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Sherlock lay on the sofa as usual with three nicotine patches on his arm. He needed to think. John was typing away on his laptop. He had no work today and taking a walk alone would be useless considering that Sherlock was still following him so being alone wouldn't work out.

They had been sitting around like this for a few hours and John felt the need to say something but then he remembered that sometimes Sherlock doesn't speak for days on end. But now wasn't the time for not talking, they are in a relationship, a relationship without sex. John was angry with himself he couldn't understand why he couldn't do it. Then he realized that maybe it was the fact that they didn't have any lubricant. He almost hit himself in the head; it must have been his doctor instincts holding him back from sex with his mate until the proper procedure for two men having sex was taken.

Sherlock's mind was elsewhere. He couldn't stop think of ways to distract John. There had to be some way to gets the doctor's mind off of what was bothering him in the bedroom. What Mycroft did will never be forgiven or forgotten if John can't have sex. Both men got up at the same time.

"I have to go somewhere," They announced in unison. Confused glances were exchanged.

"Where do you need to go?" Sherlock asked.

"I just remembered we're out of milk. Where are you going?" John didn't want to talk to Sherlock about buying lube. Without hesitation Sherlock answered.

"I have to go see someone."

"Who?" John asked wanting to know. Who did Sherlock have to visit on a Sunday?

"Not important," The detective answered rushing out the door while throwing his coat on. John grabbed his coat quickly and headed out the door as well.

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John walked in to a department store. There were lots of people there and he hoped he wouldn't be seen by anyone he knew while buying what he needed. The doctor walked around for a bit and finally came across lubricant that happened to be in a female section of the store. His face became slightly red but he held himself together. He quickly grabbed a tube of lube and got out of there.

Not watching where he was going he bumped in to someone dropping the object in his hand. He looked at the person he bumped in to and in mid 'sorry' he went silent. It was Mycroft and Anthea clinging to his arm. The older Holmes picked up the tube from the floor and looked at it.

"Sex tarts lube," he said reading the bottle. John's went blood red with embarrassment. "There is nothing to be embarrassed about John." He handed the tube to the shorter man who quickly grabbed it and hid it with his hands.

"It's not what you think," John was trying to explain as if being caught by his parents. Mycroft smiled.

"It is what I think and I'm sure you two will have a nice time. Just don't ride my brother to raw," Mycroft giggled and then something unexpected happened. John threw his fist in to the other man's face knocking him to the ground. Without a word and a still red face John quickly walked away. Anthea looked down at the man on the floor with a puzzled look.

"Hopefully, that will give him some closure." He stood up, his face bruised. He and Anthea then continued through the store together.

John left the store, feeling the most embarrassment he had ever felt in his life. He thought buying the lube would have been embarrassing but the male cashier hitting on him didn't make him feel any better. John clenched his slightly aching hand which brought an unexpected smile on his face. Punching Mycroft made him feel good though he didn't understand why he decided to smile and be happy to be happy. Now all the doctor had to do is present the tube to Sherlock tonight.

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As Sherlock walked to opposite way John was walking he thought about following him but then decided against it. He kept walking and then grabbed a taxi. The taxi made its way to the oldest Holmes's house and when it arrived Sherlock found his brother to not be home. He was really looking forward to yelling at his brother but since he wasn't home Sherlock decided to head home himself.

On his way home he looked at stores he was passing by until one caught his eye and he yelled out stop to the taxi driver who had jerked to a stop with surprise. The car behind them almost hit them but missed by a little.

"What was that for?" The driver complained. Sherlock just threw him some money and jumped out of the car. He ran right in to the candle store that caught his eye.

He searched the shelves looking for the right scent. Sherlock wanted the right fragrance for the bedroom but which one. He learned from television that candles can really set the mood. He looked desperately but he couldn't decide what scent John would like. A woman approached Sherlock from behind.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"Yes, what scent would be good for having sex?" He asked.

"Oh, um," She wasn't sure what to say. Sherlock waited for an answer until he realized they were just in awkward silence. He grabbed two different candles that he thought might work.

"Which one? Apple? Or cinnamon?" He asked showing the candles to the woman. She looked carefully and finally came up with an answer.

"I like cinnamon best."

"I'll take 20." He smiled. Sherlock bought the candles and headed home. He couldn't help but feel a little excited to show John what he got.

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Sherlock was the first to get home. Upon his return he flung off his coat and went to John's room. John entered the flat 20 minutes later.

"Sherlock?" John called.

"I'm in your room," Sherlock called back. John ran up to his room.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked before he found his room lit up with candles and the smell of cinnamon in the air. "What is going on?" John asked confused. Sherlock was lying on the bed and then quickly got up and embraced John in a hug. The doctor hugged back realizing the purpose of the candles. He then realized what was in his own hand and before getting a chance to explain before showing it to Sherlock it was too late. Sherlock pulled away from John and then grabbed to tube from him.

"Good work John," He said opening the tube and smelling it. John's cheeks went red but the room was to dim for the taller man to notice.

Sherlock kissed John and the other did the same. They made their way to John's bed still making out. They started to strip each other, their bodies rubbing together in heat. John was on top of Sherlock and took his own shirt off and returning to the taller man's lips. Sherlock rolled over on to John. Their bodies became warmer and warmer. John positioned himself while Sherlock put the lube on his hard on. The detective positioned himself. John didn't feel uncomfortable like before, he was ready.

"I'm ready," he said lustfully. With that Sherlock slid in to him and their relationship was consummated.

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