I spent the next year watching them.

Fleeting looks and hidden smiles…

No one else seemed to notice—not his friends, or his girlfriend Rachel.

But I noticed. He made sure of it.


March 11, 2011
10:45 p.m.

I watch Angela work the room as I finish off the last of my beer. Against my better judgment, I'd let her talk me into going to one of the seedier bars in Port Angeles. It's not strictly a social outing however.

Taking up position at the only available pool table, she slowly reels them in—letting the men believe that they are the predator. It's a costly mistake. Within the first hour she's made her half of the rent.

She joins me at the corner booth, keeping an eye on the door for fresh blood. It arrives in the form of two of Fork's finest—Officers Mike Newton and Ben Cheney. I wave back halfheartedly when they recognize me, and Angela sits up a little straighter, baiting the hook with a toss of her hair.

I know what's coming. As they make their way over to where we sit, I give her a warning look. "Try to rein it in a little. I have to work with these guys."

Another pitcher of beer is ordered, and I make introductions. The conversation moves quickly to shop talk, and I'm almost impressed by how heroic Ben manages to make a drunk driving arrest sound. He's laying it on so thick I'm tempted to serve him up to Angela myself.

Not to be outdone, Mike launches into a story about the bizarre hanging death he'd been dispatched to the day before. As he revels in the more graphic details, I stop listening, only tuning back in when something he says catches my attention.

"What was that?"

"On his laptop. Sick fucker was getting off to pictures of dead girls when he did his thing. I heard Makenna tell the Chief there was an entire folder full of them—mainly crime scene photos the guy probably got off the internet with some other freaky shit thrown in. Bet you won't be reading about that in his obituary."

As Newton and Cheney laugh, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.


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