Dria reached over and touched her arm but as she did there was a scream, and she turned round in time to see an arrow had went into Bella's chest.

'No!' she screamed running down to Bella and holding her.

Merlin was paling rapidly because he was so drained he was delirious about what was going on.

It was more of the Christian tribe they had reinforced and came after them.

Dria continued to scream and cry in rage, Bella was dead.

That left the situation to Mab who already began throwing them back.

'Stop it.' She said to Mab quietly getting up.

Mab looked at her as though she had gone mad.

'Stop it!' she shouted as Mab threw more of them back then stopped.

'I want to know who killed her.' She declared her voice icey cold.

'Which one of you?' she screamed her eyes lit up with fury as she picked up her sword her dark make up teared down her face.

'It was me.' And to Mab's shock Nimue stepped forward.

'I killed the pagan whore. And you may kill me for it I did God's work though I understand a price most be paid.'

Nimue said this without a smile but as if she truly thought she was performing the work of god. Little did they know it wasn't her she was covering for someone else. It wasn't her place to kill and so she didn't do it but she knew it had to be done and now she was ready to face her death. Slowly she walked towards Dria dropping the arrows she carried and knelt before her. Dria felt engulfed by rage but she had a better idea she raised her sword about to drive it into Merlin. Nimue looked up and screamed, but before she could do it she was blasted across the forest into a tree. She felt a rib crack and winced in pain she looked up and saw Mab with her hands still raised. Dria's eyes filled with betrayal.

'Why?' she gasped in rage.

'He is my son.' Mab replied quietly and glanced at Merlin.

'After what he did to you?' her eyes flared. 'After what that witch did to Bella?' she screamed pointing at Nimue.

'Kill the girl if you wish but you will not harm my son.' Mab said firmly.

Dria dragged herself up and slowly went back over.

Nimue had took Merlin in her arms.

'Im sorry, and I love you.' She whispered in tears.

'Not Nimue me.' Merlin stated getting up to his knees his strength coming back.

Dria drew closer her clothes ripped, her hair everywhere, her eyes red, her face streamed black her body bloodied. Merlin got in front of Nimue protectively.

'No!' he shouted.

Dria looked at Mab in pure betrayal, who in small apology used her power to knock Merlin aside. Nimue screamed as the blade pierced through her as did Merlin as he tried to crawl back to her. He got over for her last breath.

'I love you.' She whispered.

He held her close.

'I love you too.' He whispered back and then she was dead too.

Mab used her powers to take out the soldiers and they fell, Dria hacking into a few of them too. Soon all that was left was sobbing Merlin, Mab and Dria surrounded by corpses. Dria then grabbed Mab's shoulders in a half calm manner.

'Right, she brought you back now you bring her back.' She demanded.

Mab looked down at Bella.

'I can not.' She whispered.

'The hell you cant you're a goddess and you have powers. Bella wasn't half as powerful as you and she did it now bring her back!' she growled.

'It's different for humans I cant bring back a human.' She replied quietly.

'No! No! You bring her back here now!' she screamed and try to punch her but it was pretty useless against her.

'Now!' she roared bursting into tears and slowly slid to the ground.

Merlin then pounced on Dria the two began fighting and at that moment Mab was perfectly grateful for her lack of human emotion. Dria stopped fighting him and let him hit her she burst out laughing.

'You killed her!' Merlin roared.

Dria continued to lie on the ground laughing at him as blood spattered out of her. Mab becoming tired of this used her powers to knock Merlin off of her.

'I loved her so much.' He curled against Nimue's body and cried.

Dria finally stopped laughing Mab continued to look at them in utter confusion to this reaction. She looked down at Dria her fae side had took most of the emotion she felt very sealed off from everyone once more. Dria got up pushed her hair back spat blood and then began to use her sword to hack at wood.

'What are you doing?' Mab asked curiously.

'I need to bury the body.' She said quite calmly.

Merlin continued to hold Nimue's body.

'I can do that, bury the body.' She offered.

Dria looked at her with a raised eye brow.

'Come back.' Mab ordered.

Dria stepped back a few steps Mab waved her hand and beautiful flowers began to wrap over her as though nature itself was welcoming her. Dria nodded and watched her sister vanish.

'This isn't your time.' Dria turned to her.

Mab's brow furrowed.

'Bella knew she would die before peace she brought you back as a beacon of hope for people she wanted you to seal yourself off. In your kingdom then far in the future people will look for Queen Mab. Right now they cant handle you.'

