Twinsanity Abounds Steph'n'Ollie Chapter 1 The Grangers

A/N: Hello people. Ollie here with my new friend Stephanie O. Steph has agreed to co-author this new story, with my assistance. Hope you enjoy it. In this story, Harry defeated Tom on 31 October, 1981, at the age of 15 months. This was due to the love of his mother, and ancient magic. When Tom died, so did all his Horcruxes. Harry never became a Horcrux. With that, let the twinsanity begin.


On September 17, 1979, a man was found pacing in a waiting room. He was there because his wife was giving birth to his first child, which would then be followed by his second child. Yes, she was delivering twins. They chose not to know the sex of the two, wishing it to be a surprise.

It had been an hour when he was allowed into the delivery room to be with his wife. The minute he stepped into the room, he wished he hadn't, as she started right up. "Daniel, if I live through this, so help me Hannah, you will never touch me again. ARRRGGGHHH! Please get this over with. Why does it have to hurt so darn much? Dan please hold my hand. I need to have you near me, so that I can get through this."

Dan knew he made a mistake the moment he took Jean's hand, as she crushed it in a vise-like grip. Now they were both sharing tears. Dan didn't think he would ever be able to use his hands again after this.

"Sweetheart, relax. You're crushing my hand. It will all be over soon."

"If you think that hurts, try pushing a watermelon out your nether regions. I never want to go through this again. You better hope this is worth it, because it is never happening again."

It took another four hours before Hermione Jean Granger made her appearance. Dan watched as her head and then the rest of her body finally emerged. She was beautiful. Light brown hair, fair skin, and so tiny.

Another 27 minutes, and Stephanie Olivia Granger joined her sister at her mother's side. Jean, though exhausted, looked down on them with pride. Her daughters were beautiful. She and Dan shared their thoughts on what they witnessed, the birth of their little girls.

October 31, 1980 found Dan and Jean back in the hospital once again, and once again Jean was delivering twins. This time they knew the sex of their babies, and had names picked out for them. The ordeal was easier this time for Jean, but, not by much. Dan once again had his hand crushed by his wife, but, two hours later, Abigail Lynn Granger took her place in her father's arms, while Jean went to work delivering her second child. It was soon after that Sara Jane Granger joined her sister at her mother's side. Jean took the opportunity to have her tubes tied while she had the chance. She and Dan wanted three children, and now had four. They wanted a boy, but, that was not to happen. Dan didn't want to risk having seven daughters, and become one of those guys whose life is run by eight hormone stressed females.

July 17, 1988. Having just got out of school, the four girls walked the two blocks to their parents' practice. Being dentists, Dan and Jean were able to send the girls to an all girl school, which made Dan feel safer. He did not like the idea of leaving his daughters alone at home, without supervision. He also liked the fact that there were no boys to chase off. His daughters were quite the charmers; all four he felt were very beautiful. He also wanted them to be in this environnment due to the strange things that they shared, that were quite unexplainable. Jean was also on this mind set. Having boys around might cause a reaction they wished to avoid.

All four of their daughters showed signs of having these strange abilities, like Hermione wanting something she couldn't reach, and it seemed to float to her. Or Stephanie, when she gets angry, things started to rise up in the air, and start to spin at an alarming rate of speed, only to end up back in their original position, safe and intact. Abigail had the ability to change her hair color, and anything else she wished to change about her appearance. Sara seemed to be able to talk to animals. Dan and Jean once found her outside holding a snake, and hissing at it. The snake seemed to understand this hissing, and performed a sort of dance for the little girl.

Although this worried their parents, it didn't seem to affect the children's behavior too much, except for Steph. They didn't want to anger her too often, but also did not want her to think she could get away with things because of her talent.

The four girls were approaching the entry to the dental practice when the door flew open, and the largest man they had ever seen emerged, holding the hand of an equally large boy of about 9 years old. Sara was pushed to the ground as the two walked out. Steph called to the two chubbers to get them to apologize to her sister. The adult turned to her and said. "You should be the ones to watch where you are going. Come, Dudders, we don't want to keep your Mum waiting because of the likes of these four."

