Ok guys here's a very brief, quick update!

I've LOVED all the reviews I've gotten, and I'm sorry there hasn't been another chapter up yet, but the truth is...I have to fix the second chapter. But its not that big a fix but I've gotten into other fandoms and I actually forgot about this for a while but I WILL get back on this. Mainly because I have a possible sequel in mind ;P

Also, I have created a tumblr for it! I'll be posting concepts, asking things- and I will ask for feedback! I might post some little short bits from the story if I can! http:/space-warp-story(.) tumblr (.) com is the site! i've put up a couple thing already and im hoping to get more up soon!

Again, I'm REALLY sorry for the lack of any kind of updating at all, and I'll try to update soon!