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Chapter 10: Kombat Ends/epilogue.

Naruto and rest of the plumber's kids were instantly teleported to the spot where the ships were being dropped. Out of the ships came a few familiar figures to the Plumbers kids like DR. Animo and the circus freaks. With them were a bunch of ANBU wearing blank masks. In the back of it all stood a large alien that looked like it had a squid on it's face along with Danzo.

(I'm using the Vilgax from Ben 10,000 because he looked a lot cooler)

"Who are these numb skulls?" Naruto asked as he mask covered his face again.

"They're pretty much all the enemies we've made back on earth," Ben explained, "The guy in the back is Vilgax. I can't say anything about the other guy though."

Naruto snarled and said, "His name is Danzo. He's one of the council advisors in my home village. He's also wanted the title of Hokage for years. Personally, I think that desire has driven him mad."

Minato appeared in a flash of yellow right behind Naruto.

"So these are the numb skulls attacking my village," Minato scowled as he glared at the trio from behind his mask.

"I'll take that old damn war hawk," Minato scowled as he popped his neck, "It'll give me a chance to try this out."

Minato grabbed his robes before ripping it away. Underneath the robes was a suit of high tech black and green armor. A helmet with a blank black mask that had two dark green lines that ran up the back of the head and went down the face where the eyes and face were. On it's left shoulder was the Lunagakure symbol in silver.

"Azimuth and Merlin make some pretty mean armor don't they?" Naruto asked.

Minato flexed his hand and said, "Yes they do. Now let's show these bozos what we're made of."

Vilgax looked out over his army and saw Chimera dressed in his armor.

"So that is the boy you told me about," Vilagx said, "He doesn't look like much."

Danzo shrugged and said, "The Chimera is much stronger than he looks. After you kill him then you can destroy Ben 10."

Vilgax snarled, "Don't think you can order me human. I'll only kill him because he stands in my way."

Vilgax jumped off from his stand and started running towards the battle. Danzo smirked that his plan was coming full circle. When this moon village was destroyed he would take control of this Vilgax and thus gain control of his army. He would then wipe the other hidden villages off the map. Then with the combined might of all the power of the hidden villages under his power eh would spread to the rest of the world and then spread to other planets until the galaxy was his. When that was done Konoha would finally be the supreme power that it was supposed to be all those years ago.

It was then that the bandaged man noticed a man in armor looking at him. The man then motioned for him to come on. Danzo grinned before he moved over to him.

"You must be the one in charge of this whole thing," the masked Minato said.

"Yes I am," Minato said, "Who are you supposed to be?"

The bandaged man said, "I am Danzo Shimura Soon to be Rokudaime Hokage and eventual ruler of the world and then the galaxy."Minato scowled behind his helmet and growled, "I hightly doubt that you are going to wind up a leader for anything. Especially seeing as you apparently a complete and utter psycho."

Danzo scoffed and said, "That is no way to speak to your future master!"

Danzo went through some one sided hand signs and yelled, "Wind Style: Decapitating Air Waves."

Danzo launched waves of razor sharp air from his mouth. The Lunakage then threw out an arm sending a wave of wind himself separating the waves outward and sent the waves in different directions.

Danzo looked surprised as his move was sent in different ways. The Lunakage cocked his head to he side in a confused gesture and asked, "Is that all you can do…my future master?"

The last part was said sarcastically.

Danzo snarled.

"I wasn't going to use these," Danzo said, "but I see that you will need to be shown your obvious betters."

The man reached for the bandages on his arm and said, "Now…see my power and know true fear!"

Danzo ripped the bandages off revealing 10 Sharingan eyes. Then he ripped the bandages off his face revealing another one in his supposed to be empty eye socket.

Minato looked shocked and growled, "So…I was right when I heard of an entire clan of red eyed ninjas being killed. Have you no respect for the dead?"

Danzo scowled and said, "This is the ultimate power. With this arm and these eyes. I will rule this world with an iron fist and no one shall be able to stop me!"

The disguised Minato clenched his fists as a metallic stick popped out of the armor's belt. the stick ignited forming an light green energy blade.

"We'll see about that ultimate power bit," Minato said as he twirled his weapon.


The plumber's kids were facing down against their enemies and the root ANBU.

With powers were able to let them keep up with their ANBU opponents.

Kevin absorbed some alien metal keeping his body impervious to metal and jutsu.

Gwen was keeping her opponents at bay with her powers.

Helen was running around the ANBU and knocking them around like a bunch of pin balls. In all honesty it was actually quite funny.

Cooper had formed a monolith robot and was smashing his enemies around. When he wasn't throwing them around he was in a wrestling match with one of Dr. Animo's latest creations which looked like a cross between a rhinoceros and a gorilla.

Allan's fire powers were incredibly useful for keeping his enemies at bay.

Sunny was basically doing the same thing as Gwen was.

Ben was currently in his Diamond Head form making him impervious and allowing him to knock his enemies around pretty easily.

Eunice was knocking her opponents around using her weapons. She was also currently in a fight with Rojo.

Manny was basically going all WWE on his opponents. The method was surprising effective since he was basically all muscle.

Pierce was using the toxin in his spines that knocks his opponents. This proved useful since he was fighting the Circus freaks especially Thumb-skull since he was such a large target.

