Twinsanity Abounds ~ Chapter 8 ~ Steph 'n Ollie

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With it already being November, the Granger girls decided it was high time to write home. They decided to divide and conquer, so Mia would write to their parents, and Steph would write to Abby and Sara (and tell them more about Hogwarts that wouldn't be contained in their parents' letter).

{Mia's letter}

Dear Mum and Dad,

School's been wonderful so far. We've been learning so much about the magical world, and it's amazing how much easier everyday tasks are when we can use magic.

We've been sorted into Gryffindor House, so everything in our tower is red and gold, and so cozy. During the evenings we hang out in the common room or our dormitory, and do our homework (usually essays), or play games.

Do you remember teaching us Crazy Eights, Hearts, and Go Fish when we were younger? Well, we play card games too – but these cards are liable to "go off" when you least expect it. Just the other day we were playing "Exploding Snap" and the cards just exploded in Steph's hands. Don't worry, she wasn't hurt at all, but she and Ginny did get covered in soot. It was quite funny to watch!

We've become friends with a large group of kids who are in first, second, or third year. Harry Potter was the first person we met on the Hogwarts Express. You probably haven't heard of him before, but he is quite famous in the wizarding world for defeating a really evil wizard when he was very young. Harry is so nice and polite, but is also quite the prankster, and extremely good at dueling. He's even helping us all to learn how to duel, and our scores in Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) are much better now, with his help. He's also such an amazing flyer, and made the house Quidditch team as a first year, which hasn't happened in 100 years!

We also met five siblings, the Weasleys. Every one of them has distinctive red hair! Charlie is in 3rd year, and is so cute, charming, and is very good with animals and at Quidditch. Fred and George are identical twins in 2nd year who finish each other's sentences, and are very talented at inventing things. Fred, especially, can always make me laugh, but they're both loads of fun to be around. Then comes Ginny and Ron, another set of twins in our year, but they are absolutely nothing alike! Steph and I have become best friends with Ginny, and she is so confident and adventurous! Of course, being the only girl of seven children would do that, I think. Ron, on the other hand, has a one-track mind – he's obsessed with Quidditch and is always hungry! He'd do much better on his studies if he spent as much time on his essays as he does reading about Quidditch scores!

We've all become a pretty tight group of friends, and love to spend our free time together and help each other with our studies. You'll be glad to know we're all making good marks in our classes, too. I still spend the most time on my studies, and love to spend quality time in the library! (Steph says, "No surprise there!") Maybe by the time we're finished at Hogwarts, I'll have read just a tenth of the books there? There's so much to learn, and not enough hours in the day!

We miss you all, but love being here at Hogwarts. Can't wait to see you all at the Christmas holidays!


Hermione & Steph

{Steph's letter}

Dear Abber and Sara,

Hello from Hogwarts! You guys are going to love it here next year! This castle is amazing…just picture hall after hall full of moving portraits that can talk to you, and lots of old statues and suits of armor! The first day of classes we actually had a bit of an adventure going to class, because the staircase we were on moved all of a sudden! But don't worry about getting lost – the people in the portraits and the ghosts are always happy to help out! The Gryffindors' ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, is especially nice, and when we told him about you two, he sent his greetings to you!

There are so many kids here, but everybody can do magic like we can, and we get to learn how to do new spells every day. We made friends with a really fun bunch of kids on the Hogwarts Express, and when you come next year I just know you'll fit right in with us! We've been coming up with quite a few pranks to play on our fellow students, and are even learning how to duel with our wands!

The first friend we made on the train was Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived! He's so nice, though, and has so many hilarious ideas for pranking! You'll be glad to know that my owl, Noisy, has even made a friend here at school, too! Harry has a snowy owl, named Hedwig, and they have almost always been together in the owlery. It seems she has taken our little Noisy under her wing! Ha ha

We also met 5 kids from the same family, and all of them have the reddest hair you've ever seen. The Weasleys also have two sets of twins in their family, just like us. We've been having so much fun with all of them: Charlie's 13, Fred/George are 12, and Ginny/Ron are 11, just like Harry. You'll really like Ginny – she's the only girl of 7 kids, so she knows how to be sneaky!

Sara, I just know you'll love getting to know all of the magical animals here at Hogwarts. The gamekeeper, Hagrid, will be able to "introduce" you to a lot of really neat animals, and maybe even a unicorn! If you spend time with Hagrid, you'll probably really get to know Charlie, because he spends most of his time outside with the animals. Maybe you'll be able to talk to them like you can talk to the animals around home?

Abs, I just know you're going to love exploring the castle, and checking out all the "secret" passages and nooks and crannies that make Hogwarts the cool place it is! Maybe you'll even find new secrets in the halls? (Mia says to just make sure you're back in the common room by curfew, but you know I just say to make sure you don't get caught! Ha ha.)

You'll get to learn to fly on broomsticks, and I know you'll be fascinated by Quidditch. It's a game that's played on broomsticks, way up in the air! I suppose soccer is the nearest muggle game that even comes remotely close to it, but really, it's up in the air…how similar could they be?

In the meantime, maybe you two can think up some new pranks for us all to do at Hogwarts next year? Until we see you at the Christmas hols, take care!


