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Hild Takes Manhattan: A Senshi Muyo Supplement

Part One: Moving In

Hild smiled to herself as she appeared above the New York City skyline in the world known as Earth 977 (Several realities removed from Earth 616). She had to take some care to restrain her immense power lest she accidentally level the city. Her eyes fixed on the structure of Fisk Tower and she slowly descended to the street below. She admitted a good deal of satisfaction in how far the man known to many as 'The Kingpin' had come since their first meeting so many human years ago. The young boy desperate to be somebody... To prove that he was not the useless failure his small time hood father claimed him to be. Hild had made no bones that the power he sought would not be simply handed to him. His success would be directly proportional to his own exertions... And exert himself he had. Disciplining himself, he had honed his body into a mountain of muscle. Studying and educating himself and turning his mind into a deadly sharp instrument. Then using that combination of strength and mind to overwhelm or out maneuver his opponents as he began his rise to the top. True to her word; however, Hild kept her end of the deal by opening opportunities as several rivals of the would-be Kingpin self destructed or were brought down by their own vices. Fisk seized those opportunities with zeal. In time he had become the single most powerful criminal mastermind in the world. His success had been so great that it threatened to upset the balance between good and evil and to that end Hild had no choice but to allow the rise of Avengers. Still, the activities of a few costumed crime fighters were a small matter in the greater scheme and against the Kingpin's enemies in the criminal underworld, Hild's agents continued to actively undermine them.

Now Hild needed a return on her investment. She had no intention of sacrificing Fisk but if they were to survive she needed to make the most of every asset she had. As she descended to the street below, she adapted her traditional robes to a more functional business suit and skirt and strode purposefully into Fisk Tower. As she walked through the lobby, she surveyed the people around her. Many of them had no clue that the Great Philanthropist Wilson Fisk was the notorious and mysterious 'Kingpin' of the criminal underworld. Others were loyal soldiers of the Kingpin's organization... And a few were not so loyal... One man; indeed, was making deals offering his employer's secrets to his enemies while cheerfully taking the Kingpin's coin. Loyalty was a trait the Mistress of Niflheim prized most highly. Hild concentrated a moment and the man crumpled to the floor as a vessel in his brain burst. While several people gathered around and a coupled dialed 911, She smiled thinly to herself and proceeded to a guarded elevator.

"Sorry Miss... This is Mister Fisk's private elevator.''

"My card." She handed a business card to the security guard.

Taking it, he dialed the penthouse. "Sorry to disturb you Mister Fisk. I have a Miss Devlin here to see you... Yes sir... I will make sure her name is put on the short list sir." He turns to Hild. "Mister Fisk asks your pleasure to meet him in his study." He stepped aside and opened the elevator.

"Thank you Henry." She smiled and handed him a gold coin for his troubles then stepped in the elevator and rode to the top. As the door opened, she smiled seeing the large man who greeted her.

"Hello Wilson."

Fisk offered her a drink. "Ms. Devlin... I would ask if this were a social call if I did not already know better than that." He pulled a seat out for her."How may I be of service to you milady?" He asked sitting down at his desk.

"A very serious matter has arisen Wilson. One that has required me to join forces with my competitors to solve and I need to put my best assets toward that solution. And that includes you Wilson."

"Do go on."

"In simplest terms... There is a war soon in coming with reality itself at stake. It will be fought everywhere and I have chosen you to be one of my generals."


"Indeed Wilson. Failure will mean nothing less than the destruction of the universe. Success will require cooperating with unusual allies."

Fisk leaned back in consideration. "While I appreciate the gravity of the situation, there is something I want in return.''

"Are you certain you want to haggle with me Wilson?" She asked with a tone that was a mix of amusement and warning.

"Never that milady... I am merely asking a favor for a favor. Who else can I turn to if not yourself?"

Hild smiled. "Very well then. Once this war is done I shall grant you one wish to use as you see fit."

"Thank you milady... And now let us discuss your plans for this Army?"

Hild sips her wine in satisfaction. "Of course. And then I will make use of one of your guest suites Wilson. I have a considerable amount of business to attend while in New York."

"By all means. In that case... " He raised his own glass. "To good business Milady..."

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