Mab looked deeply troubled by this and paced around.

'If I do not continue to fight I will die.' She said simply.

'No you wont if you retreat to your land with your creatures some people will keep following you enough to let you survive. Just don't use a lot of magick and in time you will get much more powerful.' She explained.

'You knew this?' Mab raised an eye brow.

'The high priestess needed a sorceress with a loving heart, and soldier.'

Merlin looked up at them. Nimue had killed her sister, she had killed Nimue, he had hit her yet now it all seemed so irrelevant. They were just things, things that would in time be forgotten.

'I will ride with you to give you safe passage to your land.' Dria said going for a horse.

'I-' Mab was about to say she could teleport now but for some reason the girl contented her and perhaps she had more she could tell her.

'As you wish.' Mab also got up onto a horse.

She glanced coldly at Merlin before kicking off with Dria.

They rid for a while in complete silence it was Mab who broke it.

'I am sorry about-'

'Told you don't like sympathy.' She replied shortly.

Mab nodded.

'Where will you go now?' she queried.

'I'll be around.' She replied shortly again.

'You told me you cared for me once…did you mean it?' this was the next best thing she had.

Dria brought her horse to a halt to look at her and Mab did the same.

'Well?' she rasped.

'Yes I do, but it doesn't matter, you have your power back and as you belittle human emotions so much I guess that means you don't feel.' She jumped of her horse walking back into the trees alittle. Mab followed her.

'Where are you going?' she kept walking until the trees ended and there was just flat ground.

'This is where I used to live, it was whole once and now it's ripped apart torn to the ground nothing. So the next time you-'

Mab cut her off by kissing her.

Dria was taken a back then gave out a gasp of pain. Mab frowned then looked down to see there was a sword in Dria's chest.

'No!' she whimpered holding her as she fell.

Dria looked up at her with a bitter sweet smile.

'You really are the most irksome, woman I have ever met.' She grinned.

Mab tilted her head staring at her as though defying her to die.

'Don't leave me.' She hissed through gritted teeth.

Dria laughed.

'Just promise me you will retreat to your kingdom, that you will wait for your time, I believe it to be a precious gift of yours.' She choked.

Mab continued to stare at her.

'Promise me.' Dria squeezed her arm.

'I….promise.' Mab whispered, and then she died just as Mab had seen many die before. She didn't shed tears she couldn't even if she wanted to instead she looked up to see who had done this.

'You took my love I took yours.' Frik stared down at her coldly.

Mab's eyes flared and she stood up thunder and lightning came into play as she walked towards Frik and Frik walked backwards. Very slowly. Her eyes a light with anger, this walk continued for a short while until Mab felt herself being shook by Merlin. He had followed after Frik whether he could have stopped him or not was not clear.

'You need to get out of here! More armies are coming and tribes. Mostly Christian they're banding together to kill you.'

Mab kept staring at Frik.

'What's your sudden concern?' Mab screamed.

'Bella was a nice girl and if she believed in you perhaps somewhere in you there is good but if your dead she died for nothing. Dria will have died for nothing.' He pointed out surely if Mab had to go into hiding he would not see her again he'd be dead by her return.

Mab stopped the storm and all grew quiet, she would not listen to Merlin but she had promised Dria. She turned and began to walk away.

'I hope you are haunted by her as I am Morgan.' Frik smirked.

Mab knelt down at Dria's body picking her sword up she then threw it and then Frik was dead. It was almost a poetic statement she had killed him with a sword in honour of Dria.

Merlin sighed.

'You have what you want now. Your back.' He said with a shrug.

'Yes, and in time I will make a full recovery. But now you know.' She said simply.

'Now I know what?' he looked confused.

'Before you were born I wasn't so cold, I loved my people and fought by there side, I will always care for them. It hurts to watch so many die. What happened with Bella and Dria and there soldiers. That is why I am the way I am. It happened over and over.' Mab hissed in rage as plants grew over Dria.

'You may wish to think on that before you judge me in future.'

'Everything I do does not have love in it but is has a reason. The end justifies the means.' She whispered then teleported to her cavern to wait until the people need her again, sealing herself off from the world, leaving Merlin to have finally understood her.

-The End-


I can only apologise for the way the writing turns out, no matter what I try it wont sit properly. And yeah I do tend to OoC in this lol. Yes tell me what you think.