"Blaine?" Kurt asked as Blaine, his boyfriend, returned with their coffee.

"Yes?" Blaine Anderson sat down across from Kurt. He placed his sleeve against the sticky coffee table and slid the cup to Kurt. Every day after Warbler practice the two would saunter off to the Lima Bean for a quick drink. Blaine always said coffee after practice was like a tradition for him. He'd go out with Dave, Wes, and the other Warblers, but a lot of times he was forced to take a coffee break by himself, something Blaine hated more than anything.

"Sorry man," Wes would say, "But Jennifer wanted to hang out today. Maybe next time."

Blaine just nodded his head, fished his keys out of his pocket and headed into the cold air alone.

"No problem," he thought, "They were just busy." Of course, that was only something he told himself to keep his coffee from turning bitter in his mouth…it never worked. On most days after practice Blaine would stare across his table at the empty chair in front of him, his sleeves sticking to the table, and his coffee untouched, it was too sour to enjoy.

Is anyone there?


Blaine's eyes shot up from the table and onto the boy who sat in front of him.

"Are you alright?"

Kurt Hummel, that boy whose hands fit perfectly into his without a second thought. The same boy who reminded him that there wouldn't be another empty chair in front of him. Kurt was the boy…no, the man whose eyes were as soft as the sky, and whose lips tasted like nonfat Mocha. The memory of bitter coffee was replaced with the taste of sweet mocha.

"Don't you think we should be practicing for Regionals?" Kurt wrapped his fingers around the cup and drew it closer. "I mean we do have a duet."

Blaine sipped his drink and leaned in closer. He crossed his legs and stared into Kurt's eyes, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around Kurt's and, to him, there was nothing that fit more perfectly.

"I thought we were."