Hello everyone who is a gleek!

I'm planning to write a multi-chapter story about the 'next generation' of gleeks. In where the Glee club members from this year go searching for other teens who could be in the Glee club the next year.

And to have this story I need other characters! How would YOU like to be part of this story?

If you would like to be part of it, here's what you need to include in a REVIEW (It's easier to view):

Name: First (Middle?) Last


Height: Short, Average, Tall, or you can be specific!

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Description: What they would most likely wear, what they act like. Their personality. Just include anything in this.

I'm not a discriminating person so you can have your character be gay, bi, lesbian, I don't mind. It's your character, you get to choose!

I will choose the other characters I like. And, if I find a good character during the time I'm writing the story. I may just include them.

So just leave a review with all of the inform and I'll message you if I'm using your character!

I'll be posting the story when I get the first chapter up. I won't change this; it will stay here, they will be two different stories. Just check my profile to see if I've released the story.

You WILL own the character and I will list who owns each character in every chapter.

Thanks for reading!