Steph became angry, and the next thing they saw was Dudders grabbing his butt, when all of a sudden a bright pink tail popped into existence. The adult looked down at his son, and told him to move along, not noticing the tail that was now in place on his rear end. The four girls began to laugh as they entered their parents' office. Hermione, although laughing, admonished her sister for her deed. "Steph, you can't go around giving people tails because they are rude. How will they be able to explain what happened? I agree that they were very impolite, but still..."

"Oh Hermione, stow it. He got what he deserved. All they have to say is that it's a growth. Lighten up for goodness sake!"

Abby and Sara laughed at their older sisters as they argued. Although equally bright, they knew Steph had a very mischievous streak to her. She wasn't mean or hurtful, but she did like to prank people. Hermione was the studious one, always had her nose in a book. Abby was the chatty one, always wanting to talk to her sisters, or her parents. Sara was the playful one, always wanting to play - either with her sisters, or the friends she found outside, like the snake. She was also seen talking to cats, dogs, squirrels, and birds.

April 18, 1991, Saturday. After enjoying breakfast, the family was sitting in their family room, deciding what they would be doing for the day. It was 10 AM, and there was a knock on their front door. Dan answered it, and found a stern looking lady dressed in a tartan suit that looked entirely too warm to be comfortable. "May I help you Miss?"

"I believe it is I who will be helping you, Mr. Granger. My name is Minerva McGonagall, and I represent a school for the gifted. I was hoping to talk to you, your wife, and your four daughters?"

"How is it you know so much about my family, and we know nothing about you? I don't believe I like the idea of you knocking on my door, stating my name, and asking to speak to my wife and four daughters, having never seen you before in my life. Explain yourself to my liking, and I may consider letting you in."

"Mr. Granger, while it is quite understandable about your wanting to safeguard your family, I can assure you I bear you no harm. I know of your family because of the abilities your daughters have shown. Yes, I know of them. It is our business to know of them. If you will allow me to enter, I can tell you how we know, and why I am here."

Dan didn't know why exactly he let her in, but he did. The fact she knew of his girls' abilities took his thoughts to laboratories where they would run tests on them to find out where these traits came from. He would not let his girls become test rats for any government funded project.

"Miss McDougal, I don't know how you know what my girls can do, but, I can assure you, there is no way I will allow the government come and take them away from us. It's not going to happen. Not today. Not tomorrow, but never."

"Mr. Granger, my name, like I said, is McGonagall, not McDougal. I can assure you I do not work for the government, and will not take your girls by force. What I have to tell you will astound and amaze you, and may leave you thinking I'm slightly off. The fact is, your daughters are witches, just as I am."

Dan and Jean about blew it when this lady called their daughters witches. Minerva saw this coming, and pulled her wand, and silenced them. Dan was shocked when he tried talking, but nothing came out. Jean was in the same state.

Minerva continued, "Please forgive my rudeness, but I didn't think the girls needed to hear your comments, as they might have been a little too colorful. I did not mean to offend your girls by calling them witches; however, that IS what they are. Let me demonstrate what I am talking about." Minerva then took her wand, and changed a nearby candy dish into a cup and saucer. She passed it around to the family so that they could examine it. When she got it back, she changed it back into a candy dish, and set it back down. She then reached in her pocket and pulled out another wand, and asked for Hermione to take it. "Hermione, I want you to think of needing some light, and then I want you to say LUMOS, while holding the wand, OK?"

Hermione nodded her head, did what she was asked, and the tip of her wand glowed brightly. Her eyes got as big around as golf balls, as did the rest of her family's. Minerva then had her pass the wand to Stephanie, to do the same thing; she did, and got the same results. The same happened with Abby and Sara.

"Now, are you willing to listen to what I have to say, without yelling?"

Dan and Jean both nodded, and Minerva released the spell, allowing the two to speak. Dan started, "Why are you just now coming to us, letting us know about our girls?"

