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Warning, this story will deal with situations that most would classify as adult. I'm not giving anything away yet, though. Oh, and like always, this is Pezberry.

"Okay everyone! Settle down!"

Rolling her eyes where she was sitting with Quinn and Brittany, laughing at Matt and Mike who were doing some kind of dance-off, Santana exchanged humorous looks with Quinn. Mr. Schuester kinda really sucked at getting the class to listen to him.

Evidently figuring this out for himself, the young teacher clapped his hands together loudly, "Hey! Class! We have a new potential member auditioning today. Now, settle down so she can start."

That got everyone's attention, Mike and Matt bounding up to take their seats near Puck and the cheerleaders, Mercedes, Kurt, and Tina joining Artie at the lower level. "Oh?" Puck raised an eyebrow, slugging Finn's shoulder, "New meat?" Finn grinned and high fived him back. All the girls shook their heads in the universal boys lament.

"Nice," Mr. Schuester gave Puck a reprimanding look, "C'mon, let's treat her with respect. Everyone, this is Rachel Berry!"

Stepping to the side, people suddenly noticed the small girl who had been standing next to him presumably the whole time. Once Santana got a look at her, she wondered how she could have not seen her before. Because once you saw Rachel Berry, Santana knew it was impossible to overlook her ever again.

Long flowing brown curls framing a strong but feminine face, all cheekbones, large eyes, and plump lips, a slightly too big nose only added to her beauty. Almost glittering brown eyes surveyed the room, taking everything in with an air of excitement, a wide smile curling pink lips up. Dressed in a slightly odd combination of a dark purple argyle vest over a white blouse that only hinted at a curvy body and full chest and a short purple skirt that led to endlessly long dancer's legs encased in white tights and black Mary Janes, the look really shouldn't have worked. But it did, as the girl practically glowed with presence.

"Holy shit." Slipping out before she could stop it, Santana sat up straight, mouth dropping open, "Rache?"

Those glittering brown eyes snapped over to her, and the girl blinked. "'Tana?" she blurted out, looking like she didn't know if she should smile or throw up, which was exactly what Santana felt.

"You two… Know each other?" Mr. Schuester looked back and forth between the two girls, picking up on the tension that had suddenly risen.

Wanting to shout no shit, Sherlock! Santana swallowed and continued staring at Rachel, not answering him. Looking concerned, Brittany put a hand onto her thigh, and Santana flinched at the touch. That seemed to break the spell she was under, and she finally managed to wrench her gaze away. Launching up from her seat, she grabbed her bag. "This is crap," she snarled, trying to avoid the hurt eyes quickly filling with tears that burned into her skin. And, for the first time, Santana stormed out of the choir room.

Ignoring the shouts after her and trying to figure out if she wanted to punch a wall (or three thousand) or call her mom and demand to know why in the hell they hadn't told her the Berrys had moved back, Santana let her anger burn white hot. Anger was better than breaking apart, and Santana fucking Lopez did not break apart.