute until he noticed his presence. When he saw Kurda, he raised his eyebrow and looked at him in surprise.

"Sorry, I had to clear my mind yesterday." He whispered almost inaudibly. "I couldn't think straight at all."

Gavner's hope rose when he heard the blond saying that. Their relationship might not be over yet. "I'm sorry too for forcing my will to you like that."

Without any warning and a second delay, Kurda smacked his lips against Gavner, making the class cheered extremely loud. The history teacher turned red, unable to say a thing. He then looked at the class. Kurda covered his eyes with his hands. "Not our surroundings, right?"

Gavner's lips formed a broad smile before he leaned in to land another kiss at the blond's lips, sealing his ears from the wild cheering of the students.

Just look at me.

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