It had been twenty- four hours since the attack on the house, and Damien was fully recovered. I smiled because after Damien had healed, we made love the whole night long. Every muscle in my body ached from sex. I took Damien's hand in mine as we climbed to the top of the stairs and exited out of the safe house. Our house was riddled with bullet holes and was damaged beyond repair, we would have to move, and all our belongings would go to waste.

There was one thing that was not damaged though, it was the picture, the picture of all of us, Yaksha, Sita, Dara, and myself. This surprised me because there was not a place in the house that did not have a bullet hole in it, I was surprised that the house did not collapse. It was almost nine o'clock at night, the shooters were sure to be back after they had not found bodies last time.

I slowly walked over to the window and pulled back the drapes very cautiously, I looked out of the shattered window, *damn* i thought to myself. The Bugatti was trashed, but the SUV was still in the locked garage. I wondered if it was left untouched considering that the garage door is and inch thick steel and the walls are 2 foot thick concrete.

I used my keen eye-sight to look over the land surrounding our house. There was nothing there, no people and no vampires. I walked over to Damien and took his hand and gave him the shush sign. I walked across the house to the garage. I punched in the code that would make the inch thick steel door slide open and walked in. I couldn't smell gas so i walked over to the brand new Lincoln Navigator and typed the code into the door of the SUV and opened the door. No one had fooled around in here there was no scent. I ran back into the house and grabbed the picture of us all and ran to the door to the garage.

Then i heard it, human foot steps, they were running. I opened the trunk of the Lincoln, and carefully put it in, and shut the door. "Damien," I said, "We have to go now I can buy us about twenty minutes but we have to go. Now." I ran to the door to the house and typed in the code and the door slid shut with a "swoosh". There were about ten of them, and by the smell seeping under the door they were perspiring heavily. Damien had already slid into the passenger seat, so i slid into the drivers and pressed the button to open the garage door that lead to the road. i pressed the start button on the car.

As i expected there was two men with guns facing us, i floored it. They did not fire, which was strange. I ran over their bodies with i heard it, the bullet. It felt like slow motion, the bullet coming into the back window, making it explode, then it lodged itself in the gold frame surrounding the exquisite painting.

I was enraged and I was beginning to see red. But i had no time to stop and take revenge for them ruining the only relic i had of my first life, my most precious life, the one with my son.


It had been twenty years since i had taken Rome, Arrian the gentle is what they called me here. Though the palace here is nothing like that of my one in Alamut, it is still grand. In the time i have been in Rome, i had a painting done, one of Yaksha, Sita, Dara, and myself. Though i had to change my name, Dara did not.

It was late at night the summer of the goddess was blessing us with bountiful harvests. Tonight i chose not to change into my peasants clothing, I walked the streets in my white garb. I have used the power of my eyes on thousands of residents, and tonight was no different. I walked with my head high, my crown tilted slightly to the left, i looked quickly at each face that i passed before they began to bow, until i found a very hansom young boy of about sixteen, Though i was nearly fifty i looked no older than eighteen. I stopped in front of this young boy and turned to face his kneeling form.

I bent down to whisper in his ear. "Boy," I said, "You serve your king well," he raised his head to look me dead in the eye, mistake. Big. Mistake. "Now," I said unleashing the full force of my eyes on him, "Do you wish to serve your king more than anyone in this whole city could serve me?" I asked in a seductive tone, "Stand," I said loudly, an older woman came out of the closest building and looked at me, she bowed and stood, then she asked "What do you want with my son, my king?"

I smiled, "I wish him to be a horse tender, my lady, in my stables."

The woman blushed, obviously she had never been called "my lady" in her life. Then she said "But my son knows nothing of horses." My smile widened "My horse master will teach him,". The woman looked confused, but i let a little of my power leak through my eyes and into her, I walked over to her and whispered in her ear, "Do not fear for he will be well taken care of, and will learn much, he will be okay." the woman grunted in return, Then I said "say goodbye dear family for this is well the last time you shall ever see each other before death takes one of you!"

They said their goodbye's and i took the young boy in hand and led him to my palace. Once in i lead him to the secret horse stable and i saw Dara their feeding off one of the horses.

"Why do you reduce your self to such vulgarities, you have full reign over the city to take whom ever you want! Why do you reduce yourself so?" i asked.

His response surprised me, "I do this so i do not have to take a child away from their mother and father, or a parent away from their children. Unlike you, the loss of our son still affects me." I began to cry, I have never heard such ferocity in his voice. I let go of the child's hand and walked over to Dara and wrapped my arms around his neck and began to cry uncontrollably.

Once my sobs turned to hick-ups I let go, where my face had been buried in his chest there was a large blood stain running over half of his chest and down onto his stomach. This whole time i had not realized that the boy stood there in a trance watching me cry with absolutely no expression on his face.

I began to release him, but just then Yaksha and Sita walked in. "My son," Said he, "Why where you about to let this boy go, human blood sustains us much longer and is better for us."

"I... I can't bare to take away this young boy from his mother, having a child ripped away from you is something I can not bare to do." I turned to Dara and he smiled at me. Yaksha frowned, and walked over to me, took my smooth chin in his hand and forced me to look into his eyes, "You will feed from humans and nothing else. Do i make my self clear? Young Arrian." Then he turned to Dara and said the same.

I mumbled "Yes master." and Dara broke down into sobs. I ran over to him and put my arms around his shoulders. Dara stood and almost like a zombie walked over to the young boy and took his wrist and with one last sob took his arm and bit, the boy did not scream merely moaned. i was crying too, but i walked over and put my hands on both of his shoulders and bit into his neck.