A Wish Fulfilled Ch. 18

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Previously:"Oh god, my boys," John stated in fear before storming into the house after hearing the Far Darrig chant out its' haunting tune. He had to find his boys and see what the creature had done. He had just made it to the top of the stairs when he heard a thunderous voice shout out in surprise from below.

Moments Earlier:

Resting comfortably against Dean's chest as they hid behind the ratty old sofa, Sammy couldn't help but giggle a little as he heard the far away voice of his Dad. He and Dean had been hiding for a long time now he was sure and still, they hadn't been found yet. His daddy really wasn't very good at playing Hide and Seek.

"What's got you so happy, Squirt?" Dean inquired as he held Sammy closely against him, trying to keep his ears attuned to what was going on outside. He could hear the sound of anger in his father's voice, but he just couldn't tell what was being said.

"We hided too dood and daddy tan't find us," Sammy replied as he squirmed a little within Dean's hold. He was getting a little antsy at having sat still for so long and was more than ready to go outside and play again.

"Whoa there, what's got you so squirmy all of the sudden, Little Dude? You got ants in your pants or something?" Dean asked, wrapping his arm a little tighter around his toddling brother. He knew Sammy was getting restless, but they needed to stay hidden for just a little while longer until he knew whatever was out that that had Bobby so concerned earlier was dealt with.

"No, I no dot ants in my pants De," Sammy replied innocently turning his head a little so he could look incredulously up at Dean. "Why? Did you detted some ants in your pants Deanie?"

"No Kiddo, I didn't," Dean answered with a grin. He had forgotten how literal a younger Sammy could be at times. Lord, how he was going to miss this side of his little brother when Sammy was returned to his rightful age. Don't get him wrong, he really wanted his Sam back, but he just hated the fact that adult Sam would once again have to deal with the pain and loss he had suffered over the past year or so as well as those damned visions and the thought of it upset him more than he was willing to admit.

"De, I no wanna pway anymo…" Sammy started to say before got a tingly feeling all over, one that left him feeling odd and out of sorts.

"Sammy?" Dean questioned with concern as he spun the little one around in his lap so he could get a better look at him. "You feeling okay?"

"I's detting dizzy, De" Sammy voiced, laying his head against Dean's chest to stop the room from swaying.

"What the…?" Dean voiced in astonishment as his little brother suddenly began to change before his very eyes. Within seconds, Sammy had grown enough that his clothing tore apart at the seams and fell from his body as well as the diaper that covered his pale bottom.

It didn't take long for Dean to suddenly find himself squashed by a now naked Sam who had finally been returned to his normal adult self.

"Sonuvabitch, what in the hell is going on." Sam's voice thundered out in surprise to suddenly find himself sitting in Dean's lap with his big brother cuddling him to his chest. "And just why the hell am I naked?"

"Uh, well, you see, it's like this. You, uh…" Dean stammered, his mind unable to form a cohesive sentence at the shock of witnessing the sudden change.

"Damn it Dean, where are my clothes," Sam squealed, pushing himself up out of Dean's embrace, only to hear the sound of feet come clomping down the steps at a rapid pace. Glancing around quickly for something to cover himself, Sam was surprised to suddenly find himself embraced by the arms of his father before obtaining his objective.

"Sam, it's so good to have you back, Son." John declared sincerely, cradling his nude son to his chest.

"Dad, com' on, let me go," Sam stammered in embarrassment, his cheeks tingeing a bright red from the situation, especially since Bobby had now entered the basement also and him without a stitch of clothing on or anything to hide his nakedness.

"Here ya go, Sport," Bobby voiced with a chuckle, having pulled off his jacket and handing it over to Sam to protect his modesty. He could tell how deeply embarrassed Sam was at having been caught bare-assed naked by the three of them.

"Th-thanks," Sam muttered as he pried himself free and wrapped the jacket around him as best he could.

"I don't know why you're so embarrassed Sam. You haven't got anything the three of us haven't seen before," John stated with a laugh.

"Da'ad," Sam whined, his cheeks going an even darker shade of red. "Would one of you just please tell me where the hell my clothing is?"

"Upstairs in your duffle bag," Dean answered after having finally composed himself enough to think clearly. He couldn't believe it, his Sam was back!

