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Wally hoped it had just been an awful nightmare. He hoped that when he ran into the Cave, he'd see Dick sitting on the couch watching TV with the others. He hoped that his friend would wave and greet him happily, as if nothing had happened. He hoped he'd be able to laugh it off and run up next to Dick, putting an arm around him to assure that he really was alive and there.

The second the Cave recognized him and projected him into his preferred home, he knew something was off. No food was being tortured in the painful process of failed cooking. No one was fighting. There was no laughter. The TV was off and the couches looked undisturbed. Where was everyone? He jogged swiftly, peeking his head in every room. He stopped cold when he saw all of the blood in Dick's room.

Wally fell to his knees in the doorway, his eyes falling shut. He started to shake, setting his hands over his eyes.

"No…" he breathed in panic. "This… he's okay… he's okay… there's no guarantee that it's his blood…"

Biting viciously into his lip, Wally forced himself to his feet and he continued his swift jog, peeking his head into every room he passed. Where was Dick? Where was anyone? He was half tempted to start screaming their names until someone came to find him. He opened his mouth to scream when another scream cut him off. It was Dick's. With a cry, Wally followed it to the infirmary, mentally face-palming. Why didn't he check there first?

"Let me go! They have Batman!" bubbly screams of pain accompanied the near sob.

Wally peeked through the window to make sure it was Dick. It was, but he wished he would've stayed home as he saw. There was so much blood… From this angle, he could see how bad Dick's neck was bruised and how hard he was struggling against the straps that bound him to the hospital bed. Even Kaldur and Conner were struggling to hold him down.

"Stop struggling!" Kaldur demanded, wincing as sharp nails dig into his hand.

"You're too hurt to save him! Artemis is calling the League. They're going to find him," Megan's eyebrows were furrowed and she rung her hands out stressfully, close to crying from sympathy.

"This is my battle! Let me fight it alone!" Dick's scream was strangled as he bucked and kicked.

It was obvious that struggling made everything sting unimaginably, but he kept fighting. That was all Wally could take. He bolted into the room in a flash, pushing Kaldur and Conner off of his best friend. Dick's eyes widened as their grips were gone and he turned his head, surprised and relieved to see the ginger. Wally set a pale hand to the ungloved wrist gently. He knew it wouldn't restrain Dick, but it'd keep him from trying to escape…. Hopefully.

"What happened? Why are you bruised? Why's everyone hurt?" he sounded scared sick, his expression confirming it.

Dick stopped struggling and squirming, especially when he saw the tears that were threatening. He gritted his teeth in agony, but he stopped fighting for a moment.

"They have Batman and these," Dick glared furiously at his teammates, "lovely bitches and bastards won't let me save him!"

The ginger looked at the others, obviously lost.

"Going after him would be suicide," Conner pointed out, folding his arms over his chest and leaning up against the nearest wall.

Dick turned his way, eyes narrowed heavily.

"Good!" he screamed, still not fighting back, "Thom works for a longtime enemy of mine. If I'm not the one who puts this heartless asshole down, I'm-!"

He was cut off as Wally's free hand pressed itself over his lips, muffling his next words.

"Hold up, I just got here. Who's Thom? Where's Batman? Why are you hurt?" he asked impatiently.

Wally pulled his hand away so Dick could answer, but it was Megan who explained everything. Kaldur and Conner added comments to keep the youngest ebony from voicing his opinion. When Wally was caught up, right to the last detail, he rose from his seat, pure murder in his eyes.

"Sorry Rob, you'll have to wait your turn. No one hurts my friends," Wally growled, his hands in the tightest of fists by his pockets.

Kaldur dashed over and pushed Wally back far enough so they'd hopefully be out of the Boy Wonder's hearing range.

"Robin wants to kill this man. He is dead set on it, but if he does go to kill 'Thom', then he will die. He is injured beyond belief, and super obsessed to add to the matter. We all would prefer it if you were the one to take him down, but Robin would not like that," Kaldur mumbled softly.

Even Conner couldn't hear him, so there was no way Dick could. Wally nodded determinately, detecting a challenge in his leader's tone.

"I'll talk him out of it. Get everyone out of here," Wally said just as softly, issuing an order.

He was surprised to see that Kaldur actually listened.

"Let us go see if we can help Artemis reach the League," Kaldur suggested, gesturing for the others to follow.

Conner and Megan exchanged confused glances before shrugging and following him out of the room. Only once they were all gone did Wally sit back down beside Dick, setting a useless hand back to the ebony's wrist.

"You can't talk me out of this," Dick said simply, his eyes wet from unshed tears.

Wally nodded weakly.

"I figured, but I don't want to do that. I want to tell you why I'm here."

Dick raised an eyebrow, showing he was listening. Wally stared at his friend's bruised neck instead of his eyes. He slowly told him about the nightmare. He described the pure fear that had haunted him at losing Dick over something so pointless. When he finished, his chin trembled and tears burnt in his eyes.

"I-I won't lose you…" he whispered.

Dick bit his lip softly, blinking his eyes quickly.

"And I won't lose Batman."

Wally's eyes narrowed and he raised his eyes, angrily meeting the exposed dark blue ones.

"You won't lose him. If the League finds him soon enough, he'll be better off than if you went," the ginger argued.

Dick returned the angry glance, his heart pounding with rage.

"I'd be better off if I went! Wally, you don't get it! This is my only chance for revenge! You don't know how long I've dreamt about killing this guy! Now I might know where he is and I can finally live my dream! Don't deny me the only thing I have left!" tears brightly stood out against the blue in his eyes.

Even though he was screaming at Wally, the anger in his voice wasn't directed at the ginger. He seemed more angry at the world itself rather than his friend.

"Rob… I don't know why you want to kill this man so bad, and I know you won't tell me so I won't ask, but I won't lose you. You're my best friend; practically my little brother!" Wally started.

"Then let me kill him! P-Please!"

Wally shook his head, screwing his eyes up tight. He pulled his hand back, resting it on his thigh.

"Robin, listen to yourself! You could've died! If you go to fight this guy, you will die! I'm not going to lose you. Even if I have to lose your friendship, I won't let you kill yourself like this!" at even the idea of having to look at Dick and knowing that adorable giggle would never be directed his way again broke his heart in his chest, but it was worth it.

Dick's eyes widened and it was as if the ginger had just driven a knife through his chest. His heart stung, throbbing with pain. He was brought up being told not to show heartbreak though, so he bit his lip and narrowed his eyes.

"Fine! Then just get out! I don't need you!" he lied, trembling. "I never want to see you again! I hate you!"

Lie after lie spilled past his lips, but he couldn't care less. He wasn't going to let Wally kill himself in his battle. No one he knew was going to die; no one besides the Batman-like figure burrowing itself deep inside his heart as he cut off ties with his closest friend. The lies punctured the ginger's heart like bullets, crippling him in pain for the longest time. The pain was enough to make a tear fall, but he turned to hide it from Dick.

"I-I…" he wanted to yell, but his voice was a choky whisper instead. "I just… I never wanted to lose you…"

He got to his feet and slowly walked towards the door, refusing to look back.

"When you die, wait for me in Hell."

Dick watched his best friend walk out on him, his heart full of lead. He didn't have to see the tears to hear them fall. This was his fault; this was all because of him.

"I'm already waiting," he breathed, closing his eyes to stop the tears from falling.

They fell anyway, making themselves comfy next to his cheeks on the pillow. Now he was alone. There was no one to save him from himself.

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