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Thursday, September 6

"Okay," Leah started, flipping through the pages of her book. We were sitting in the common room on the fluffy red couch, different textbooks spread around on our laps.

Yes, only the first week of school and already we were packed with homework.

I am just so lucky these days, wouldn't you say?

"Name the plant that has fat, pink pods with seeds that burst into flowers if dropped," Leah read from the book, and then glanced up at me expectantly.

"Uh.." I stuttered, racking my brain. I know this one, I swear I do.

What was it? Piffle puddles..? No. Piddy puffs?

The giggles from the corner seemed three times more loud than they really could have been, halting my train of thought.

"I'm sorry, I can't really think with all the noise in here," I grunted, glaring at the two people cuddling near the window.

The two fifth years looked up and the brunette girl slid slowly off the boy's lap. The boy shot me a glare for cutting into his snog time, but stood up anyways. He grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her up the stairs to his dorm (and presumably his bed).

Leah chuckled once they dissappeared around the corner, shaking her head in disbelief at me.

"Really? The noise? Green's not a very good colour on you, Chloe," She stated smugly, smiling because she knew my secret.

"I'm not jealous," I defied her lamely, although we both knew this was a lie.

"Of course you're not," Leah grinned, reaching forward to poke me in the ribs.

"You know.." She trailed off thoughtfully after a second. "Dom and I could always find a nice guy for you to date. It'd be so much healthier for you than what you're doing now. Sulking around and casting evil eyes on any happy couple you see."

I sighed, fixing her with a look. "Leah, you know my past history with guys. I'd rather not repeat that."

I've had two boyfriends in my whole education at Hogwarts.

The first was Jimmy Chemlen from third year. We held hands and stared at eachother across the table for about a week before I ended it.

The second one was Michael Lee, just last year.

We went steady for two months, and I was actually pretty happy with him.

Then one night he stood up on the bench during breakfast, called for everyone's attention, and dumped me.
He yelled that I was a "cold, prude fish" and advised all the guys to steer clear from me.

I ran out of the Great Hall crying, and a day later he was out cold in the hospital wing.

I never did learn who put him there, but if I should ever find out, I'll send flowers to them for a week in gratitude.

"Past history with guys?" Someone laughed, and we turned around to find Fred grinning. Drew, James and Lorcan came clambering through the portrait not far behind him.

Dom, who had been sprawled hazardly across the carpet near us, stood up the instant she saw Lorcan. She smoothed her blonde hair back and wiped a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth as the boys advanced.

"More like lack-there-of," Fred smiled, coming around the front of the couch and pushing me over so he could sit down.

I glared at him, shrugging off his arm when he slung it over my shoulders, and moved closer to Leah.

"Thanks for your input, Fred. Always making me feel better, you are," I said drily.

"No problem, love," Fred ruffled my hair. "And as much fun as it is, we're only here because James says you two have detention in about fifteen minutes."

I glanced up at the clock to my right and groaned. 7:41.

"Trien said 8 sharp," James spoke up, standing awkwardly near the portrait hole.

I ignored him, standing up and saying goodbye to my friends, bumping past James roughly on my way out.

"There you two are," Trien glared at us as we came strolling down the staircase. Earlier in class today he had told us where to meet him for our detention, and the moment he said "Great Hall", I knew our punishment.


He held out his hands when we reached him. I fished my wand reluctantly out of my pocket and pressed it into his wrinkly, pale hand.

"Excellent," He said when James had passed his over as well. Trien stuffed our wands into his robe pockets and turned around to pick up two buckets.

"You'll be scrubbing the floor of the Great Hall," He informed us proudly, as if this was the most inventive punishment in the history of detention.

"Every. Inch. Every. Speck." He sneered, holding the metal pails out to us.

We grabbed them unenthusiastically, and he pushed us into the large room.

"I'll be back in three hours," Trien warned, peering in on his captives. "No funny business."

Then he slammed the doors shut with a bang and my week got just a little more crappy.

"This is all your fault, you know," I started immediately, stalking off in the different direction of him. The pail of water in my hand sloshed dangerously, leaving a trail of water drops behind me until I stopped abruptly in the middle of the hall.

"Don't be so spiteful, Clover," James tutted from behind me, following closely after.

Ha. Me, spiteful? Never.

"First off, James," I spun around, grinding my teeth together in agitation. "My name is Chloe. You do not get special priveledge to call me Clover. Nobody else does, so what makes you think that you can?"

I ignored the flash of (obviously fake) hurt that crossed his face, not done yet.

"And I'll be spiteful if I so please, thanks. After all, you're the reason we're in here."

