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Backstory: I was in English class. So I wrote a poem, because today was a very bad day for me. I ended up writing the first of this durring the "10 minute writing time". I wrote the first sentences: as in, I didn't write the "except you" "besides you" "blah-de-blah-de-blah" and stuff. (Or the last two lines) because they don't apply to me. I just added that in to fit the story. Okay? =)

Also, this takes place at the beginning of the season. Like, way at the beginning. Like, try the first or second episode. So all of you people who are reading this from the UK, this is pretty much from where you guys are in the show... I think.

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I love how everyone acts like they hate me. Except you.

I love how I can cry and nobody will care the least bit. Except you.

I love how I can't seem to utter a sentence. Except when I'm talking to you.

I love how I get yelled at for saying the wrong thing. But you understand.

I love how I'm always trying to be nice, but it doesn't mean a thing to anyone. Besides you.

I love how people don't like me because of something I didn't do. Except for you.

I love how I'm excluded. Except from you.

I love how nobody cares. Except for you.

I love how if anyone does care, it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. Aside from you.

I love how I get in trouble for things I had no control over. But you understand.

I love how my life is falling apart in my hands. But you're gluing it together. Piece by piece.

I love how this time last year, I was happy. And now I'm not. Aside from when I'm with you.

I love how I'm never in the picture, but I can feel free to hold the camera. But I feel welcome in your picture.

I love how people use me like a parking meter. Except for you.

I love how I'm always there, never noticed. Except by you.

I love how I care, but it doesn't go both ways. Except with you.

I love how I can't go to bed at night because I'm so upset. Then I think of you.

I love how I'm nobody's best friend. Except you're mine.

I love how you're there when no one else is.

And, Fabian Rutter. I think I'm beginning to fall in love a little. Just a little. But with you.

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