"There are two big reasons why now, and dozens more small ones. I will just concern you with the big ones. First, and you must never forget this, is the Magical Secret Act. A non-magical person can never find out your daughters are magical, unless they are already aware of the magical world. I can positively state there are no people you know who are aware of the magical world. Now the second reason is, the girls could not start school until they reach the age of 11. Hermione and Stephanie became 11 on their last birthday, did they not?" They nodded yes. "Abigail and Sara will turn 11 on their next birthday also, correct?" They also nodded. "Well, like I said, you have to be 11 when the school year starts, so Abigail and Sara will have to wait until next year to go. The school I am talking about is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is governed by the Ministry of Magic, and headed by Professor Albus Dumbledore. You have the right to refuse to send the girls, but I must warn you: should the girls perform magic in front of a Muggle, or non-magic person, they are subject to the laws of the magical world, and will be punished as such. With this being the case, as they grow older, their magic will grow; and without knowing how to control it, they will have many bouts of uncontrolled magic."

"So what you are saying is they need to go to this school in order to stay out of trouble?" Jean asked?

"In a sense, yes, but mostly to learn how to control their magic by using a wand, like the one I had them use. Uncontrolled magic could be very dangerous to anyone around them. While they are young, this magic is relatively weak, but as they grow older, it will become stronger, and will need to release itself. Like I said, the results could hurt, possibly kill another individual."

Jean gasped at this, and Dan felt he needed to ask another question, "So, there are more like my girls out there who pose a threat to humanity?"

"More than you realize."

"And they are offered this same opportunity to go to your school?"


"Are there other schools they could attend to get this same training?" asked Jean.

"Not in the UK. There are some on the Continent, like Beauxbatons and Durmstrang; but they mostly accept students from their area, and seldomly from here."

"Where is this school?"


"And what does it cost to go there?"

"5,000 pounds per student, per year. We have funding available to those who cannot afford this tuition. They will be housed there for the school year, with breaks on Christmas and Easter, plus the summer break in June. The school year starts on the first of September."

"How do we get them there? That is over 1000 kilometers away."

Minerva explained the train ride, the trip to Diagon Alley, the four houses; everything she felt they needed to know about the school. She then handed them the letters from Hogwarts and asked them to read them over; she would then be back the following weekend to see what they thought, and if needed, to take them to Diagon Alley for their needed supplies.

A week later found the family in the oddest place they had ever been, Diagon Alley. They were taken to Madam Malkins for their school robes, and the Apothecary for their potions needs, including their cauldrons. They were then asked if they wished a familiar, and Hermione got a huge bow-legged cat, which she named Crookshanks. Stephanie picked out an owl, a small Screech Owl she named Noisy. Sara, naturally, fell in love with both of the pets. Abby just stood off to the side, taking it all in. She couldn't wait until next year, when it was her turn to go.

The last stop was the wand shop. Ollivanders was, by far, the spookiest shop they stopped at; luckily, it only took about a half hour for the girls to finally have their wands in their possession.

With everything they needed, and didn't need, like ten other books for Hermione, including a huge tome titled Hogwarts a History; a few books for the girls who were being left behind; and a quick stop at the joke shop; they were finally ready to go home.

Hermione started right in reading the books for her first year studies. Steph and Sara played with the pets they got, and Abby sat and talked to Minerva about everything she could think of. Minerva was looking forward to having this young lady in her class.

Now all they had to do was wait one more month for the first of September. It was not a dull month, though. With the books, the animals, and the jokes, they kept themselves busy. The one thing they could not do, unfortunately, was use their wands which upset Hermione to no end, as she wished to test her skills after reading the books. She did, however, use her potions equipment, and was brewing minor potions before even starting school, and they all came out looking like they were supposed to.

Stephanie, on the other hand, was planning her time at Hogwarts in the endeavor of pulling pranks on her sister, and any friends she may gather. She, too, was looking forward to this new school year.