A/N: This is completely Fenris' fault. Damned addictive lyrium elf, don't you know I'm too old to fangirl over you? I have a shameful number of plot bunnies assaulting me, so this one-shot might turn into a dumping ground for all Fenris one-shots. Probably all of them will be Act 3 or later, like this one.

Description: Hawke is fascinated by Fenris' feet. Fenris gets a little jealous.

Warning: Sexual content.

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Little Pieces

She was obsessed with his feet.

Hawke tilted and twisted his appendage in all directions as Fenris watched her from his end of the bathing pool. She frowned at the blacked soles, then poked at the hard surface with her fingertip. Fenris stifled his amusement with an impatient sigh.

"You really can't feel that?" Hawke's curious eyes met his even as she prodded his foot a few more times. "Not even a little?"

"I can feel the pressure of your touch," he explained as he let his head fall back against the water-warmed stone, "but it's not a…sensation. I'd hardly be much use to you if my feet were sensitive, would I?"

The woman scoffed, "Or you could just wear shoes." She threaded two of her fingers between his toes where she knew his skin was tender, and Fenris grunted and twitched at the contact. "Oh-ho," she taunted, "not so tough after all, hmm?"

The elf scowled at her, but the playful splash of water he sent into her face made her laugh and squeeze his foot. Fenris fondly recalled the first time they had had this conversation, or one very like it, when she had first "discovered" his feet. She had been appalled by how filthy they were, and refused to believe Fenris' claims that they were not so much dirty as stained.

Hawke had used an entire cake of soap and worn holes in two washrags in her vain attempt to scrub away the black from the bottoms of his feet. He had not told her, but it felt fantastic. Fenris had even dozed off during the process, and woke only when Hawke unleashed a string of charming Ferelden curses in her frustration. The elf had chuckled at her, pressed her against the stone lip of the basin, and shown her that there were other, more pleasant ways to enjoy the soap-slicked water.

Amused by the memory, Fenris murmured, "I'm beginning to worry that you have an unhealthy affection for my feet, Hawke. Would you like some private time alone with them?"

Hawke tilted her head thoughtfully and ran one finger down the tops of each one of his toes slowly, methodically. "No, that won't be necessary," she replied with a coy half-smile. "Do you know why?"

"Why you're in love with my feet?" Fenris let a laugh rumble up in his chest as the human slid up his body to straddle his lap, sending small waves of bathwater rocking out of the basin and onto the floor. His hands found their favorite place on the small of her back, seemingly of their own accord. "I cannot begin to imagine."

The woman above him wore a soft expression that she rarely showed him, and never showed anyone else. It still made him a little nervous, this thing between them, but he mostly felt honored by her trust. Oddly enough, she had told him she felt the same way, and somehow their awkward, fragile relationship had survived. Fenris mused that perhaps Sebastian was not so far off in his estimation of the Maker's wonders.

Hawke's dripping fingers left the water and delved slowly into the sodden mass of his hair, her short nails scraping softly at his scalp. Fenris' eyes drifted shut and he let her know his enjoyment with a soft growl. His hands tightened against her back as he felt her breath caress his cheek.

"I love your hair," she whispered.

Her questing fingers drifted from his white mane to the pointed tips of his ears. His whole body tensed as she teased and traced the shell, gently exploring the entire length down to the base of his jaw. Pushing herself up on her knees, she pressed her lips against his ear.

"I love your ears."

Fenris opened his eyes to admire the lovely sight of her breasts hovering in front of his face. The elf's hands slipped off her back to caress her bottom, his fingers digging deep into her firm flesh as a rising wave of desire built in him. This was a new thing for them, this slow build up of passion, and he was not entirely sure how to respond to anything that was not rough and hard and loud. Remaining still seemed to be the best answer to her game at the moment, though he was hard pressed to find the discipline for it.

Hawke's lips left his ear and trailed across his cheek, leaving soft, barely-there kisses in their wake. She gently closed his reluctant eyelids with her thumbs, chuckling breathlessly at his gaze fixated on her chest, and pressed a kiss to each one. She then cupped his jaw in both hands and tilted his head back, encouraging him to stare into her gently smiling face.

"I love your eyes."

Her gaze and her fingers drifted to his lips, and Fenris found himself fascinated by the intense, focused expression she wore as she traced his bottom lip. His mouth opened readily under her explorations, and he could not stop himself from capturing one of her fingers with his teeth, teasing the pad with the tip of his tongue and gently sucking at the digit. Hawke's breath hitched in her throat and he felt her thighs tighten around his hips.

