Disclaimer: All characters are property of Saban Entertainment and are used only for non-profit purposes. Besides, they fucked up the only thing they had right in the first place...the Tommy/Kim relationship.

Author's Notes: This is my take on what would happen if Tommy and Kimberly met on different circumstances. Kim's three years younger than him, does Tommy still fall head-over-heals for her?

Rating: Currently unsure. How about we say R, just incase it gets alittle hot and heavy ^_^

Okay this is my take on what would happen if Tommy and Kim were about three years apart in high-school.

Rob-Sophmore (made up character)

I may do the whole Evil Green Ranger thing later, but for now this focuses on their social lives and how age makes a difference on how people react and treat each other. Obviously Tommy feels Kim is just a kid and that he's too old to be sociable with her.

Please review and tell me what you think. Oh and by the way: THIS IS NOT A TOMMY/KIM reunion fic, if you didn't already figure that out!