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Prologue : The End?

The sun was beginning to set along the horizon, painting the sky in bright colors or red, orange, and gold. Slowly, the brightest stars were beginning to shine throw the sunset. The mountain reflected the lights, basking everything around them in a strange golden color. The vegetation around the mountain side was slowly dying due to the lack of nutrition. It seems it has not rained for days. The loose soil gently blew away in the ever gentle breeze. It was quiet on the mountain. Too quiet.

The leader of the band of three, a spikey blonde with a quiet personality but a strong will and heart, slowly came to a stop at the edge of the wooden bridge that would lead him home. The other two, the fiery red head with a blunt attitude yet was always willing to help those in need and a jade color hair girl who always knew what to do or say in any situation stepped in front of the leader.

"Finally. Almost home. Dad will be happy to see us safe after the Grave Eclipse." Tyrell, the red headed boy said. Karis nodded in agreement. "It seems like it has been forever since we were last home. Unlike our parents, who were away from home for a year or so when they were out saving Weyard." Tyrell stretched and reached for the heavens before collapsing back down with a big sigh.

"Come one Matthew. Let's go home."

Matthew didn't budge. His stormy blue eyes were fixated on the horizon. Karis and Tyrell gave a confused looked. Karis waved her hand in front of Matthew's face. "Venus to Matthew. Is anyone there? What are you staring at?" She questioned. Once again, Matthew said nothing except slowly raced his hand and pointed upon the horizon. Karis and Tyrell followed his point only to stare in the same shock as Matthew.

A Psynergy vortex, a large one in fact, had made home above the small forest close to the cabin where Matthew and Tyrell's father called home. The vegetation surrounding the vortex was beginning to slowly die away. The areas closest were already dead.

Matthew didn't wait for the others to register what was exactly going on before taking off towards the cabin. Karis blinked as she spotted a blue blur run past her lavender eyes. "Matthew wait!" She exclaimed. Matthew didn't stop and kept going. Tyrell exchanged a worried look with Karis before taking off after him. They sprinted over the bridge and towards the cabin. The two nearly bumped into Matthew who was standing completely still, face white with shock.

The cabin was almost completely destroyed. Windows were busted and much of the roof was missing either burned or torn away. The front door hung on its last hinge. Matthew slowly took one step forward and then another till he was at the front door. He gently placed his gloved hand on the door before it completely fell off and banged on the still earth. Karis and Tyrell joined Matthew as they peered inside.

"Dad…? Isaac?" Tyrell quietly shouted. Nothing. Complete silence. Matthew stepped inside and walked down to where the study was once was. Books were scattered on the floor and the bookshelf was broken, books piled up by it. Papers littered the floor and table. Bits of glass were by the window. Karis headed downstairs to the bedroom while Tyrell wondered upstairs to the look out.

Matthew shuffled a bit between the study and the kitchen looking for any sign that life had been here recently, but he found none. He walked back into the study and stared at the disoriented papers. Karis was the first to rejoin him shaking her head slowly revealing she found nothing in the bedroom. She watched as Matthew flipped through paper after paper, book after book looking for some kind of answer. Tyrell joined them shortly.

"It doesn't look good. Most of the forest is gone. Mt. Aleph looks the same and I can't find Dad or Isaac anywhere." He stated watching with Karis as Matthew threw papers and books into the air in frustration. "I don't think they are here anymore." Karis noted. Tyrell only nodded in agreement, but Matthew continued his relentless search.

Karis sighed slightly before stepping forward and pulled some of the papers together. She knew Matthew was not going to stop till he found something that told them what had happened. Tyrell walked next to Karis and helped her.

After hours of shuffling and throwing things around, Matthew became still. Karis and Tyrell, who were reorganizing the bookshelf, stopped and watched Matthew.

Matthew walked over to where they were and handed them a single piece of paper. Karis took it and studied it for a moment. It was a tatter piece of paper, very wrinkly like someone had taken it from the scrap pile. It WAS from the scrap pile. She noticed a few markings that looked like Matthew's handwriting, but she dismissed it. Her attention was directed to the paragraph at the top.

It was Isaac's handwriting.

Jenna. If you are reading this, then that means this pigeon was able to reach you. A dark shadow has fallen on the cabin and dark creatures have been attacking. They seem weakest against fire, so I know you will be safe. This situation has gotten me worried. Matthew and the others still have not returned and I need to get to Mt. Aleph now. Something strange is going on over there and I need to investigate. It is time I try to make it over there despite the SoarWings. I know it is basically a suicide mission, but I cannot sit around and do nothing. Please be safe Jenna. I love you and Matthew more than anything.


Karis finished reading the letter out loud. They sat in silence for a moment. The sun had finally set and the moon was beginning to rise into the night sky. More stars had begun to shine brightly, casting a faint like into the disoriented cabin. The Psynergy vortex emitted an eerie purple glow and was slightly visible from the broken cabin window. Minutes ticked slowly by before someone finally broke the eerie silence.

"So what so we do? Should we try to find Isaac and Dad around the mountain by Mt. Aleph?" Tyrell questioned. Karis shook her head.

"No. It's far too dangerous. We don't know if something out there got Isaac, but if there is we would be walking straight into a trap." Karis countered.

"Something get Dad and Isaac? Karis, have you forgotten who they are? They are the Warriors of Vale! Nothing can hurt them!" Tyrell jumped up in pride.

"TYRELL! Just because they have faced evil and death in the face does not make them invincible! They are very human as you or I! Anything can happen to them!" Karis stood up to meet Tyrell's now angry gaze. "If something happened to them out there, then we are no match for it! We have to think of something else besides rushing off into danger! Don't you ever think with your head?"

"STOP!" Matthew shouted. Karis and Tyrell stared at him in shock. It was the first time they heard him talk in quite some time. Matthew stood up off the ground and brushed a bit of dirt off of his pants. He took the letter from Karis's clenched hands.

"This was for my mom, but it's here instead. Either she was here and left the letter or it was never sent to her. But Mom never leaves anything behind and second, it was buried in all these papers. Something happened to Dad." He explained. Karis thought about it for a moment. It was actually quite logical. Isaac was intending on sending this letter to Jenna before setting off towards Mt. Aleph, but something stopped him. She shuddered at the thought of something so powerful that it could take down the leader of the Warriors of Vale.

"So what do we do now Matthew?" She muttered in fear. Something was still out there. Their adventure never really ended at Apollo's lens, it truthfully only had begun.

Matthew didn't hesitate to answer. He folded the letter neatly and placed it in his pocket.

"We go to Kalay, Karis."

GASP! Isaac is missing! Oh no!

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