Disclaimer: All characters are property of Saban Entertainment and are used only for non-profit purposes. Besides, they fucked up the only thing they had right in the first place...the Tommy/Kim relationship.

Author's Notes: This is my take on what would happen if Tommy and Kimberly met on different circumstances. Kim's three years younger than him, does Tommy still fall head-over-heals for her?

Timeline:Right when Tommy arrives in Season I of MMPR

Rating: R for adult-language (including some four-letter words)

Music:The lyrics in this chapter are taken from "Respectable," by The Rolling Stones.

all of my love
by Sara

Well now we're respected in society
We don't worry about the things that we used to be
We're talking heroin with the president
Well it's a problem, sir, but it can't be bent
Uh yes!

Kimberly shuffled through some papers and jammed the rest in her locker. The halls were deserted because she had gotten there early to makeup a test. She was in the middle of her thoughts when a familiar voice interrupted them.

"Hey stranger." Kimberly looked up to see Skull. Of course he still wore black leather and earrings, but his manner was completely different. He seemed more reserved and quiet, which Kim admired.

She smiled, "hey Skull. What's up?" She went back to searching through the pile of paper in her hand.

"Not much. Do you need some help?" He realized had looked through the pile about three times.

"Oh, no. I found it!" She held it up triumphantly. She stuck the others in her knapsack and gave him her full attention. "So what's on your mind?"

"I've been thinking about what you said, last night. And I decided you're right. It's time for me to stop being an asshole and messing around-"

"Hey Skull, where have you been!" Bulk interrupted the conversation. He approached the two with his normal 'waddle-walk'.

"Around." He answered, simply shrugging his shoulders. "Why?"

"What are you doing hanging around Little-Miss-Groupie?" He queried pointing to Kim.

"Excuse me, I know you're not calling me a groupie!" Kimberly shouted.

"Everyone knows it Kim, you don't have to hide it. It's so obvious. At first everyone thought you'd be chasing Rob but you went after Tommy, which is understandable. " Kimberly shook her head, denying it. "We all saw the way you threw yourself at him last night. We all know you're trying to use him to get popular."

Well now you're a pillar of society
You don't worry about the things that you used to be
You're a rag-trade girl, you're the queen of porn
You're the easiest lay on the White House lawn
Get out of my life, don't come back
Get out of my life, don't come back

"What are you talking about? I don't need him, or anyone else for that matter, to get popular. I am popular." She was getting upset.

"Bulk, shut up." Skull stated trying to get him to stop.

"Why, you said the same thing last night!" Bulk exclaimed.

Kimberly looked at Skull who shook his head. She knew it was true, he had said that. "Skull!" She looked at him in disbelief.

"I'm sorry Kim, but that was before-" She took off before he could finish. Darting down the hallway until she reached the girls' bathroom. She opened the first stall-door which, luckily was unoccupied. Slamming the toilet seat-cover down, she sat.

^^What the hell was that about? I'm not using Tommy, I've said about three; sentences to him since we met yesterday! He's not even that popular.^^ She looked up and in red, permanent marker read:For a good time call Kim Hart---Slut Then there was some fake 1-900 number written under it.

She stared it for a good minute before fishing for her purse. She eventually pulled out her black eyeliner and savagely, scribbled it out. Getting frustrated she threw it down and put her head in her hands.

She's so respectable
She's so respectable
She's so delectable
She's so respectable
Get out of my life
Don't take my wife
Don't come back
Get out of my life
Don't take my wife
Don't come back
What I say!

Trini strained to hear the noise and slowly pushed the stall door open. She saw Kimberly sitting, with her head in her hands. ^^What the hell!^^

"Kim?" Trini said gently. Kimberly looked up at her friend. Trini had that pity-look in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"You didn't hear?" Kim questioned. "Everyone think I'm some kinda of sports-team groupie!"

"What are you talking about!?!?" Trini shouted.

"Bulk told me everything." She explained. "How everyone thinks I threw myself at the new guy, and that I'm trying use him to get popular."

"Nobody thinks that." Trini said shaking her head.

"What? But he said EVERYBODY thought that."

"When Bulk says everyone, it means him and Skull." Trini said in laughter.

"Are you serious?" Kimberly asked brightening up.

"I'm positive. But there is something going around, about what happened last night at the party."

