Foyle's War: The Invasion

This is the start of a series of A/U to the series "Foyle's War" from the Invasion to the Hide. There is no Edith Ashford or Anthrax (I'm skipping the episode "Bad Blood"). The premise is when Sam told Joe Farnetti that she has a boyfriend; she wasn't talking about Andrew Foyle.

I do not own any of the characters.

Chapter One—May, 1942

Samantha Stewart couldn't decide which donut to eat, and the young American private wasn't helping matters any.

"So I thought we go out to a movie sometimes," Private Joe Farnetti rambled on following Sam's every move.

Sam had never seen such a display of food since the beginning of the war that she was too overwhelm to pick any of the delicious pastries. Besides she wanted to get rid of Farnetti. She had some determined suitors before, but he was persistent.

"I have a boyfriend." Sam answered with firmness.

Before Joe could answer, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle came to collect his driver. Sam was disappointed that she couldn't eat anything, but in a way she was glad to get away from that forward Yank.

There was silence between Sam and her boss as she drove him back to Hastings. She had just told him that she ended things with Andrew. She didn't tell him the real reason, and Sam knew that Mr. Foyle will definitely not approve of her new romance. Foyle seemed satisfied with her answer that being apart from Andrew made her question the viability of her love for him.

She dropped Foyle off at his home. Sam returned the car to the station where Detective Sergeant Paul Milner waited for her.

"How was Mr. Foyle's lecture on British culture?" Milner grinned as he hooked his arm on Sam.

"Well I have to say that those Americans have only one thing in mind," Sam complained.

"Oh so I do have something in common with them after all." Milner joked.

"I think you are able to control yourself more than they can." Sam replied.

"Are you sure, Miss Stewart?"

They were now facing each other. Even in the dark, Sam could see the desire in her new boyfriend's eyes as he leaned to kiss her deeply on the lips. Her arms were around his neck, and she could feel his hands massaging her lower back.

"We can't do this Paul." She said breaking this kiss. "You are not yet divorce from Jane, and even when you are free from her, my father will never approve of you."

"I don't bloody care," Milner angrily said. "You are the first human being other than Mr. Foyle who didn't take pity on me when I lost my leg or treat me as if I'm no longer a full man. So we can't marry in a church. They do have registrar offices."

"What's wrong, Paul?" Sam knew it was more than Milner living in enforced chastity

"It looks like Will's death may have been murder." He admitted.

Sam remembered that Milner was investigating his friend Will Grayson's death. It sounded like Will just did not wake up in time to get away from the fire. Milner had a different scenario.

"I found a liquor bottle by his bed. You know that strong spirits are hard to get these days."

Sam nodded thinking of the time last August when Mr. Foyle treated both her and Milner to a drink at the hotel. It was before she realized that she loved Milner as more than a friend and colleague.

"I think the pub where we had our drinks have an illegal still in it."

"So he was poisoned."

"These stills don't produce the most quality moonshine, as our American friends call it."

"I'm sorry Paul."

"Of course I don't have proof. The pub owner isn't saying anything, and I am having a terrible time contacting the bar maid who works there."

"I bet the bar maid has something to do with it if it's true."

They walked to Sam's lodgings in silence. The tone became lighter hearted as they walked. It seemed Sam hit the jackpot of the case making Milner more determined to find Susan Davies. They stopped at her door with Milner leaning over to her.

"Are you sure I can't come in?"

"I have a dragon of a landlady." Sam answered with every determination to resist his seduction.

"You manage to keep Andrew Foyle for a whole weekend."

"She was visiting her daughter in Brighton, and Andrew was gentleman enough to sleep on the living room floor."

"Lucky Andrew," Milner said under his breath.

"I will see you tomorrow." Sam said giving him a quick kiss on the lips before going in.

She sighed as she closed the door. She looked over to the window by the door to see Milner leaving her house with a bit of a hang dog stance. Sam shook her head.

Why does she always enter in a romance where her boss would surely disapprove? She thought she loved Andrew because he was a Foyle and the fact she secretly found pilots fascinating even if she wanted to say they are the most arrogant of men.

Milner was different. She noticed the quiet sparks between them from the moment they met when he left the hospital with his crutches and his lower left leg missing, but he was married. As a vicar's daughter, she was well schooled in the sacredness of marriage.

Yet as time went on, Sam couldn't help noticed how unhappy he was. Meeting his wife a couple of times, Sam can understand why. Jane Milner had left her husband twice since he came home from Norway. First she stayed at her sister's for a couple of months. She came back, but a few months later she was back at her sister's this time permanently. Jane Milner has been away for over a year now.

Sam noticed her mail on the floor. She picked it up and saw that one of them was from Andrew. She sighed knowing Andrew probably read her break-up letter.

Dear Sam,

I am doing well and this place isn't so bad. I received your letter, and I fully understand why you broke up with me. I was going to write to you about the girl I met here, but obviously you beat me to the punch. Probably is better this way since you would have cursed me if I were the one who ended our romance.

I still do care about you Sam, and I hope you and this fellow would find happiness in each other.

Yours Sincerely,


It was short and sweet, Sam thought like most Andrew letters. She wondered if he wrote longer letters to his father, and that's why it takes Mr. Foyle months before receiving one. Maybe Andrew wrote to his father the anguish of having a "Dear John" letter, but Sam doesn't know how to tell her boss that the reason that she broke up with Andrew was that she fell in love with Sgt. Milner.

Speaking of Sgt. Milner, has he written to Jane yet? Milner was talking about filing for divorce despite the expense it might cause him. Sam didn't see why it should be so costly. There were no children, and basically Jane walked out of their house so Paul should get everything.

The only other way was to wait another year before the law automatically divorced the estranged couple. Sam knew about the Matrimonial Clauses Act of 1937 because her vicar father and uncles complain about giving "easy divorces", but Sam doesn't see why waiting three years constitute "easy divorce".

There was every possibility that Jane could come back and insert her rights as Paul's wife. Sam wanted to marry Paul as much as he wanted to marry her, but she knew that she had to leave him if that time comes. She might try to rebel against her vicarage upbringing, but she was a vicar's daughter through and through.