Ok this is as promised my sequel to The Future I honestly don't have a clue on your tribes and kings and Im not interested in finding out so make of it what you will on that front. It centres around Dria who is actually based on my role play character.

So also to give an idea of Dria I picture Eva Green and Bella, Hannah Murray xx

The country remained in a terrible chaos the royals, the commoners, everyone was at each others throats, the country was at war within itself. Most people had divided into tribes. The rogue tribes were the worst they would reek havoc everywhere causing devastation. One tribe was that of Caenonii they were a group made up of men, women and teenagers, and lead by a fierce woman. Alexandria Drust. She was a warrior, cold hearted woman, who had been born during the sieges. Women were thought of as mothers and lovers not Dria. She let her men rape, steal, and murder, even children from what ever village they ripped there way through.

When she was born she had no family an orphan brought up by priestess of the old religion. She did not care for it though not at all she laughed at magick. Instead she had sought out a murderous and bloody revenge. Not alone though she was joined by her husband, Alan. Another soldier, his nature was much gentler than hers though and when he lived she had been much more considerate even soft. Unfortunately he had been murdered in battle. She had long dark hair and at that point cut it to her shoulders, her dark brown eyes filled with hate. Another who joined her was her adoptive sister so to speak, Bella. A tiny pixie like woman of eighteen only a few years younger than Dria who had long dirty blonde hair.

Bella was a sweet young woman tiny harmless and a strong believer of the old religion. She wore a soft blue dress and tended to stay away from battles waiting on the outskirts for the wounded. Dria however had disgraced herself again by wearing clothes suited to a male, Alan's to be exact. His trousers, his shirts, his boots and his jacket, her pale skin was in general bloodied and over time her hair grew long again though she wore it up. Her and her entire tribe wore dark make up round there eyes apart from Bella. They were all animal like vulgar beings. They did not care for anything but revenge, the rule was simple despite being together when fighting they did not help anyone else out. No one was to go back for anyone they were a tribe after all not a family. If someone was wounded kill them no point in dragging people around.

It was night time and Dria and her Tribe had taken up a tower for the night it had only a few guards at it at the time it wasn't even built properly. Some of her men danced around drunkenly and sang but the majority were sat at the table with her.

'We are dwindling in numbers, soon we wont stand a chance against other tribes or armies.' A dark haired man growled slamming his fists down.

'None sense!' another shouted back. 'We are left with the best fighters!'

A sound of an army was heard approaching and Dria jumped up as did the rest of the men. Clearly they had been spied on and so a battle begun. She knew they were out numbered and she was now down to twenty men.

'Dria! Please!' Bella begged for them to go.

However she did not, the remaining men did though trailing Bella with them who screamed to stay with her sister. And they rid of into the night as the fire blazed behind them.

Merlin was terrified of sleeping because Mab still haunted his dreams. He looked worn from staying awake so he drifted off to sleep.

'Merlin, Merlin, Merlin.' Mab called from her in her taunting voice.

'Leave me alone!' he screamed.

He could see her eyes they were all he could see.

'You are haunted by the visions you saw, you will never rest and you will never get back to Nimue. Not unless you bring me back!' she hissed.

'Leave me alone!' he screamed.

'Never…not ever.' Her voice whispered and he woke up again.

Mab herself awaited in her land of dreams she knew she would returns soon. She could feel it and she would fight again. This time she knew what mistakes not to make for example wasting her time with Merlin. She had taunted him ever since he had met Saphira and seen those visions. How she relished in his screams of leave me alone. Until she was back and had a body again she would not.

He got up it was day light he had slept a little but it had done him little good. So he drifted his way a long seeing smoke coming from a near by tower. He fell to his knees unable to walk and crawled along the ground.

'Who are you?' a strong female voice spoke.

A sword blade was pointed to his neck.

He tried to speak and ended up just rambling before passing out again. Dria had found him and she was intending to leave him but she was alone. She needed to find her sister and she would with this drunken idiot's help. Dria went for a bucket of water and threw it over him.

'Wake up!' she snapped.

He did and the water had actually refreshed him a little he looked up at Dria and felt relief surely this woman would kill him and put him to sleep.

'Thank you.' He said quietly.

Dria raised an eye brow in confusion then rolled her eyes they were surrounded by corpses single handedly she had defeated the army.

'Get up!' she snapped again.

'Im going to find my sister and you are going to accompany me I may need to trade a slave.'

Merlin shook his head.

'N-no, no Im not. Please kill me.' He said weakly.