My luminous arc chapter 1

Hi this is my first story so don't be too harsh. This is my form of the game so none of the real characters from any version of luminous arc will show up. Sorry and I will put up pics of the characters this story up somewhere. I don't how I just will. And I hope you don't mind misspelling cause I can't spell for crap. Anyway on with the story.

It all started when Jake age 16, lily age 15, and Ralf Jake's brother age 18 got a mission from queen Salight. A simple one. Little did they know that it would lead to something bigger. "Huwaaaaa I'm tired. Lets go home already." A girl named lily wined. She had short yellow hair, green eyes, and wore a brown short dress with long black stockings and a blue necklace around her neck. her spear on her back. "come on were almost done." Jake said. Jake had black hair and blue eyes. He wore a black shirt and blue pants with his sword on the side. "Will you two please shut up and help me lift this stupid thing. My arms gonna fall of!" Ralf said. Ralf had brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a red shirt and black pants. He had his giant sword on his back. They wear lifting boxes from town to the main castle a night. It doesn't seem dangerous but it was. My robbers come a night to rade the castle so no one came out at night.

"Hurry get to the gates!" random guard 1 shouted. "whats going on?" lily asked him. "Some one is trying to brake in and there not being quiet about it eather." he said. "Should we go?" lily asked Ralf. "its beater than siten around here!" Ralf said. "What do you think is going on?"the black haired boy asked. "i don't know but it sounds beater than lifting boxes." the brown haired boy said. a loud explosion was herd and the night sky was lit up with flames. They could hear the sounds of monsters and swords when Jake fist saw her.a girl on a giant red rose. She had green hair and her pink eyes wear glowing. Jake had to meet her and without thinking Jake ran into the fight. "JAKE!" lily yelled but was too late the boy was to far to hear her. Jake ran up to her and stared. "You w-whats your name?" Jake asked. the women stared at him. locking eyes with him for a long time. they wear both acting like the battle around them was not important. finally she said "ivory."and with that she disappeared in a storm of red rose petils. Jake laid there dumbfounded until lily came up to him and snapped him out of it. "hey you okay?" "yeah."he said still thinking about ivory. "all man we missed all the action!" Ralf wined.' i wonder what she was doing and why she was attacking the catle. who is she anyway?

a few days later ...

Life went on as usual. they had boring missions,practiced,and sleeped. At least until they were requested by the queen. lily was the first to hear this and went to get Jake and Ralf. "what do you think she wants?"lily asked nervously."i don't know but i it has to be important if she wants us in person."the black haired boy said."by the way were is ralf. wasn't he here a second ago?" "huh your right."she said as she looked looked around and saw ralf flirting with a girl."get away stupid pervert!"The girl yelled. "oh come on you know you like it." "hey ya dam prev get over here!"lily yelled angrily. "Alright alright I'm coming."Ralf said. they walked until they reached the main castle and heard loud laughing ahead."my queen you cant be serious sending those novelist knights on this you honestly think they can protect the Magi queen?"no doubt it was of the tree main knights."relic are you questioning my authority?"the queen asked. "wwhhhaaaa n-no i was just um trying to help you make the right decision." said relic "hm really ? oh well in that case thank you for your concern but i think i know what im doing." "um hello." lily said. "oh your here.i have a mission for you. i need you to protect someone from a witch." "really who and why?"lily asked."who the magi queen and why there's a witch trying to ... kill her." "what why!" lily asked."that is what i don't know but what i do know is that we cant let her." "well whats her name ?"Jake asked."ivory." she said and Jake froze.