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Kazuma stared at the cup of tea in front of him. He hadn't taken a sip from it ever since Tomoyuki offered it to him.

"Well?" Tomoyuki asked.

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to tell me? Or do I have to wait another day until you finally feel relaxed enough to confess me your sins?"

Kazuma knew that Tomoyuki was nowhere near patient enough (or at least he lacked it at that moment) to wait for his mind to set the order of things in a way that it didn't seem like a lie, but it didn't seem like he was being ignorant of his surroundings either.

After a heavy sigh, Kazuma proceeded.

"Well, it all began the day after I spoke with my father..." he began.


"Good morning, sunshine!" Ojiro Kazuma beamed as he noticed his wife 'trying' to cook. "Is that for me darling? You know I'd eat anything that came from your precious hands..." he took her hand in his and kissed it, smiling as he saw her blushing. "Or instead, shouldn't I eat you?"

"Sensei, stop it!" she said as she handed him his bento.

"Ouch, sorry...You didn't have to throw the bento at me, ~sweetheart~" he smiled sadistically at her.

She only blushed even more.

The moment he was about to walk out the door, Fumino looked up at him, her hand was holding his shirt.

How cute..he thought, She wants her good morning kiss...well, why not give it to her now?

The moment he was about to bent down to kiss her, though, his phone rang.


"Ah, yes, Ojiro-sensei?" it was Lao-sensei on the other side of the line, he sounded...flustered?

"Yes, this is me"

"Yeah, um...the Principal told me that he needed you to come earlier today...we have a new teacher and she'll be...um...needing a guide..."

"Um, yeah sure, I'll be there quickly, bye" he hung up. Was he...stuttering? he asked himself as he looked at the phone strangely.

"Is something the matter?" Fumino asked.

"No, nothing, they just need me for something at school...sorry but I'm going to have to leave quickly, bye" he only gave her a kiss on the forehead and ran. How could he know that that was the last time he would ever kiss her that way?


Once he reached school, he was surprised to find a very beautiful, if not seductive, foreign woman sitting in the bench outside the school building.

"Um, may I help you with something?" he asked in English, as to make sure to treat her respectfully, if she were a foreigner.

"Oh, you must be , right?" the woman gleamed as she answered in English.

"Yes, that's me"

"Oh, you're just as handsome as they say you were!"

"Who's 'they'?" he muttered under his breath as he smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, my name is Kazuma Ojiro"

"Nice to meet you, my name is Lilian Ileana, but everyone calls me Ileana because it goes with both my name and last name"

"O-Okay, then Ileana-san, please come with me, I'll show you around the place..."

And so their meetings had begun. Often, they were at public sites and sometimes in secret. He felt strange whenever he was with her. His heart would start beating rapidly and he would always be flustered whenever they spoke about each other. So many days were they together that he neglected the fact that Teppei was often waiting at home with his big sister...what was her name again?

Days and days went by where he began to forget both Fumino and Teppei, heck, he forgot where he even lived. Before he realized it, 2 weeks had passed by since the last time he spoke to his wife.

One day, before the two weeks ended, Ileana had called in sick, so as her fellow colleague, he had to go visit her and see if she was better.

"Ileana, its me, Kazuma, may I come in?" he called through the intercom of the apartments.

"Yeah, come up, Kazuma!" she smiled as she opened the door.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, just a little sick, I guess, but no worries!" she smiled.

"Okay, you just sit still and I'll cook for you, okay?"


As he began to chop the soup, he felt something strange. Where have I seen this congee before? he thought as he looked at the chopped onions. There was something sweet, almost gentle as he stared at the congee in the bowl.

"Am I going to eat that?" she asked as she dove in. "Mmm...its really good!" she smiled as she dove in for more.

After she was done eating, he remembered where it was that he had seen the congee.

"Fumino!" he said as he stood up. How could he forget that he had his wife waiting for him endlessly every day and every night until he arrived home?

"Fumino?" Ileana asked.

"Ah, yeah, she's my wife you see and she's waiting at home"

"Strange, I didn't think you'd have a wife, how is she?"

"She's fine I think..."

"No, I mean, is she better looking than me?"

Now that was an answer he couldn't give her. Ileana's chest was...well...bigger than Fumino's, heck, it even surpassed Meg's. The sex appeal Ileana emitted was also way different than Fumino's. Not to mention that this woman looked perfectly coordinated in every form, whereas Fumino messed up more than she helped around the house.

"Well, not quite..." he answered as he scratched the back of his head. He was too busy thinking about Fumino's difference to Ileana to notice Ileana's grin.

"Well, then, that means that you're going to have to inspect closer..." she began to undress.

"Wait! What are you doing?" he asked as he tried to stop her, which only ended with both of them on the bed.

"Ileana, stop this isn't-" he was shut up by her mouth covering his.

"No..stop...Ileana..." he said as he began to lose himself within the kiss, until he began to kiss her back.

His hand began to caress her body as he trailed from her leg to her waist and that's where he stopped.

"No! No! Get a grip! This isn't fair for Fumino! I married Fumino! I love Fumino! The one I want in bed with me is Fumino!" he thought as he stood up, grabbed his coat and walked away.

