notes : alright chapter three! so glade CST`s are over. no begging or anything but would like someone to tell me if this is good or not. oh and thanks ss samle or something ill try harder. (shows determination) alright time for story. writen on 4/26/11

the sun was just starting to come up. everyone was still sound asleep in they sleeping bags when suddenly a great gust of wind blew over them and woke them up."what was that!"lily said knowing the wind wasn't a natural occurrence. suddenly a tall man with light blue hair, red eyes, blue pants, and light blue short sleeve shirt aperred behind the wind. he helled blue and white fans. "Kati there you are!" he said."MAX!" Kati yelled as she jumped out of the bag she and lily were sleeping in and jumped into his arms. "max?" Ralf said quetionaly. "he's the guy that helped me get here. we met went i was held up by robbers-" "YOU WERE HELD UP BY ROBERS!"Ralf exclaimed. "Ralf its okay shes safe isn't she?" Jake said. "im not suprised by that. im surpised she needed help." Ralf said. "hey he interrupted me when i was about pull out my hammer." Kati said."anyway yhea hes a wind wizerd." "like Isaiah and Lesly?"lily said."yhea only Isaiah a water wiz and Lesly is a fire witch."Kati said. Jake shivered at the word witch as he remeberd ivory. he still dint know what to do about her. 'its better not to think about this now' Jake thought. "well ware are you guys heading?"max asked. "maji town" lily assured while looking at the map."but first we have to take Kati home." she finshed. "i don't WANNA!" Kati said. "alright you can stay with us until thing get too dangerous."Ralf said. "huh?" lily said."she proved she was strong by getting here. i think she deserves it." Ralf said. "but dint you come in our bag ?" Jake said "i fell out ."Kati said. " found you guys angin after all that then got back in." "ooohhhh " everyone said.

"maji town is very far form hear we should start walking'"lily said. "she's right or at lest thats what the wind is telling me." max said. "the wind tells you?" jake asked. " yhea the wind has a voce you know." max said." whate a mimute ... EVERYONE STOP WEAR IN DANGER ." max said as a bunch of monters aperred."RRRRRAAAAAHHHH"one yelled. then out of no ware some more came and atcked jake,ralf, and max from behind."ahh!" jake yelled while being takled to the ground. "JAKE!" lily yelled pulling out her spear ready to atack. "get ready kati!" said lily "right!" ""senergy!"" they both said. lily jumped up and kati graped her hammer tight and lily slashed at the enmey wile ktie smashed it. the monster quckly disaperd in tiny pixles. "thares too many we have to pull back!" lily said. "jalk dont be a wimp GET UP!" kati yelled. "im trying!" jake said. "come on hurry up" kati yelled as he scrambled to his feet. "lets get out of here."lily said. they ran in the dirction of maji the monsters still close behind."their still so close!" lily exclamined. " hold on i think i got an idea." max said. "here we go!" he said and with a wave of his fan a huge gust of formed into a tornado and blew the monsters away. "WHAT THE HELL!" lily yelled. "impresive right." max said. "no i mean what the hell why dint you do that earlyer." lily said irritated."oh ... i dont know." max said in a boring tone.

"what ever."lily said. "lrts get going." they started walking down the lush green path with lily holding the map. after 30 minutes of walking Kati finally said "are you sure you know ware wear going?" "of course."lily replied. " really?" Jake said while looking at the map."cause the maps upside down." "HUH ! coulda sworn i had it right." "maybe you should give it to me." Ralf said. "oh no your worse with maps than she is."Kati said."Jake you do it." "um ok." Jake said while taking the map." according to this we should be heading south." "and once wear thare well ask about ivory" lily said. Jake tensed. 'why does he do that every time he hears her name?' lily thought. " ivory?" Kati said. "she's the whitch who atanked the kingdom to find the ware abouts of the mage queen." Ralf explained. "you came with us and dint even know what the mission was?" lily said."yhey well bleh." kati said." im thirsty." "here." ralf said handing her the canting."thanks." kati said ."hey there something in hear." she said pulling out a peace of paper rold up and closed with a stamp with the sign of nature on it out of the bodel. "what is it?" lily asked.

notes: okay done whith chapter 3 yhaa. anyways clifhanger.