Kimberly groaned loudly. "What is it?"

"Well," she said offering Kimberly her hand, "Zack, Jason, Billy, Tommy, and I were standing around about five minutes ago and Jake came up to Tommy. He goes, 'Hey Oliver, I heard you're a cradle-robber,' and gave Tommy a high-five. And Tommy smiled and shrugged saying, 'Hey what can I say, she's a good kisser.' 'No doubt, I bet that girl's a fox in bed!'."

"Then what did Tommy say!!!" She asked excitedly.

"He went, 'I wouldn't doubt it.'" Trini answered simply.

"Oh my God, he said that!?!?" She screamed. She grabbed Trini's hands and jumped up and down excitedly. She stopped to fix her hair and pull her skirt down. "So no one thinks I'm a slut?"

"No, no one except Bulk and Skull." Trini answered. Kimberly frowned at Skull's name. "What's wrong?"

"Then who wrote that?" She pointed to the message which her eyeliner was unable to conceal.

"Looks like Cindy's penmanship. I'll bet she was at the party last night and saw the whole thing." Trini said pulling out a red marker out of her purse. "I have art today." She explained when she received a confused look from Kim.

Kimberly nodded as she took the marker and scribbled out the message. ^^Of course, jealous bitch.^^ Cindy was pissed that Kim acquired the last open spot on the AGH gymnastics team. It was painfully obvious to everyone that Kim would make the team; she had been a gymnast since she was six. Kim sighed, "last night Skull was such a nice guy, and then I found out he thought that exact same thing that Bulk thought. And he lied right to my face about the whole thing. Worst of all I looked like a jack-ass standing there with my jaw all the way to the ground."

"Wait, he said that after he was nice to you?" Trini asked.

"I dunno when he said it, does it make a difference? What he said about me was horrible." She said hopping up onto the porcelain sink.

Tommy walked through the halls and caught sight of the person he was looking for. Skull stood against a locker, leaning his head against his arms. Tommy hated the way he always was chomping on gum with that dumb smirk on his face!

"Hey Skull! Can we talk?" Tommy asked plainly.

Skull looked up and realized Tommy was talking to him. ^^Oh God, pedophile at 12 o'clock.^^ "What's up?" He asked walking towards Tommy.

"Uh listen I heard about the incident with Kim and the whole groupie thing. Look, I don't know her that well but she seems like a nice, innocent girl," then he whispered into Skull's ear, "so if you fuck up her reputation, I'll fuck up your face." Then he smiled and patted Skull's chest, "got that?"

Skull nodded slowly and started chewing his gum again. Tommy smiled and then started to stalk away.

"Oh and one more thing," He said turning around.

"What's that?"

"Tell Bulk the same goes for him." Tommy said. ^^Asshole.^^

"Will do." ^^Prick.^^ He said as Tommy turned the corner. When Tommy was gone he rolled his eyes and decided to find Kim.

Study Hall, 8th Period

"Hey Billy, can I borrow your calculator?" Kim requested.

Billy nodded and pulled it out of his bag. She took it gratefully and focused all of her attention on the worksheet in front of her.

"Pppssst. Billy!" Called an annoying voice. Billy's head shot up and he looked around. He spotted Skull's face a few yards away. "Give this to Kimberly." He said handing Billy a folded note.

"Kim?" Kimberly looked at Billy. "From Skull," he explained, handing her the note.

She unfolded it: Kim, thanks for sending your thug after me, but you didn't let me explain. Kim stopped reading. ^^My thug?^^ She circled it and wrote:My thug? What are you talking about?

He wrote back:Tommy told me that if talk any smack about you, I'll be in trouble. He threatened to kick my ass.

She wrote back:Tommy, the new kid? I didn't tell him about it. ^^Trini must have said something to him.^^ She silently laughed. ^^And everyone thinks she's so quiet and innocent. If only they knew she was a bigger gossip than I am. Not to mention I caught her alone with Jason a week ago. I wonder exactly what I interrupted when I walked into her room.^^

Well, I wanted to tell you; I said those things about you before I got to know you. I admit, I thought you were shallow and stuck-up and of course Bulk and I made fun of you. We made fun of all the popular kids. But last night I realized I was just jealous that everybody liked you and I just wanted people to accept me. So I'm sorry.