"Kazuma!" Ileana yelled after him, but he was already outside.

"What the hell have I done?" he asked as he stood outside the building. "I've cheated on Fumino! She'll hate me for sure if she finds out about this..." he soon realized that his phone remained in her apartment. He didn't feel like getting it, so he called for it.

What he didn't expect was the fact that his phone had been left open on the table beside the couch.

"Yeah, Hello, this is Ojiro Kazuma, I-" he said when the line immediately answered, but was cut short when he heard a voice calling from far away.

"Yes, I did as you told me, sir" he heard Ileana's voice on the other end.

"What in the world? Ileana?" he asked, but he didn't recieve an answer.

"Yes, I seduced him...Yes, it seems that he was in fact easy to deceive, after all, it seems that I was his 'dream girl', no?"

"Is she talking about me?"

"Mr. Ojiro, please, I have it all under control...now about the money you promised me-...Yes, it would've all worked out had he not thought about his stupid little wife..he would've been all over me by now..." she said.

"She was working for my father?" he closed the phone and punched the wall. "How could I have been so stupid?" Then he began to think about Fumino.

As he walked home that night, he didn't even want to face Fumino.

When he came home, she was smiling widely at him, a trusting look in her eyes that he had been working all night.

"Welcome back!" she smiled. He decided to play mean with her. Instead of smiling at her, he did it to Teppei. Instead of complimenting her, he did it to Teppei. All the love and affection he wanted to give to her, he used Teppei. It was as if he was basically stating, "I care for your brother, but you are no longer my concern". The pained expression she showed him every time he neglected her, only added to the burden in his chest.

Afterwards, he didn't expect Ileana to show up with his phone. "So, Kazuma, I think you've heard everything, didn't you?"

"I did" he answered, no emotion in his voice or his face.

"That doesn't mean that we can't have fun once in a while" she said as she curled her hands around his tie. "After all, you enjoyed 'that' didn't you?"

"No, I did not. If you've already recieved what you wanted, then there is no need for you to continue being here" he said as he removed her hand.

"Oh please, I-" he noticed she stared behind him to the door. The moment he was about to turn towards the door, she grabbed his face and kissed him as passionately as the night before. He didn't understand what was going on, until he heard a familiar voice ringing painfully in his ears.

"Sensei!" the moment he saw her face, he knew what she had seen.

End of Flashback

"I see...so that's how it was, huh?" Tomoyuki said as he handed another cup of tea (or at least reheated the old one).

"Thanks" Ojiro said as he stared at the cup again.

"You know, tea is for drinking, not looking" Tomoyuki hit him in the back and drank his cup in one gulp.

"I just don't know how to explain this to Fumino...after all, it doesn't seem like she'll be remembering any time soon about me...why try?"

"Because you want to set things right with her, Ojiro"

"Thank you, I don't know how I could ever apologize for the trouble my family has caused...and the suffering I have given her..."

Tomoyuki sighed and scratched the back of his head. "Well, I kinda understand what you're going through, but that doesn't mean that you're not sorry about what you've done and you realized your mistake before anything serious happened so...I forgive you...and I hope that my niece does too"

"Thank you-" Suddenly, Tomoyuki's phone rang.

He noticed it was Fumino and pressed the 'speaker' button so that Ojiro could hear her voice.

"Fumino, where are you we've been-" what he didn't expect was the scream on the other end.

"No, Kurosawa-kun stop! Let me go! Please! Someone help me!"

"I won't let you get away from me Kaji! You belong to me now!" Kurosawa's voice was heard on the other end of the line.

"NO!" she screamed.

Tomoyuki and Ojiro's faces fell.

Ojiro broke the cup of tea in his hand, whereas Tomoyuki broke the table instead.

"I'm going to search for her!" Kazuma stood up.

"I'll go with you-"

"No, stay here, we need someone to take care of Teppei meanwhile"

"Alright, but please bring her back, and Ojiro," he called out as Kazuma turned around, "Kill that guy for me, will you?"

"No prob" Hell's Maa-kun answered.

Meanwhile, Fumino was trapped in a closet. She refused to open the doors.

"Kaji, Open the damn door!" Kurosawa yelled from the other side.

"No!" she cried out, frightened at the brutality he was showing the door as he tried to open it.

How did this come to be? she thought as she remembered earlier's events.


"Wow, Kurosawa-kun's house is so big!" she smiled as she looked around his living room.

"Yeah, it ain't much but, hope you take it easy and rest" he took his jacket off, handed her a clean shirt he had and turned on the television.

The silence in a way was overbearing. She didn't even want to take a bath for fear that the silence would increase and the state of an awkward moment would remain, so she only took off her wet clothes and placed his shirt on top.

"Um...Kurosawa-kun," she said as she sat beside him.

"Hm?" he was too busy looking at the television to look at her. (She never knew that it was because she looked too damn sexy in his shirt that he didn't want to end up with a nosebleed).

"Um...what would you say if I told you that..."

"Told me what?"