All in all it was a pretty one-sided fight especially since the ANBU thought the fight was going to be easy since they were all just a bunch of kids.

This proved even more difficult when the Konoha clans joined in on the fight.

After about a half hour of combat the root were down for the count and the aliens/alien hybrids were tied up with energy ropes thanks to Gwen and Sunny.

"You know," Ben said, "Normal people don't do this kind of thing."

Kevin looked at the boy and said, "Yeah. But there is one thing I've learned over the years. Normal is boring and overrated."

The kids were pulled from their thoughts as there was huge explosion. They turned to the left to see Vilgax come flying out towards them. The only difference was that Vilgax was missing an arm, bleeding furiously, and had half of his face burned off.

Naruto walked out of the smoke. The armored Luna ninja unsealed the massive enrgy broadsword.

"Hey," Naruto yelled, "Anybody up for a calamari?"

The blonde then spun on his heel. The massive green energy blade slice through the great alien's neck and then fell to the ground.

Vilgax's body fell right next to the disembodied head.

Naruto chuckled and said, "I ain't cleaning that up."

Naruto saw the disabled group of villains in front of him and said, "Not bad for a bunch of rookies. I have to say I'm impressed."

Shikimaru nodded at the armored blonde and said, "So…you really are the son of the fourth."

Naruto raised an eyebrow and said, "You figured it out."

Shikimaru answered dully, "Dad told me, and you're basically a carbon copy of the guy. I guess nobody figured it out because they were too damn blind."

Naruto shrugged.

Everyone's attention was then attracted to the sound of a ship firing up. One off the ships that dropped off the soldiers was flying up towards Vilgax's mother ship.

Minato appeared in a yellow flash and said, "Sorry Naruto. A couple of those root punks snuck up on me and stole the boss away before I could finish him. By the way…I got a trophy from the old war hawk."

Naruto nodded in thanks and said, "Thanks pops. Now…I got something to take care of. You might want to back up."

Naruto crouched down and started to growl loudly. Gwen, Kevin, and Ben all recognized the motioned and moved as many as they could back. Red chakra started to flow around him and a huge crater formed where he was standing. The red chakra formed a cloak and nine large fox tails formed at the small of his back.

A red spiral started appearing and focused around his mouth. His whisker marks darkened and his eyes turned red.

Finally Naruto threw back his head and said, "Kyuubiki Imari!" (Nine-tailed Menacing Ball)

Naruto then threw himself forward launching a large ball of red chakra at the ship. There was a light pause as the blast hit and faded away from existence. Then a huge explosion tore through space and produced a huge shockwave that nearly knocked everyone off their feet.

Naruto cracked his neck and said, "Plumbers and Moon village: 1, evil psychopaths: zip!"


After things cooled down from the unprecedented attack things got much better almost instantly. The fire daimyo, who had witnessed the fights via hologram projector provided by Minato, gave Lunagakure the rights to be a Shinobi village.

After their capture the root ANBU committed senpuku since they were no longer able to benefit their master.

The village pretty much went to reform after seeing that the plumber's had a weapon of mass destruction on their side. A lot of them actually moved to the moon village to work there. Against all odds Fright-Wig and Charmcaster, wound up falling for Naruto. After a major catfight between them and Mei they all agreed to share.

The Konoha clans joined Lunagakure as well since it was quickly becoming a powerful village.

When Naruto's heritage was released the civilian part of Konoha wouldn't stand for it. They said it was lies and that the demon should be killed. A few beating later the stopped. The fire daimyo then removed Konoha's Shinobi village status and had it made into a port for earth wehre people could go and offer mission in the elemental nations.

Kakashi went into a deep depression after realizing that the demon he tried to kill was his sensei's son. He is currently in jail for the attempt at murder charges from the tournament.

Sasuke, when going to trial, tried to gain control of the moon village by taking control of Minato's mind. This backfired horribly as the former hokage of Konoha proceeded to actually rip out his add insult to injury Naruto crystallized his foot and proceeded to smash a certain part of the arrogant Uchiha's body into paste. Sasuke then had his chakra sealed away and is now under guard by the plumbers 24/7

Sakura immediately tried hunting down Minato to order him to release her true love. In the process she almost caused an intergalactic incident since Minato was meeting an alien ambassador who had very sensitive hearing. She was taken to their planet and incarcerated…right after she had her vocal cords removed.

Everyone else pretty much had a good life.

Naruto is currently the Lunakage having three kids with Mei, Fright-wig, and Charmcaster.

Minato has retired and is now living in solitude watching his grandchildren while his son and daughter-in-laws are at work.

Hinata tried to kill Mei upon hearing that they were dating. She failed of coarse and went into a slight depression. Naruto eventually got her out of it and she became the children's godmother. She soon started dating Shikimaru who became the godfather.

Tsuande is now the head of the medical division of the hospital. She quickly greww used to all the high-tech and has been the top doctor there for quite some time.

Jiraiya actually became head of the academy since Naruto threatened to castrate him when he wanted to write a book about him and his wives. He's actually quite content as a teacher with Iruka helping him keep the kids under control.

Everyone else lived lives as normally as they could and eventually married their sweet hearts.

All in all life was pretty good.


Cut! Okay that's done and over with. I actually got a request from someone to put Sasuke in with a questionable character in jail, but I settle for him losing his title as a man and his precious eyes. Okay see you guys eventually.