"Th-thanks" Sam replied, backing away from the three of them until he made it to the stairs where he turned tail and stumbled up them, his lily white behind 'mooning' the other hunters as he went.


Entering the room that he and Dean always shared when visiting Bobby, Sam's jaw dropped open in astonishment upon seeing the toddler clothing that lay out haphazardly on the bed along with a small purple rubber ducky and a few other childish items, not to mention the diaper bag that sat at the foot of the bed.

"What the…?" Sam questioned, pulling on a pair of boxers and blue jeans just before his mind was assailed by memories of the past few weeks. Memories in which he and Dean had made mud pies together; memories of him, Dean, his Dad and Bobby all going to a theme park and having an enormous amount of fun; memories of him being rocked to sleep in the arms of all three at one point or another and he couldn't help but be totally stunned by it all.

"Sammy?" Dean questioned worriedly as he walked into the room to find his baby brother staring off into space as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"I..I'm okay," Sam replied, his jaw opening in astonishment as he looked over at Dean. "Is it real, did it all really happen?"

"Is what real?" Dean queried, wanting to make sure he didn't drop anything on Sam before his younger sibling was ready for it.

"Did I really turn into a toddler?" Sam asked, still unable to believe the memories were real, that it wasn't something he had just dreamed.

"Yeah, you did," Dean answered, sitting down beside his brother and nudging Sam with his shoulder. "You okay?"

"Yeah, it's just, I can't believe we did all those things together. I mean, you and Dad and Bobby, you all centered your lives around me and made me feel like I was the most special person in the world and that I was totally loved."

"That's because you are, Son," John voiced as he walked into the room just in time to hear he end of Sam's conversation with Dean. "I know I haven't said it nearly enough to you, or your brother for that matter, but I do love you boys. And even though it happened by nefarious means, I'll forever be grateful for being given a second chance to be the kind of father you needed, even if it was only for just a little while."

"Th-thanks Dad, I love you too," Sam voiced as tears began to fill his expressive blue-green eye upon hearing the declaration. "But how, how did I get turned into a toddler again?"

"That was my fault Sam. I kind of made a wish that things could be like they were between us when you were a toddler and thought I hung the moon," John admitted sheepishly. "I was just so tired of things being tense between us all the time, and well…"

"Turns out there was a supernatural creature nearby and it granted Dad's wish," Dean finished, knowing how hard it was for his father to admit his part in what had transpired.

"S'okay dad, I don't blame you for what happened. You couldn't have known what was going to happen," Sam stated, absolving his father of any guilt in the matter.

"Thanks Kiddo," John voiced earnestly, feeling a huge weight lift off of his shoulders. "And I also want you to know that the visions you've started having doesn't change anything between us. You're still my baby boy and nothing will ever change that."

"Thanks for that Dad," Sam voiced with a relieved sigh after having remembered the incident that brought the whole mess about. "But what if other hunters find out? You know how they'll look at me," Sam murmured, chewing on his bottom lip nervously.

"Then we'll deal with that when the time comes," Bobby answered from the doorway. "These visions you're Daddy just mentioned you having doesn't change a thing. You're still the same pain in the ass kid you've always been since you was knee high to a grasshopper. And if any hunter dares to think different, then they'll have to deal with me."

"Thanks for that, Bobby," Dean voiced, wincing slightly at the unstated reprimand in Bobby's speech for not having been told about said visions.

"Don't be thanking me boy. You idjits are family and family always takes care of each other," Bobby intoned gruffly, though affection was evident in his voice. "Now if you idjits are done reminiscing and talking, I think it's about time we get dinner started. Sam here is bound to be starving."

"Yeah, I am actually. But what about the creature? Aren't we going to hun…?" Sam started to ask before being interrupted by his father

"Something tells me that Far Darrig is already paying a hefty price for what it did," John answered, as he offered a hand to pull Sammy up off the bed and then slung an arm around his shoulders before leading him out of the room. He didn't know what happened to make the Far Darrig return Sammy to his rightful age, but something obviously did from the way the feard dearg had acted earlier and he could only hope the creature would never been seen or heard from again.

Smiling in contentment as he walked out of the room with his father's arm around his shoulders, Sam couldn't remember having felt so carefree and happy in years. Maybe, just maybe everything was going to be okay.

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