Steph & Mia

Noisy the owl flew all night to deliver the girls' letters home to the Granger household, much to their family's excitement. The remaining Grangers were sitting at breakfast when they heard tapping at the kitchen window. Sara was the first to jump up and open the latch to let Noisy in, exclaiming,

"Letters! We have letters from Mia and Steph!" After Abby relieved Noisy of her light burden, Sara offered her a sausage from breakfast and a drink of her juice. While Noisy rested on her perch that day, the twins (both sets) went to classes, and their parents saw patients at their dental office. That evening, they all composed their letters in reply.

{Abby & Sara's letter}

Dear Steph (& Mia),

Thanks for your cool letter! Now we can hardly wait to meet all your friends, and get to help pull some pranks at Hogwarts! You guys must have so much fun at school! We soooo wish we were there already! Hogwarts must be loads better than our boring school! We do have a prank idea for you, though – about a joke we just heard from one of our school chums (Gerald), about a toilet that sang, "Do you see what I see?" Do you think you could make a toilet sing that?

{Sara} I can't wait to meet Hagrid and some of the magical creatures – will you ask him to let me see a real unicorn?

{Abby} Secret passages? Oh wow, I'm there! You know how I love to explore! It must be an adventure going to class every day – do you talk to the people in the portraits on your way to class? Do the suits of armor ever move?

We miss you here at home, and can't wait to see you at Christmas hols! Will we get to meet your friends at King's Cross? They sound so cool!

Until then, your favorite sisters,

Abby & Sara

{Mr. & Mrs. Granger's letter}

Dear girls,

Hogwarts certainly sounds like an exciting place! We are happy to hear that you've made such good friends, and are doing well in your studies! We do hope you're being careful, though – exploding cards? It rather sounds like that could do serious harm, and wouldn't want those things to damage your eyes, or any other part of you.

Harry and the Weasley children sound very nice, and we're glad he's helping you learn to defend yourself, but we have to ask, exactly what is out there in your world that you need to know how to duel? Should we be concerned?

The library there sounds grand, Mia! You'll have to tell us all about it when you're home at Christmas. What is your favorite subject that you're studying?

Steph, we hope to hear all about this Quidditch sport. Do the players wear helmets? It sounds like quite a dangerous game! Is there a nurse on duty at your school? We are looking forward to hearing more about your classes when you're home!

Until then, study hard (you too, Steph!) and we'll be there to meet you at the train. If it's possible, we'd love to meet your friends too!

We miss you both, and are very proud of you! Please be careful at school!


Mum & Dad

With both letters complete, they tied them to Noisy's leg and sent her winging her way back to Hogwarts, carrying all of their love and wishes for their oldest girls and big sisters.


Remus and Severus were relaxing after the classes were through for the day. They were also going over the latest prank Harry did on Theodore Nott. "Sev, how the hell did he do it?" Remus shook his head in wonderment. "I have never seen anything like it before. He put a hole in the middle of his body, where you could put your head through the hole. Poppy examined him and couldn't find anything wrong, other than the hole. All body functions worked fine."

"Moony, believe me, if I knew how he did it, we would have used it when we were in school. I wouldn't even know where to begin on something like this. I swear, I wish I had him with us when we reigned supreme. Lily would turn over in her grave if she knew what Harry was capable of."

They continued like this for another ten minutes, when the floo activated, and Sirius came through waving a sheet of paper in front of him and ranting something about revenge.

Sev grabbed his arm, "Whoa there Pads, what's got your knickers in a twist?"

Pad looked at Sev, "How did you know I was wearing knickers?"

Remus busted out laughing, and Sev about lost it as well.

"What, I thought they felt nice when Harry switched them on us on the platform. The frilly ones cush my tush."

That ended it for Sev. He and Remus were rolling on the floor, crying from laughing so hard.

"OK. OK. Laugh it up, fur balls. I just wanted to let you know we have a serious problem on our hands.'

The two sat up, still laughing. "And what has girlie boy have to tell us that's so serious?"

"Someone sent me a letter, seeking revenge. He or she asked for you two specifically."

"Let me see that." Remus grabbed the letter out of Pads' hands.

Sirius Black:

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I certainly remember you.

I was the object of many of your harsh words, and even some of your pranks.

Being a member of the biggest pranking group of students ever known, you were the worst of the lot. The other members actually were kind to me, and asked for forgiveness because of your childish antics.

I know James died as did dear Lily - a tragedy there. She was so sweet, and he, though a member of the Marauders, was nice as well, as were Remus and Severus. How are they by the way?

Back to you. You made my time at Hogwarts seven years of hell.

It is now time for a little payback.

You'd best be looking over your shoulder, as you will never know when I might strike.

Revenge is sweet, and I have a large sweet tooth.

Be looking for me Black.

Enjoy your nightmares.

A. C.

"See what I mean? He or she is out to get us. I don't remember any A.C. from school. We need to do something."

Sev looked at Remus, then back to Sirius. "I didn't hear anything in there about seeking revenge on us. It sounded more like you."

Remus thought about it for a minute, "Pads, wasn't there a girl named Annabeth Codswallup whom you kept teasing about her looks? You even pranked her a few times. We tried to get her to understand that you were doing it on your own, and I think she finally figured it out. I believe she was friends with Lily too, if I remember correctly."

Severus nodded his head. "I think you're right, Moony. Didn't she have an acne problem that couldn't be cured? She tried everything. Lily even went to Slughorn to try and help her, but he didn't know what to do."

Sirius looked at his two friends, "So what are we going to do about it, guys?"

Remus looked at Sirius, "Not we, what are you going to do about it?"

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