Harry Pirate

Lily gently placed the necklace on her child, his one-year-old emerald green eyes looking at her with a mixture of childhood innocence and curiosity. The necklace had a odd silver coin on it., but not the sickle that the wizarding world was so familiar with. It gleamed in the dim light of the nursery, and seemed to exude a certain power. There were odd, faced seals on both sides, and a whole punched in the top, making it perfect for the corded necklace she placed on Harry. As she was placing it, she sang a tune under her breath, making a plea to the sea goddess who gave her the coin, a plea to protect her child from the evil he was going to face.

"Yo ho, haul together, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die."

Since her family used to be sea traders, at least her older family was, they had always been told about the great adventures on the sea. Many stories told of magic, but none in her family really believed that until Lily found out she was a witch. After she learned that, she began researching all that she could about those old tales. One such that she found true led to a discovery that changed her view of the entire world. She had met with the sea goddess Calypso. She remembered the day well.


It had been a cold day in March when she stood shivering by the icy waters of the great lake. She had just preformed a ritual that was supposed to summon powerful magical creatures to your aid, but using her knowledge of ancient runes, charms, and arthimacy, was able to change it enough to try to call for a higher power. She wasn't really expecting it to work, and therefore was startled when hundreds of crabs crawled out of the lake and start to form a person. A woman specifically. She was even more shocked when the woman, who was now fully formed, stared at her for a full minute before saying, "Well? What did cha wan' me fer hun?"

Lily shook her head after a moment, trying to clear her head of the shock that had fogged her mind. Right, she had just somehow summoned a goddess. Put that on the list of "Successful projects Lily has been working on to show up all the stuck up pureblood wizards and brag to James about." Also on that list was finding a shorter title. Focus!

"Umm," she started, stuttering a little. I mean, she was talking to a real life goddess so she was understandably shaken. "Your name is Calypso, correct?" She asked, figuring to get that out of the way first. The woman's eyes lit up, apparently that had been the right thing to ask.

"Aye, tha' be one o' me many names darling, bu' I be lettin' ye call me by it." Lily nodded. Then tried to think of what to say. Struggling to think of what to ask a goddess, she just gave up and told her the truth.

"To be honest Calypso, I don't really have a need at the moment. I grew up on tales about the sea, and since you featured in many of them, I wanted to see if you were really real." Calypso's smile grew. The child grew up with tales about her? How pleasant. As was her name too, Lily. A flower that grew in the water.

"Well dearie, as ye can see, I be perfectly real." She twirled slightly, like a model, emphasizing her point. "But ye di' ca' 'pon a goddess, an' while I wa' mildly upset abou' that, being drawn away so fa' from me home, I suppose I can forgive ye. In fact, maybe I can be of some assistance to ye." She appeared deep in thought for a moment, her eyes clouding over, looking like the sky of a storm. She shook herself, and nodded. Reaching into a pocket in her dress, she pulled out a small silver coin and flicked it over to Lily. "You best keep tha' wit' you Lily. And remember, give it to the one whom needs it and when the moment comes, invoke my prayer, I shall aid the child." And with that, she gave a wicked grin and the crabs came out from her and went back into the lake.

End Flashback

Lily had woken up the next morning, wondering if it had all been a dream, but found the silver coin in one of her pockets. She had pondered the words Calypso had said, but only really understood them when Dumbledore told her and James the prophecy. Now, she was fulfilling the task Calypso had given her. When Voldemort came in, she had acted like nothing was wrong, so he wouldn't suspect anything, but was chanting the prayer under her breath as the banter continued.

"... Never say we die."

A green flash lit the Nursery, and Lily Potter fell to the floor, dead.

Voldemort turned to the now orphaned baby Potter in his crib, barely sparing the coin around his neck a glance, other than to shift his aim from the chest to the forehead. He didn't notice the slight blue that seemed to be in Harry's eyes, invading the green but not mixing with it, forming blue sparkles that shone in the right light. As Voldemort uttered the usually fatal words, a blue light shone between the wand and Harry, causing the green to flash back and strike Voldemort, scattering his soul while destroying his body.

Soon afterwards, a woman showed up in the nursery, looking down at baby Harry. She looked sad, but resigned. As she picked him up, she looked lovingly into his eyes, perfect examples of the sea themselves, and said softly. "Young'un, you would not be treated right anywhere here, at least, no place I can place ye at." She was deep in thought for a moment before she gave a sharp nod. "I'll send ye to a few people I can trust. It may be odd for you to come back when yer time comes, but ye'll be safe and happy til then." She gathered a few things from the house, and then vanished, baby Harry sleeping peacefully in her arms.

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