Here goes... she thought, not being able to hold her tongue still from the truth that wanted to slip out from her.

"What would you say if I told you that...that...that I'm not a virgin anymore?"

At this, she heard the television turn off.

"What?" his voice didn't sound pleasant, but it didn't seem to point towards the 'not virgin' rather, it was searching for something else.

"Yes, what if I told you that I wasn't...well...a virgin anymore?"

He let his head fall back against the couch and turned to her. "I'm not necessarily bothered by the fact that you're not a virgin," he was getting dangerously close to her that she couldn't help but stand up. "All I want to know is, to whom?"

"To whom what?" she asked getting closer to the door, only to find it locked.

"To whom did you give your virginity?"

"To...To...To Ojiro-sensei" she answered, closing her eyes.

She could feel the room get tense and soon enough, he had her pinned against the table.

"You let that bastard touch you?"

"I'm sorry!"

"I won't ever forgive you for this! Do you hear me?" he was seriously pissed off. How could that guy still get ahead of him even though he had practically taken her away from him?

"I'm so sorry!" she cried out at him.

He pinned her arms against the table and began to pick his shirt above her, only far enough to where he could see her bellybutton.

"Unless you give me what you so willingly gave him...I'll forgive you"

The moment she saw him getting close to her stomach, she screamed, kicked his face and ran to the nearest open door.

She called her uncle, but left the speaker on when she began screaming and kicking Kurosawa, who was following her.

Fortunately, she found the bathroom unlocked and decided to hide there, while Kurosawa (and her phone) remained outside.

Leading to the current situation...

End of Flasback

She didn't know how, she didn't even want to know when, but he had managed to break the door, pull her out of the bathroom and currently had her tightly in his grasp.

"What are you doing, Kurosawa-kun? Let me go!" Fumino cried as he held her tightly by the arms, pushing her against the wall.

"Why did you let him make you yours! You kept on saying that you both had never done anything even though you were married!" Kurosawa yelled at her angrily.

"Y-You knew...You knew that I was married to him?"

"...Yes, I did. Everyone did!"

"Then why did you ask me to be your girlfriend if you knew that I was married to him?"

"Because I've always wanted you, when I first asked you out you quickly replied, 'sorry', only for me to realize that you had already been married to that stupid teacher-!"

"Don't speak about sensei that way!" she slapped him, suddenly, the pain in her head returned.

"Sensei...sensei...Kazuma!" she suddenly realized everything that had happened. "Y-You! Let me go this instant!" she yelled at him.

"So what? Just 'cause you remember you think I'll let you go?" he answered angrily. "No, Fumino, you've hurt me more than you could've ever bargained for and you will pay the consequences!" he pushed her harder against the wall and traced her neck with his fingers up until her lips.

"Sensei!..." she cried as she remembered everything, absolutely everything. How she hurt him, how she denied him, how she accepted Kurosawa, and how her husband made love to her...she was crumbling inside, filled with pain and sorrow. Everything was back and now, she was erasing him again, because of a stupid incident.

As Kurosawa was about to kiss her, she cried out one last time for her sole lover. "KAZUMA!"

"You called?" Kazuma's voice was behind Kurosawa-kun by now.

"You bastard, let go of my wife!" he punched Kurosawa, pushing him against the door and (eventually) breaking the door, along with Kurosawa's arm.

"Ah!" Kurosawa cried painfully.

"Let me teach you a lesson about messing with other peoples wives" Hell's Maa-kun smiled evily as he grabbed a nearby metal pole (A/n: I don't even know where he got it from) and was about to break him (and the pipe) in half, when Fumino stopped him.

"Please, please no more violence, Kazuma! Please!" she cried out as she hugged his stomach.

"F-Fumino? You remember?" he asked as he stared at her, unbelieving.

She could only nod.

He held her against him, stared at Kurosawa (moreover GLARING at him) and walked away with his wife in his hands.

Tomoyuki heard the phone ring.


"Hey, Tomoyuki, its Ojiro...just wanted to let you know that I rescued your niece and she'll be staying at our apartment"

"That's good," Tomo-kun sighed in relief, "And what about that bastard of Kurosawa?"

"He'll be feeling the pain early in the morning...in the hospital..." Ojiro emphasized.

"I see, so you nearly broke him, huh? Good" Tomoyuki's demon sighed appeared. "He didn't hurt her did he?"

"He was about to had I not stepped in to interrupt" Kazuma smiled.

"Well, then, I'll leave you to take care of her" Tomoyuki smiled and looked at the sleeping Teppei. I hope your sister has remembered and forgiven your Maa-kun, because they both deserve some happiness in their lives...

Then he turned to the picture of his deceased brother.

"Oh, Nii-san, did I do the right thing? Was letting Ojiro continue as a family member a right thing to do?" then he turned over to Teppei who was blissfully smiling.

"Maa-kun, Bun-chan was smiling today" the child mumbled in his sleep.

Then again, I'm like her dad, right, Nii-san? Is it okay if I make the decisions from now on?

As if by approval a paper star fell on his lap.

I'll take that as a yes, then...Tomoyuki smiled as he placed the star next to the picture.

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