Last Kiss

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Richelle Mead. The song "Last Kiss" was written by Taylor Swift. It is off her third album "Speak Now." I do not own them.

Author's Note: This year my goal is to write a fanfiction for every song off Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now." This was originally written/published as "My Love, My Promise." I just expanded it and added a couple scenes from the cabin.

P.O.V: Rose

Time: Shadow Kissed/Blood Promise

Genre: Drama, Angst, and Romance

Rating: PG-13

Date Finished: March 20, 2011

I stared into Dmitri's eyes. They were so beautiful, so peaceful. I felt safe and protected in his strong arms. With him, my world was complete. I could live with thoughts of a curious five year old with him.

With him, I felt free.

With him, I could let her guard down.

I kissed his gentle lips. "I love you."

I longed to hear those words escape from his glued lips. "Roza, I love you."

It was just what I wanted to hear.
I pulled him closer. This was the way I loved him. I never wanted to leave him. I wanted to stay here and spend every single second with him.

I wanted to stay.

I wanted to never move until we both died.

I just wanted to enjoy this last kiss.
"Promise me something," he asked.

"Anything," I whispered in his left ear.

"If I become one of them, kill me."

"I will." I chewed on my lip. "And will you do the same for me?"

"Yes, my love."

Blood Promise
I made a promise to you my love that if you ever became of them, that I would be the one to kill you.

I made a promise to hunt you and run my stake through your once golden heart.

My promise isn't a favour. My promise is a true promise. My promise in one I intend to fulfil.
I made a promise to you my love.

I promise to hunt you.

I promise to find you.

I promise to kill you.

I promise to release your soul.

I never go back on my promises. You taught me better than that, my love.
My love who I'd gladly lay down my life for. My love who I'm probably going to end my career and possibly my life for.

My love, my true love, I want to grant your wishes, even if these are the wishes you never wanted me to grant.

My love, I'll save you when no one else wants to. I'm your way out.

My love, don't hurt me, don't hate me.

This is killing me inside too.

My love, my love.

My promise, my love.
I never thought that it would come to this.

But, my love, my mind is still on that last, magical night. It was the last night that we would ever send together.

It was also our last kiss. That was the kiss that I'd never thought I'd see. However, it will be the kiss that will linger on my lip forever.