"I, ah…I love your mouth."

Her lips were on his hard then, her fingers reluctantly giving way to teeth and tongues. She moaned and gasped as he bit at her lips, her eager nipples teasing against his chest along the water's edge. Fenris' hands were latched onto the inner back of her thighs then, his fingers tantalizingly close to exactly where he wanted to bury himself, but he somehow restrained his touch. This was her game, and he wanted to see where she would take it.

Hawke pushed away from him, breaking the kiss abruptly and leaving them both panting and unsatisfied. She drew in a steadying breath to calm herself, her hands stroking gently down his shoulders, tracing the lyrium swirls branded into his skin. Her fingers curved, blunted nails digging into his flesh and leaving faint red trails in their wake, and Fenris arched into her with a groan. She drew in a sharp breath at the friction between them, her own back bowed in pleasure.

"I love your strength."

She folded herself against him then, her arms firm and demanding around him, pulling him upright to press her chest to his. Her legs coiled around his waist, holding him prisoner in her embrace. He could feel her core, so much hotter than the cooling water, nudging and teasing his aching erection. One of his hands stayed latched to her rear, but the other plunged into her hair, fisting and tightening as her lips found his throat. Her tongue followed the upward flow of one lyrium line to the tip of his chin, her breathing ragged as their fevered gazes met.

"I love the lyrium in your skin. Because it brought you to me."

Hawke's voice trembled not just with passion and desire, but with affection and raw emotion, and Fenris struggled to breathe under the intensity of the moment. He had no idea what he had done to deserve this amazing, infuriating, unfathomable creature bound up in his life, but Maker take him, he would give anything, everything for her, for one more moment with her. She accepted him as he was. She always would. She was his world, his life, his home, but he had no words to tell her that.

The game was forgotten, any semblance of discipline dashed aside as Fenris seized her hips and thrust himself up against her, claiming her roughly, painfully. Hawke clutched at him and cried out, but not in protest, her head thrown back as he filled her. His teeth found her shoulder, marking her even as she left her own burning bites on his neck and jaw. The water churned and sloshed, the woman shuddered and trembled, and Fenris did not even have time to regret how quickly the end was coming before she cried out his name and clenched around him.

She captured his face between her palms and pressed her forehead against his, her shining eyes burning into his. "I love you, Fenris," she gasped against his mouth.

It was his undoing, her trembling admission, and he moaned her name as his release surged violently through him. He seized her mouth desperately, crushed her against him as he rode the waves of pleasure, wanting her as close as possible. He could taste the salty tang of sweat mixed with the water on her lips, feel the vibration of her groans on his tongue as his rigid body gave a few last, lingering thrusts before his strength abandoned him.

Fenris had no idea how long they remained entwined in the cold dregs of that bath, struggling to catch their breath and slow their racing hearts. Not long enough, by his estimation. When Hawke finally stirred, curling her arms around his neck to draw him into a slow, tender kiss, Fenris found himself whispering promises against her lips in broken Tevinter, words he could never quite say directly. Hawke's smile told him that she caught his tone, even if she could not understand the words. It was enough. For now, it was enough.

"I'm a little disappointed," she admitted as they helped each other from the pool. The mischief in her eyes offset her solemn tone. "I didn't even get past your shoulders. I had such wonderful plans for your navel…"

The elf cupped her cheek in his rough palm, smoothing her hair out of her eyes as he drank in the sight of her flushed cheeks, smugly pleased to know he had put that color there. "I'll try to control myself next time, then," he murmured.

Hawke grinned and kissed his palm. "Next time?"

"Just…leave my feet out of it," Fenris added as he began to towel the moisture from her hair.

The woman's surprised laughter echoed in the small room, and Fenris bit the inside of his cheek to hide his smile. "I will not be satisfied with anything less than all of you, I'm afraid," she declared. "Every little piece. Even your toes."

Her words made him feel warm, seeming somehow deeper even than her declaration of love. "Fine," he relented, though he doubted she really believed his reluctant act. "As long as I'm permitted to return the favor."

Hawke's eyebrows shot up and she blinked slowly at him, gauging his sincerity. "I…suppose I could be convinced," she admitted with a look of growing anticipation. "I look forward to it, Fenris."

Fenris flashed her a feral smile, his expression promising both danger and pleasure. "As do I, Hawke."