Santana brushed the dirt off of her blouse.

"That's so weird," Brittany said, "I don't remember putting dirt in my locker."

The two girls had taken refuge in the bathroom. Putting dirt in their lockers sure seemed like something Coach Sylvester would do. Santana knew she would regret giving her locker combination to coach…no, Ms. Sylvester.

"Sometimes I think my cat posts me sleeping on Youtube."

Santana clawed through her hair, clumps of dirt falling from her strands and onto the bathroom sink. She turned to Brittany who was still staring in the mirror, her face still cover with black dirt.

"Brittany," Santana said, "Look at me."

Brittany turned her head, God, it was like she had been rolling in a weed field. Every inch of her face was covered.

"What is it San?"

Santana slowly raised her hand, "Just hold still," and cupped it against Brittany's cheek.

"Just hold still," She whispered. Santana slid her fingers down Brittany's smooth cheek, whipping the dirt from her face. Her skin was pale like the moonlight, and her eyes shined like quarters in a murky pond. She was so beautiful.

"Brittany," Santana's voice began to crack as she spoke, "You know I meant it…right? What I said yesterday?"

"That you love me?"

Santana shook her head, her eyes beginning to blur. They stood amongst the bathroom mirrors, and at that moment, the only thing keeping Santana from falling to the ground was the feel of Brittany's cheek against her hand, something she took for granted.

"I-I love you Brittany." Her voice was softer now, almost too low to hear, but somehow Brittany had understood.

"I know Santana…I know."