Nita walked down the stairs hesitantly, self-conscious in her outfit.

"Neets, is that you?" called her dad from the living room.

"Yes, daddy, it's me," she replied, walking over to the couch.

"Planning on going out again?"

"Yeah, with Kit."

"Mars again?" he asked wryly.

"Actually, no."

"Finally off the Mars bug, is he? It's about time."

"You could say that again," she said and smiled.

"So if not Mars," he said with a chuckle, "then where? Not Japan, I hope."

"No, daddy, we're going to be a bit closer to home."

"Ahh, swimming with S'ree?"

"No, not that either. No wizardry's involved." She smiled embarrassedly. "We're going to a restaurant in town."

At this Mr. Callahan finally turned away from the television and focused on his daughter. His eyes widened slightly and eyebrows rose.

She fingered her beaded top and looked down at her nice blue jeans, very aware of the blush spreading across her cheeks. A minute passed before she looked up again and met her father's twinkling eyes. "We're going on a date," she said shyly.

His smile widened. "Have fun," he said sagaciously.

She gave an apprehensive smile. "Thanks, daddy. See you later," she said and left.

As soon as the door clicked shut Mr. Callahan chuckled and shook his head. "It's about time," he said complacently.