Central Characters: Light, L, Beyond Birthday, Mello and Matt

Rated M for profanity, sexual content (mostly yaoi later on), drugs and violence.

Warnings: Some OOC-ness at the beginning. Switches P.O.V's constantly between many of the characters; it's a writing style I particularly enjoy. There are a few chapters where I use first person as sort of experiment. First, you get a look into Light's head before his innocence is demolished and he becomes Kira, and then you get the comparison of Light's humanity to Beyond's own monstrous thoughts. It's a strange stylistic choice that you might criticize, but as I said, there are only a few chapters like it.

A/N: Most characters will make at least one appearance. There probably won't be a lot of OC's.
The "supernatural" aspect will linger throughout the story, but really start to appear in later chapters.
Also, this is a really short prologue. I deleted the original one...fml


Dreams of a utopia have been around as long as humans existed. One man, born under the red setting sun, took it upon himself to guide the world and transform it to an Eden. Without realizing, this man became the murderer he was trying to fight.

He reigned terror across the West, killing anyone he deemed undeserving of life.

Then, one day, love transformed him. The infamous mass murderer became the martyr of atonement.

This is the story of the man who discovered the Fountain-the very same Fountain that resides in the Valley of Light.