I am taking a break from my other projects to write this. I want to use this fic as a medium to raise awareness about the recent disasters in the Tohoku Prefecture of Japan. We, the readers, and writers of need to give any support we can to those affected. If you know an author from the region, give them moral support. Send a PM or e-mail offering condolence and someone to talk to. If you can, donate money or food to any of the charities working with those impacted by the quake and subsequent tsunami. Japan has given us so much. Let us give back, now when they need help.

And if you are one of the people in the region hit by the disaster, keep hanging on. Your country is still strong, and will recover. Your society is showing its true strength right now, through the Japanese people who without delay set upon helping their neighbors, coworkers and classmates, to the workers at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, selflessly volunteering to give their lives to try to avert a larger calamity. Japan still stands, as it always has, because of its people.

Without further ado, I now give you this fic. I hope you like. This is dedicated to the victims and the survivors of the disaster, their families, and the people of Japan. –Dr. Lovekill

A normal day…a normal day in a normal week. Normal being relative of course. That simply meant that, at least in this particular classroom, Chiyo was three chapters ahead of the teacher, and Osaka was daydreaming about a giant flowering bush in the lawn outside the window assuming a life of its own in an orgy of twisting and snapping branches of Lovecraftian proportions as it tried to eat a squirrel. Tomo, Yomi and Sakaki were somewhere in between the extremes. But all days of infamy begin on deceptively auspicious notes.

"Miss Kasuga?" Miss Yukari said. Osaka was off in her fantasy and didn't hear. "Osaka?" Miss Yukari growled, realizing the spacey girl wasn't paying attention again. "MISS KASUGA!"

"OH! Huh?" Osaka said, snapping out of her dream.

"If you wrote half of your daydreams down, Miss Kasuga," Yakari-san commented. "You'd be a great writer…" Tomo and Chiyo giggled.

"Sorry." Osaka replied, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Okay…" Miss Yukari said. "Anyone know the answer? Miss Mihama?" Before Chiyo could answer, there was a sudden tremor that shook the classroom. The students all gasped as the ground began to shake. Being drilled incessantly by the School system for earthquakes, the students all instinctively dove under their desks and covered their heads as the warning sirens began to wail. Miss Yukari stumbled to her desk, barely able to walk amid the trembling of the floor. She crawled under the desk as ceiling tile began to fall.

"We're gonna die…we're gonna die…" Tomo gasped repeatedly, squeezing her eyes closed. Chiyo, curled up in a tight ball, tried desperately to assure herself mentally that earthquakes didn't last that long, and buildings are built to withstand them. Koyomi Clenched two fistfuls of hair painfully tight as she shook, possibly more than the earth beneath her. Osaka sat, almost hypnotized by the destructiveness of the quake, and how all the books were falling off of the desks, but a ceramic mug on Miss Yukari's desk was just dancing around in circles. Sakaki's desk suddenly turned over, leaving her exposed. She froze in fear as parts of ceiling and broken glass from the overhead lights fell around her.

Kaorin saw the danger Sakaki was now in. She was terrified, but she couldn't let anything happen to Sakaki-chan. She bolted from under her desk, and climbed over Sakaki, using her own body as a shield. They both felt someone grab the collars of their pink shirts.

"Move!" Kagura yelled, half dragging them under an empty desk where they all three huddled together tightly. A plate glass window shattered, sending shards of glass onto the spot where they had just been. Then, just as quickly as it started, the quake was over. Everyone stayed where they were for a few moments more, still frozen in fear and shock. Finally, Miss Yukari slowly crawled out from underneath her desk, pushing aside pieces of cork tile, and dusting plaster from her clothes.

"Is everyone…okay?" She panted. "Come on, is anyone hurt?" One by one, the students began to move, cautiously and slowly. A few stood and looked around at the destruction. Kagura, Sakaki and Kaorin crawled from under the desk and stood. Sakaki looked at Kaorin.

"Thank…thank you, Kaori-chan." Sakaki said, still trembling. Kaorin blushed. "And thank you, Kagura…you saved us."

"It was nothing." Kagura said with a smile, trying to suppress her own emotions.

"Osaka, are you okay?" Tomo asked. Osaka looked up from underneath her desk. Two pieces of ceiling lay on her desk, giving it a strange tent-like appearance.

"Um…uh-huh." She said. "I mean, I think so." She didn't move from her shelter.

"Okay, everyone listen up!" Miss Yukari announced. "There's probably going to be aftershocks. Your parents will be contacted as soon as possible." She sighed. "At least everyone is okay. That was a big earthquake. I think it was as big as the one in '95…" He cell phone rang. "Hello?" She said over the phone. "What…what? Oh my god!" All the students looked on, wondering what was wrong. "How bad…" Her mouth hung agape. "Hello? Hello?" She pressed the disconnect button and rubbed her forehead.

"What happened, Yukari-sensei?" Tomo asked. "Is everything okay?"

"A tsunami…a big one…" Their teacher replied. "It's really bad. Especially around Sendai." Osaka looked up fearfully.

"Sendai…" She repeated quietly.

There was a silence. Everyone seemed to grasp the tragedy that was befalling their country, if only in their own quiet speculation. To one dreamy brown-eyed girl there, the tragedy was a little more personal.

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