Chapter 42: Ultimate mode
Evolution, as applied in nature, is where the creature best fit to survive in an environment flourishes, and over time gets more and more superior, if necessary. However, the conditions I which one creature evolved can and most likely will change. Those changes can be under a number of forms, such as better predators/prey, climate change, extinctions, etc. So, when these changes occur, the species will either have to change to survive, or go extinct. So, in the case of the ultimate mode, it doesn't necessarily evolve the creatures, but mutate their DNA to the max, while keeping in mind the niche they hold, and while making it so that they have to "evolve" because of better predators/prey. Ultimate Humungousaur evolved as though his size and strength wasn't enough, so he had to get armour and firing capabilities. Ultimate spider monkey evolved as though it needed more strength and speed to catch prey. (I assume they are predatory) Ultimate Cannonbolt would only need those spikes if something could penetrate the shell, which is most likely impossible. You get the idea.