Hello everyone! This is my first full length Spyro fanfic! Before I continue, HUGE thanks to Sonic The Shapeshifter for being my Beta Reader for this and putting up with me. Anyway, this is a story I really wanted to do and I hope you enjoy it! Also, I know their was a Naga boss in the portable version of one of the games, I don't consider that canon and made my Naga before finding that out. Spyro belongs to...activision I believe now. Anyway, all things belong to their creators, enjoy!

The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn

This Broken Soul

The young black dragon flailed, trying to get free from the chains suspending her body above the pit. She was only a child, but even she could tell what was about to be done to her…she was about to lose the last thing the Dark Master could take from her…her free will. A large hairy hand grabbed her face and forced it to look into its owners ancient, ape-like visage.

Gaul smirked, his one remaining eye staring a hole through the young dragon, making her blood run cold. "Settle down, whelpling, this will all be over soon, then you will be the Dark Master's queen, it's an honor, you should show your gratitude," he stated. "Now, Cynder, prepare to be transformed," he said, stepping back as energy began to build below.

Cynder could only look down in horror as darkness erupted from the Well of Souls into her form, washing away her own will and self and replacing it with rage and malice, causing her body to painfully chain and contort, growing unnaturally into an adult…

Cynder shot awake, breathing heavily and looking around frantically in a panic before realizing she was in the same forest she, Spyro, and Sparx had stayed for the night. She and Spyro were now young adults, but the only real change that occurred was an increase in size, and even that wasn't much, enough to be noticeable, but not yet close to full size. If there was any noticeable change at all, it was Cynder's neck had gotten slightly longer. No surprise there though, as she already knew what her adult self was like.

Cynder settled her panicked breathing and relaxed, looking beside her at the sleeping purple dragon she'd taken as her mate…and the annoying, little, gold dragonfly sleeping on the other side of him. She didn't want to disturb him, so she carefully got up and walked over to a nearby cliff over looking their destination, the rebuilt dragon temple. "Hard to believe its been nine years already…" she said to herself, looking at the structure. It was near identical to the old one, only with minor changes-like the noticeably absent statues of Malefor. She sighed, looking down at her paws in uncertainty. "I know he's gone…why does he still scare me so much?" she asked, remembering the horrors that monster had done to her. "Why now? It's been 9 years since we defeated him…maybe something is about to happen…something bad…" she muttered, then shook her head to clear it. "Don't talk like that, nothing is going to happen…" she told herself, determined to drive such thoughts from her mind. She then looked up at the sky, remembering the good times, not the bad. She then did something she rarely did…she started to sing, she almost never did…but sometimes it helped her get over the grief and depression her awful past occasionally inflicted on her…

"O Holy Land, come ancient spirits

Take up my hand and guide me

Pull me to shore. Rivers are rising

Look in this heart and find me.

I've lost my way, your voice is silent

I need you here to remind me

Show me now, how to find my way home

All I am Surrender

Let the water flow right through this broken soul

I'm by your side, ashes still burning

I proved my worth, so tell me why

I've lost my way, your voice is silent

I need you here, to remind me

Show me now, how to find my home

All I am Surrender

Tell me that you can forgive

Bring me peace that I may live

Show me now, how to find my home

All I am Surrender

Oh sweet rest, oh sweet rest

Find me at my home

Stay with me forever

Let the water flow right through this broken soul…" she sung, each verse helping to soothe just what the song spoke of, her broken soul. She then sensed something behind her and turned to see Spyro. "Oh…hey Spyro…sorry if I woke you…"

Spyro shook his head. "No, you're fine, Cynder," he said, approaching her. "I've just never heard you sing before…you've got a beautiful singing voice," he complimented, smiling.

Cynder would've blushed, if dragons were physically capable of it. "Thanks…I don't sing much…normally only when I'm alone and if I need to cheer myself up."

Spyro nodded, coming over and sitting next to her. He was concerned at what she'd said how she only sung to cheer herself up, but decided pushing that fact would do nothing but make her feel worse. "…Where did you learn that song?"

Cynder smiled, looking at the temple. "Ignitus taught it to me…one night at the temple he found me crying over…well you know…anyway. he taught me that song. He said while my spirit was broken with what Malefor and his monsters did to me, it wasn't beyond repair, all it'd take was time…and a little help from the Ancestors," she said, giving him a smirk. "And from you of course."

Spyro nodded, though he felt a pang of sadness from the memory of Ignitus, it still hurt him to remember the old dragon that had been like a father to him. Still, it also made him have some joy that Ignitus had done something like that for Cynder. He then decided to work his way into why Cynder was out here and awake already. "So…couldn't sleep?"

