I'm not a great writer. I've always been bad at writing but I have a great imagination so I must try to write for the sake of my imagination. Thanks for reading and please be gentle when you review.

John walked down a dark street. He had been working late and was now heading home at 10 pm. The street was deserted. The only sounds that could be heard were the crickets. He quickened his pace. Being in the dark alone didn't scare John much but Sherlock might worry or worse get bored and blow more holes in the wall of their flat.

A black Mercedes pulled up beside John. The back window rolled down and Anthea ordered John to get in. The doctor ignored her demand and kept walking.

"John, there is no need to be suborn. It's not like you have much of a choice any way," Anthea said meaning to sound threatening but sounded more like stating a fact.

John decided to get in to the car figuring there was no use in ignoring the threat because honestly Mycroft could always send someone to drag him to their little secret meeting.

John got in to the car. Anthea was on her blackberry and didn't even look up. The car moved on. The ride took half an hour and in that time they all stayed in silence. The doctor made no attempt to flirt with the woman sitting next to him for last time it didn't work.

When the car stopped, Anthea stated the obvious and announced that they were at their final destination.

John got out of the car and shut the door and the car moved on elsewhere. The man looked up at the place he was at. It was a large, very fancy mansion. He walked to the door and knocked. He wasn't sure why he needed to knock, I mean if you're going to pull someone off the street you should have the courtesy to be ready for them.

The door opened and John was not at all surprised to see Mycroft answer. The older Holmes wore one of his regular expensive suits. John was surprised to see the other man didn't have his umbrella; this thought made him laugh.

"John, how nice of you to visit come in," Mycroft said in an unusual pleasant voice.

"That's funny because I wasn't planning on visiting you. In fact I'm pretty sure you pulled me off the street and brought me here," John spat in annoyance.

"Does it really matter how you came to visit, Now that you're here why not stay awhile?" Mycroft moved out of the way to let John walk through the doors. The blond was hesitant but went in anyway seeing it as his only option at this point. "Follow me," the tall man said walking up a large staircase.

John followed. He started to worry a little. Unsure about what would happen, he decided to keep his guard up. But really, this is Sherlock's brother. There was no reason for the eldest Holmes brother to hurt John. So, what was this all about? One thought kept going through John's mind with each second that past 'I sure hope Sherlock isn't blowing holes in the wall of the flat right now'.

Mycroft stopped at a door and opened it. Both men entered. The room was a very large bed room. It was extremely fancy. It was decorated in the plain colors of tan and white.

The door closed as John was looking around. The blond quickly turned toward the door to see Mycroft locking it. Panic and suspicion filled John.

"What the hell is going on here Mycroft?" The military man shouted and started to walk toward the door. The older Holmes swiftly ran toward John and hit him with enough power to force him backwards and on to the bed. Mycroft pinned John down.

Mycroft was stronger than John had originally thought. The shorter man struggled under the taller man's weight but it was no use. Reasons for what was happening were unclear but John had a pretty good idea of what may come although even now it seemed so unrealistic.

"Why are you doing this?" John managed to say after giving up his struggles.

"Sherlock is fond of you. I'm not too fond of the idea of you two being close. It almost seems like you two are brothers and I'm being thrown to the side," Mycroft explained.

"Why do this? Why not just talk it out?" John asked shocked by Mycroft's jealousy toward Sherlock and him.

"Sherlock hasn't had feelings for anyone but me, although after our rivalry started things have changed," Mycroft tightened his grip on John's wrists. "I prefer that Sherlock and I have a closer relationship than you and him. You'll be staying here from now on. I don't want you getting between my brother and I anymore." The older Holmes brought his face close to John's.

"What are you going to do to me?" John asked in an angry voice. He was getting tired of being held down and he wanted to get free and punch Mycroft in his bloody face.

"I think you already know that," Mycroft said, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."