Then I accept your apology. I'm sorry Tommy threatened you, I really didn't tell him about it. Honestly, I barely know the guy.

The bell rang and Skull put the note away and filed out of the classroom along with the other students.

Trini, Jason, Zack, and Tommy were standing near the water fountain talking. Kimberly approached them with a grim look. She walked up to them and pushed Tommy against the locker behind him.

"What the hell?" Jason asked.

"Kim, what the fuck!" Tommy cursed. She had him by the shirt and got in his face. Tommy could have easily gotten out but he decided to see where this was going.

"Kim what are you doing?" Zack asked. ^^Man what is going on between these two?^^

Kim ignored them. "I appreciate your help, but next time mind your own fucking business, I don't need you to protect me." It had only been the second time they had actually spoke to each other, they were almost complete strangers, yet the conversation wasn't going to be pretty.

Tommy laughed and forced her to let go of his shirt. ^^This girl's pretty sexy when she gets mad.^^ "I was trying to protect you. I just don't want people thinking that some little girl was trying to use me." He barked out at her.

That felt like a slap in the face for Kimberly. Tommy could see the hurt in her eyes and he immediately regretted what he said. "Fuck you." She simply said and then walked away with the same stone-face.

"Tommy don't you think that was a little harsh?" Zack asked.

Tommy paid little attention to them as he watched Kimberly away. He decided to go after her and try to make amends.

He entered the juice bar and saw her stretching near the balance-beam. Tommy looked her over head-to-toe for a good minute. ^^Damn! She's got a nice ass.^^ He realized that if she caught him it would be painfully obvious what he was doing. So instead of standing there, gawking, he decided to approach her.

He tapped her on the shoulder, "Kim?" She turned around and came face-to-face with him. "Look I'm really sorry about butting into your business, but it concerned me too." His mysterious eyes beamed back into her soft ones. She could see the pity in them.

She shrugged, "I guess I was kinda bitchy. I just felt bad for Skull, he was scared shitless when he told me." They both laughed. "So what exactly did you say to him?"

"Promise you won't get mad?" He asked. She nodded and smiled. He whispered, "I told him that if he fucked up your reputation, I'd fuck up his face."

"Ahh, so you're ones of those types." She said retrieving her gym bag from under the beam.

"What do you mean, 'one of those guys'?"

"The ones that think they can get everything they want through their strength and good looks." She said simply. It was obvious that she was teasing him.

"Well I usually do. Wait did you just say I was good-looking?" He said taking a step closer to her. Their faces were a few inches apart. Kimberly stopped laughing when she realized how close they were standing together.

She ignored his egotistical reply and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Anyway, thanks for defending a 'little girl' like me."

He grinned back. "Well I hate to see innocent girls corrupted." He said in a taunting tone. ^^Kido if you weren't three years younger than me, we could actually 'give it a go.'^^

"Well if I recall last night, you felt differently. In fact, I'd say you did alittle corrupting yourself." She raised her eyebrows as she spoke. ^^God he is so cute!^^ She adored his curly hair which he gelled back into a ponytail. Then the ends of his hair were covered in gel to control the waves.

Tommy felt a blush coming on. ^^Damn, where were you when I was in ninth-grade?^^ Instead of blushing he replied with a smart remark. "Hey I've never been one to pass up gifts." He said shrugging. She smiled. "By the way, what's your last name?"

"Hart." She replied simply walking away. ^^What the hell is he gonna do, look my name up in the phonebook.^^ "If you're trying to find my number, I'm sure it's written in the guys' bathroom." ^^Jocks are so full of themselves.^^

^^Tease.^^ "No actually, I think my dad knows your mom, he works for the Angel Grove Police Department. But thanks, I'll look for it next time I have to piss."

Kimberly felt stupid for suggesting such a stupid thing but it felt good to get to know him alittle better, since she knew absolutely nothing about him or his family.

"See you later." He said turning away.

"Hey by the way," she called. Tommy whirled around and she asked, "why'd you lie to me?"

"Come again?" Tommy asked. ^^Oh shit.^^

"Yesterday you said you had other plans but you showed up at the party with Zack and the others. Why did you lie to me?"

Notes: Will he lie? Wait and see! Oh and is everyone ready for evil Tommy? Well you better be! (It's all planned out **Laughs evilly**)