Cynder nodded. "Yeah…I had another nightmare…when Malefor corrupted me…" she said, looking down in fear and pain from the memory. "It's been 9 years since we saw him last, so why is this still bothering me so much?"

Spyro put a comforting paw on her back. "Cynder…" he said softly, getting her to look him in the eyes, letting him see what he almost always saw, a broken and tortured soul. Cynder had changed, in body and mind, she was much less guilt ridden now, but that pain and torment stayed in those green eyes of hers…that Hermit had spoke the truth, her eyes did give everything away. "I know how you feel, Malefor was too frightening not to give us nightmares, I've had nightmares of him too," he said, something he'd not told her. "But that's the past, Malefor is imprisoned in the core of the world, even if he got out somehow, he'd never make it back to the surface…he can't hurt us anymore," he said reassuringly.

Cynder smiled, seeing the sense in his words. Malefor was gigantic, but the tunnels that lead from the core back to the surface (the ones which Spyro and Cynder returned through) were very small-almost too small for even them to have used. The bigger passage ways were constantly full of lava and magma, thus they couldn't be used-even Malefor had to breathe on occasion. "Thanks Spyro…" she said, then looked up at the stars, smiling. "I love the stars…they're so beautiful…and they remind me of one thing…as much darkness that's in me…there will always be good to light it."

Spyro nodded. "And hope to chase it away…" he finished, then, enjoying the slightly romantic moment, the two leaned in for a nuzzle…

"Hey! Why'd you leave me alone back there?" yelled Sparx, the little yellow dragonfly flying up and ruining the moment, getting glares from both dragons. "What'd I do?"

Spyro sighed. "Nothing Sparx, sorry, we just needed some fresh air."

"Oh, I get it, the two love birds wanted some alone time," said Sparx, mockingly before making kissy faces, causing Cynder to swat him lightly into a bush with the broad side of her tail blade.

Spyro couldn't help laughing at that. "You can't say you didn't ask for that one, Sparx."

Sparx groaned, pulling his tiny frame out of the bush. "Yeah, I've got to stop forgetting little miss Cynder has no sense of humor," he complained.

Cynder growled, then noticed a mud puddle next to her. She used her tail blade to throw a large clump of it on Sparx, completely covering the little dragonfly. "No sense of humor, huh?" asked Cynder, laughing. Yeah, she could be depressed sometimes, but she liked jokes as much as the next dragon.

Spyro nodded, laughing as an angry Sparx mumbled something under his breath before looking to see the sun beginning to rise. "Well, looks like we're not getting back to sleep, let's just get going."

Cynder nodded. "Better hurry Sparx, you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm, I'm sure that bird would love a nice juicy dragonfly," she mocked, turning and taking off towards the temple.

Sparx cleaned himself off and looked around, then to Spyro. "She's joking right?" he asked, Spyro merely rolling his eyes and following Cynder. "She's not serious…" he said, then heard a loud caw of a bird and screamed. "Wait for me!" he yelled, taking off after them.

What neither noticed was a pair of snake-like eyes watching from a mountain cave nearby. The creature they belonged to was large and blue skinned, its lower body like a snakes, but its upper body more humanoid, complete with arms and a more humanoid face structure, but the snake-like traits showed in the mouth, fangs extending, and the serpent-like eyes. He wore blue armor over his chest and arms, a gladiator-like helmet on his head, a broadsword in hand. The creature turned to the darkness behind him. "Mistress, they're heading for the temple as we speak," reported the creature, bowing.

Six eyes watched from the darkness, each one more dragon-like than the other entity; one pair to the right was a fiery red, the middle pair light blue, and the final pair on the left, vibrant yellow. The red eyes seemed to be in a permanent glare, the blue showed an intelligence and cunning, and the yellow eyes seemed in a constant state of glee.

"Good, all is going according to plan," stated a cold and collected, female voice from the blue eyes.

"I still say we should strike now and kill those two and have our vengeance!" announced a cruel and enraged voice from the red eyed entity, though like the first, it too was feminine.

"Oh its always 'blow it up!' with you! Why can't you just take time to smell the roses?" asked a hyper, fast, but happy voice from the yellow eyes, like the other two, this one was also a female.

"I'm allergic," muttered the red eyes again, clearly annoyed.

"Will you two be quiet!" chastised the blue eyed entity, settling the two. "We will continue with the plan, Spyro and Cynder will pay, and we will finally have what we deserve!"

"Agreed, oh and I loved what you did with her nightmares! I just love it when you screw with people's heads!" said the yellow eyes, laughing hysterically.

"As do I, but be it as it may, we've still got some preparations to complete before we launch our plan…"