Harry Potter-Belle and the Mysteries of Unova

Chapter 2

Tapping his fingers on the counter in his kitchen, 10 year old Harry Belle sighed waiting for his best friend to arrive. He gave a jaw cracking yawn. Where was he? He said he would be here at noon!

Just in that second, he heard the door bell ring.

"Harry dear, can you go get that?" His mother asked.

"Okay Mom!" He replied back, rushing to the door. It had to be him it just had to be!

And it was.

When he opened the door it was to the sight of a 10 year old blonde haired boy with green eyes. His hair was short in the back but long in the front and was braided with a weird type of string that let off sparks of electricity every few seconds. On his shoulder a Joltik was resting, asleep.

"Arthur, your late!" Harry pouted. Arthur just snorted.

"It takes a while to get here from Castelia City you know!" Harry sighed, running a hand through his shoulder length hair. He knew it was hard for Arthur to get to his home town. He was the eldest child of Elesa the Nimbasa town Gym Leader and Burgh, the Castelia Gym Leader.

"Fine, I see your point. Anyway, come on we promised Gray we would meet up with her!" Gray being the daughter of White and Cheren.

Arthur nodded and took Harry's hand, pulling him along. After all, Gray was scary when it was necessary and the two boys had felt her wrath more then once.

Meeting up at the outskirts of Nuvema town, the spotted a brown hair girl with glasses who ws sitting under a tree with a book. A Cotonee was jumping up and down beside her. The two boys gulped as they neared her.

"Your late.." She said, quietly. She always knew how to scare them.

"Sorry Gray..!" They said quickly, apologizing over and over. She snorted and book marked her page in her book before looking up at them, her dark black eyes probing them.

"Fine, I'll let you go… This time…" They once again gulped. "So why did you want us to meet together Harry?"

Even though the 3 were best friends, them living far apart from each other forced them to not see each other that much, but Harry had called them together.

"Okay, so you know how Mom is a Pokemon Professor and all?" They both nodded there heads. "Well, I was looking through her texts and I came across one of the legends of Unova and well… I was thinking, we are all 10 now so technically can, lets go on an adventure and discover all the legends of Unova!"

His friends could only stare.

"That's.." Gray gapped. "Do you honestly think my dad would let me go?"

"Yeah my Mom is over protective of me you know that! If I even ask her to let me go on an adventure she grounds me!"

"I know, I know!" Harry laughed. "That's why… we sneak away!"

And his friends once more stared, gaping.

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