There is "magic" in soul mates. Nothing in the world can keep them apart if they are determined. There is a pure unadulterated magic in such a bond. At their first acquaintance they will feel some kind of connection between them. They will feel as if they have met before, but can't put their fingers on when. When they depart each other's company they will feel as if they lost a small part of themselves, of their souls. This is because they are two parts of a whole. They are literally made for each other.

Soul mates rarely ever meet for there are often differences in location, age, and sometimes even species. In one instance it has been recently reported a member of the planet Earth and a member of Wellakh were found to be soul mates. Unfortunately, they were unaware of this. What's even more unfortunate is soon after meeting one of the two was violently forced to leave the universe. It is reported his partner is searching for him, but as of now, to no avail.

Nita stared at the page in her manual wide-eyed and in shock. She had been flipping through the book when the page had caught her eye. Whether it was a coincidence or some nudge from the Powers, Nita wasn't sure. All she could think now was that Dairine and Roshaun were soul mates.

"How is that possible?" she asked herself, stunned. Never in a million years would she have guessed… Actually, no. Thinking back now, the signs were there. The two were so much alike it was uncanny. They both had high opinions of themselves, but, Nita hated to admit, justly deserved for the most part. They were each responsible for an entire planet and its people. For Dairine it was Spot's world, Roshaun his home planet of which he was Sun Lord. They each had their share of shortcomings, but came handy in a crisis. Also, they couldn't bear to leave each other's company as was evidenced when they visited Roshaun's home planet together. In addition, it was quite obvious they had a strong bond whenever at home they would sneak off together and of course when Roshaun sacrificed himself to stop the Pullulus.

"This is really freaky," she said, still stunned by the discovery. "I've got to tell Kit."


Hmm? Nita?

Dairine and Roshaun are soul mates!

There was silence on his part. Then… What?

Look up "soul mates" in your manual, you'll see.

Nita felt his disbelief as he rifled through his pages. She sensed his concentration as he focused on the entry. An image came into her head of him sitting on his bed with the book, brow furrowed.

He sat quietly for a moment, letting the information soak in. Finally, he asked, Are you sure it's referring to Dairine and Roshaun?

Of course I am. Who else could it be?

You've got a point there, but we need to exhaust all other possibilities, first.

Okay, she agreed. So, recently, how many other people from Earth and Wellakh have become friends?

After a long silence Kit responded. You've got me there. So, it has to be referring to Dairine and Roshaun. Are you going to tell her?

I have to. I can't keep something like this from her. I'm only worried about how she's going to take the news.

I'm sure you'll find a way to break it to her gently.

That's the only problem. I'm not sure how to tell her that her best friend whom she just lost is really her soul mate.

Just tell her the truth. Show her the page in the manual. Dairine's resilient, she can take it. You Callahan girls are pretty tough.

Thanks. She chewed on her lip, apprehensive. I guess I should go.

Good luck. We can meet up later at Tom's and Carl's to tell them the news.

Okay. Bye, Kit.

See you later, Nita.