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"Good Bye"

Two large men stood, both with huge swords to match, the steel stained with blood from many uses. Blood covered their bodies, though not a single wound was found. They looked at us with giant, sadistic grins, filling their faces. It was them. They were the ones.

"You... You two, you did this to our sensei?" Haru asked in a hiss.

"Ha ha, yeah kid. Takumi and I did this, piece of cake really."

"He he, don't be so full of yourself, Youta." the other man said.

Before they could laugh at one another with their proud work of slaughter, Haru dissapeared in a flash towards them with a kunai knife pulled out, eyes full of rage and movements of a killer.

"Haru, don't!" Yumi yelled. Kitsune's eyes were wide of shock after she saw her teammate going after two cold blooded killers. Youta's enormous arm sliced the air as it hit Haru in the abdomen, sending his helpless body through the air, crashing against a tree. He coughed up blood through the impact.

"Haru!" Kitsune screamed. Her head turned back to the men with a glare. They were laughing! She wasn't going to just sit there like a helpless duck as she witnessed her loved ones get hurt, she had to do something. Furiously, she slowly stood up.

"Please! Just leave..." Yumi managed to say. Kitsune ignored her sensei, as her glare locked on to the two men, then making a bolt towards them. As she tried to pull out her kunai knife, she was stopped by three shuriken piercing her throwing arm. As she gasped in pain, one of the men grabbed her by the throat.

"Gah!" she cried when his grip tightened. I'm going to die, she thought to herself.

"Let... Let her go, you bastard." A faint voice demanded. The man looked over my shoulder to see Kuromi, barely standing, wielding three shuriken. "Or I'll cut you into pieces!" He threatened through gritted teeth. Kitsune was stiff from fear now.

"Hmph! Takumi, take care of that brat, will ya?" Youta asked.

"N-no, Kuromi, please- ugh!" Kitsune tried to speak, but Youta's grip was even tighter. She was barely touching the ground now, her tiptoes brushing the ground. Without hesitation, Takumi made his way towards Kuromi, grinning the whole time. Kuromi raised his arms, ready to attack, when Takumi kicked him straight in the jaw, snapping the bones, his body crashed to the floor.

When Takumi was sure the boy would get up again, he relentlessly kicked him in the abdomen, causing Kuromi to yelp in pain. Unsatisfied, Takumi's enormous fingers wrapped around Kuromi's tiny head, picking his body off the ground, and threw him a good 10 feet away.

Still, Kuromi found the strength to stand, as proudly as he could. I am a Ninja, he thought to himself, I will not back down, not when my friends need me most. Standing there, he huffed violently, gasping for breath, while his right arm wrapped around his abdomen, pressing against his ribs. They were on fire and he leaned over slightly from the pain all over his body.

"Arh, persistent little punk, aren't you?" Takumi growled. He threw his fist towards Kuromi's chest. He blocked it in the palm of his left hand, but was left defenseless from the next punch, hitting the target of the right side of his chest, Kuromi leaned into the punch and groaned, but still, he stood. Takumi showed signs of boredom now.

"Fine, I'm going to make sure you never stand again!" Takumi announced. He grabbed his neck and lifted him off the ground. He smashed his body to the closest tree, and with his sadistic mind, decided that he didn't want Kuromi to ever touch the ground. Takumi pulled out several kunai and started to pin Kuromi to the tree, many kunai, limb by limb.

"Gggrrrllgg" Kuromi spat out, as blood poured out from his mouth.

"Still able to talk? Well, I can fix that." Takumi hissed. He pulled one of Kuromi's own kunai from his pouch, and without hesitation, stabbed Kuromi through the throat. Silence came after, there were no grunts, there were no cries, from the no longer Kuromi.

"Kuromi ... Kuromiiiii!" Kitsune choked, still on her tiptoes with Youta's grip.

"Oh shush you little vermin!" Youta ordered, and slammed her body to the ground, indenting her boy slightly in the earth.

Haru found his conscious again, and began to stand. Takumi caught him with his killer eyes, and started his way towards him. Kitsune knew what was coming next. She closed her eyes, not even able to move, her body was so sore, though she struggled to get up. She heard the blood curdling sounds of Haru's painful screams until she heard the crash. She opened her eyes again, and screamed as loud as she could, begging them to stop.

Haru's cries went silent, and she knew then, that he too, shared Kuromi's fate. She struggled again to get up. Slowly, she lifted her head. Not being able to bear the sight of her two friends in the state they were in, she wept.

They were gone. Dead. She would never see them again. Not even a good bye.

There was no good bye. No. But there was rage. Anger swelled up inside of her. She could feel that other "existence" inside of her, motivating her to do what she needed to do. She stood up, and turned slowly to face Youta. He flinched at the sight of her. The chakra she emitted from her body was visible, rolling off of her body like purple flames.

"You. Will. Pay." She hissed. She threw out her arm, commanding her chakra to do her bidding, as it cut through the air, slicing his neck diagonally in half. The rest of his neck ripped back as blood poured up and over the body, and fell back and onto the ground. She turned around and faced Takumi now. He looked surprised, however, he was not scared. I will change that, she told herself, in a way that wasn't even her.

She walked to him and he immediately pulled out his sword. He slashed the air and tried to end it with her body through his sword, but she quickly ducked and swiftly moved to his side and jabbed him four times in the ribs. He fell to one knee, and as she was about to finish the job with decapitation, she stopped, shook her head violently and flinched back. She fell to both knees, cradling her head in her hands. The visible chakra was gone. She was back.