I sat down on the floor with a huff, plunging my hand into the warm, soapy water in front of me and pulling out the sponge.

"Now I'm here, on a Thursday night, in detention! I've never had a detention before," I said all in one breath, realizing this small fact.

This would go on my record, wouldn't it? Oh my Merlin, now what do I do?

My dreams of being a healer are absolutely shot.

I'm going to end up a dirty beggar on the streets of Diagon Alley, with nothing but a trashbag for clothes and a cardboard box for living arrangements. Wizards will throw rotten fruits at me, and I might have to catch some of the things they throw so I won't starve to death.

"Oh, and of all people to get stuck with in detention, I get stuck with you!" I fumed.

James put his bucket down slowly and knelt down on the floor next to me, gaze fixed low to the floor.

"You say that as if it's a bad thing," He blinked. "Being with me in detention, I mean."

"It is a bad thing!" I brought the sponge down and scrubbed the tile beneath me viciously, taking all my exasperation out on my cleaning job.

"No it's not," James replied defensively, already doing his part of the work. At the look of disbelief on my face after his words, he proceeded slowly, seeming to choose his words before he said them.

"Well.. You never want to talk to me or hang around with me. I try and talk to you, but you always end up yelling at me and then storming away. This is the only way we can actually have a conversation."

I was both surprised and annoyed at the amount of accusation in his voice.

Putting a finger finger to my chin, I looked up at the ceiling and pretended to be deep in thought. "Hmm, let's see. Why would I not want to talk to you, James?"

Then I gasped as if an idea had just come to me, turning to stare at him with narrowed eyes.

"Oh, maybe it's because you went out of your way to bother me for six years? Because you embarassed me countless times for your own amusement? Or maybe it's because I just don't like you? Hm, nah. I think it's because I don't really know you and honestly, I don't want to."

He was silent now and I was recovering from my anger. It didn't take long in the absence of conversation for guilt to begin gnawing at my stomach.

I generally wasn't this mean, and I often forgave quickly after arguments. This bone in my body couldn't allow me to hold a grudge for more than a day.

It was just.. him.

James managed to get under my skin, push all my buttons, buzz in my ear like a fly's egg planted in my brain.

He made me feel confused and furious; and it confused and infuriated me even more because I don't know why he had the ability to do that.

"You're right."

I stared at him quietly, resisting the sudden and very scary urge to go over there and wrap him in a hug.

"I've never apologized for my past behavior," James grimaced, rubbing the back of his neck. "And I shouldn't expect you to forgive me so quickly. But.."

He stood up and walked forward, kneeling down right before me. His face was open and serious, allowing no room for lies in what he said next.

"But I am sorry and I want to get to know you.. I want you to know me, too."

James was getting closer now, and I couldn't seem to move my gaze. I had never really noticed the intense colours in his eyes before. Swirling green and chocolatey brown, specks of cool blue.

He was inches from my face, and I was still staring at the colours before me.

It was happening again; blood rushed through my veins and that buzzing sounded in my head that I normally got when I was talking to James.

Except this time we weren't really talking, and the burning in my cheeks was different; it was a good burning, not an angry one.

"I'm tired of arguing, Clover," He murmered, more to himself than me. "I want.."

James reached for me and placed one hand on my neck, brushing my dark hair to the other side.

His hand on my skin was warm, unbearably so. It sent unfamiliar tingles and electricity through my body.

We were so close, I could see the three freckles on his nose, and a small red mark on the bridge. No doubt that was from where his glasses had edged into his skin.

I bit my lip at his proximity, a nervous habit I had grown up with, and realized a split second later that that was not the wisest choice.

His eyes shifted downwards, and my heart hammered violently against my chest.

"I want you," He finished simply, calm as can be, and then his lashes lowered and his head tilted down towards me.

My brain was a foggy mess by this time and all I could think was "crap, is he going to..?"

And I did the only thing my brain could think of.

I snatched a sponge from the bucket and threw it full-force at his face.

James sputtered at the feel of what was clearly not my kiss, and I took advantage of this distraction.

I rolled away from him sideways, accidentally nailing him in the leg with a kick and grimacing at the state of mind I was just in.

He lost balance the moment my body no longer supported his, tumbling forward and crashing into the pail I had left there.

It fell over and spilled water all across the area where we'd been sitting... where we'd been almost kissing.

I scrambled to my feet, slipping and sliding on the slick floor, and made quick leave for the door.

"Chloe, wait!" James called after me, attempting to stand and come after me.

But I was already halfway out of the door, and more than halfway out of my mind.

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