My 100th story! So I have it all planned out. If you don't know about Robin's past, read up on it, stat! I have this all planned out. Robin may seem a little bit out of character, but it'll be for good reason. As for the others, I'm going to try to keep them as in character as I can. I'm going to put a lot of effort into this. My Daddy's coming home soon and he's alive and he's gonna get the new job and life'll be easy again. Everything will be good… everything's going to be okay… I promise…

Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Robin collapsed weakly to the ground. He couldn't keep his eyes open anymore, no matter how much he knew he had to. He could taste blood pooling in his mouth and he could weakly see it through the weak slits of his closed eyes. There was so much blood… Robin put all of his strength into his arms as he attempted to lift himself off the ground. Even if he had managed to lift himself, it wouldn't have mattered for a suede shoe came down hard on the center of his back, forcing him back down with a cry. Robin allowed a small whimper to escape his lips as the darkness nearly took him over.

"Such a shame," the familiar voice said softly, putting the cigarette to their lips.

They inhaled the smoke and then slowly let it out in a long stream, resembling that of a train whistle. They then threw the cigarette to the ground and stamped it out.

"I had just a bit more hope for you boy. I guess time really didn't change you. You're still the weak, pathetic, scared little boy that I used to know… such a shame that I'll have to kill you now… you had such a potential. You really could've helped the world," the person smiled cynically.

"Y-you…" Robin attempted to choke out, but he was in too much pain for his lips to move efficiently.

The person just kept right on smiling.

"Yes, I suppose I am something, aren't I?" they chuckled softly to themselves.

They folded their arms over their chest, amused, as they stared down at the body of Robin.

"So yes, I suppose they do call you Robin now? I never really liked that name you know. Grayson always seemed to fit you… you were always a scared child; one might even call you a grey one. You never took sides. It was also 'you're both right' or 'can't we all just get along'. And you were their only son… So heh… I guess you really are a Grayson, more or less… forgive my poor humor. I'm just simply delighted to know that I can finally talk to you about everything that happened…"

Robin closed his eyes tightly and winced softly in pain. His body ached, his head stung, his mouth was burning and his left leg was numb. He was starving too, to make it worse.

I shouldn't have… I should've listened to KF… he was right…Batman… where are you? Come help me… I'm sorry… he thought to himself between each mind-numbing throb of his body.

"Look at all I've done for you… you could almost say you owe me one. I mean, whatever have you done for me, besides aid in getting me arrested? So the least you could do to make up for it is listen… not that you have a choice…" another evil chuckle sounded and a cold chill ran through Robin.

Robin's hand slowly centimetered towards his utility belt. He had to call for help. Every time it moved though, a pain raced through his pain stricken body. He couldn't take much more of this. Robin felt a foot dig into his stomach, turning him over before he could grab his communicator. A foot planted down hard onto his chest. A cry escaped his lips again. At first the suede shoe just rested there. Then it continued to push down until the pain was unbearable. It blew out Robin's light in a second. The darkness grew stronger and stronger until it was whelming to say the least.

I… help me… someone… passed through Robin's mind.

Then, finally, he was blessed with the wonder that came with unconsciousness.

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