Oh, what happened? she asked herself. Suddenly, she looked up at the man and gasped. He growled, and knocked her back with a kick. Her landing destination was now next to her half dead sensei. Kitsune looked over at Yumi. She tried sitting up, but Takumi was not going to let that happen, as he started kicking in her stomach many times, as she tried to catch her breath. Each kick made it harder to breath. Finally he stopped, and huffed at her.

"That's for killing my partner you bitch!" He wiped his forehead with his forearm. He looked over at the setting sun. "Well, I think it's time for me to leave." He looked at Kitsune's beaten body. "I know I won't be seeing you again." He said with a menacing grin filling his face. With that, he left the rotting village.

Kitsune started gasping for air as she was able to focus again. She hated the fact that he left her like this. Not because she was in excruciating pain, but because she knew what her fate was; she wasn't going to die. She only wished she would now. Looking over at Yumi, she tried not to cry, it wasn't going to help. Yumi is going to die...

"Ha ha... It's okay Kitsune. You will live." Yumi said with a smile on her face. "Unlike me... But because of Sarasa's chakra, it will heal you. Now, promise me you'll leave. Never come back here, got it?" Yumi said faintly. " And, take these too." She handed Kitsune the very fans she used in her battles. "Don't... Forget..." Before she could finish, her breath of life was swept away.

Kitsune wept. She wept until she couldn't bear the headache she had gotten from her aching heart. She didn't think she had any more tears to shed after her whole body had gone numb from laying there for hours. But the tears were just flowing.

Finally, she found the strength to stand up. She was still weak form the beating, but Yumi was correct; Sarasa's chakra was healing her body, slowly. She hated it.

She steadily made her way to the exit of her fallen home. The tears had stopped now, but she didn't dare look back, not wanting to weep any more. It wasn't going to change anything. It wasn't going to bring them back.

"Kit? Kitsune? What's wrong?" Sakura asked. She was in front of her now. "Yous just stopped suddenly. Is there something you saw?"

"O-oh, I'm sorry!" She panicked embarrassingly. "No, I just dazed out for a moment. Ah ha, ha." She looked around, to figure out where she had lead them as she was off in her own little world. She was relieved to see that it wasn't too bad, she knew where they were; almost to the village. She sighed and started walking.

Don't be so week this time, Kitsune, the voice said. You should be more worried about getting your revenge...

Kitsune squeezed her eyes closed. Go away, Sarasa. I can handle this...

"Are we... there... yet?" Naruto gasped in deep breaths, as he climbed his way to the top of the small mountain.

"Just behind the next mountain, Naruto." Kitsune answered. The snow was still here, but slowly melting. She sighed and continued up the mountain. There was a trail now, which made maneuvering the terrain easier. Finally at the top of the mountain trail, she gazed at her former home. She didn't take her eyes off of it as the other four came up the trail.

"Oh... my..." Sakura gasped with one hand over her mouth, looking at the demolished village. Naruto was speechless as he breathed heavy over the view. Sasuke knew all to well, the pain of losing a village and being the only survivor. Kakashi put his hand on Kitsune's shoulder out of sympathy. Kitsune looked at the ruins, and still teared up from the view, though it was not aflame at this time. Kitsune then had a thought. What was Kakashi doing here? Why had he come? Surely there were no survivor, so what point was there to come back here? She looked over her shoulder up at Kakashi in confusion.

"Alright, Spread out you three. We're scouting the area." Kakashi ordered. The three stood there for a moment, confused, but then quickly started moving. Kakashi moved out as well, towards the center back of the Village. She didn't really care what they were up to, as they were no threat to her. She knew what she was going to do while they were scouting the area. She walked over to Yumi's body and knelt down. The body was partly covered in snow and she did not bother to uncover it. She looked over at the trees where Haru and Kuromi had died.

"Ah, here it is." Kakashi said as he pulled out a light blue orb from the fallen debris in the Temple that lay near the back of the Village. He dusted it lightly.

"What that heck is it, Sensei?" Naruto asked walking into the temple with Sasuke and Sakura.

"This, Naruto, is what these people have been protecting since this village has been built. It's the Moonlight Life Crystal. It came from Lake Tsuki, from behind this village. It is said that there is a very powerful spirit that lyes dormant inside the lake, and that this very crystal is what is used to call upon it."

"Oh, I get it." Sakura said.

"Get what?" Naruto asked.

"We're suppose to make sure that the crystal is still safe, and not in the wrong hands, right Kakashi Sensei?" Sakura explained.

"Well, yes. However, it is still forbidden for it to leave this destination, so we cannot take it with us. You three go find Kitsune, while I... find a suitable place for the Crystal." Kakashi left and the three set out to look for Kitsune. They found her near the entrance of the Village, carving on a stone. There were two others. They were graves.

"Those for your comrades?" Sasuke asked. She looked up at him with soft eyes, then back to the graves.

"Yes. I thought I should bury them. I won't be coming back. She clenched her hand and then released it as she tied a black ribbon around her neck with a bell dangling from the middle.

"I won't lose anymore memories. And I won't forget you guys either." Sasuke stood nest to her and held out his hand.

"Come on, we're leaving now." He said as Kakashi walked into view. The mission was over. They were to return home, mission well done. But what was She suppose to do now? She no longer had a home... Again.

After this chapter, it will be Kitsune's Point Of View