Summary: Bad guys? Homework? Track and Cheerleader Practice? Dormant Ninja Power? Dating? Naruto and Kim got it covered. Well, maybe...

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A/N: Chronologically this is the mission 13, but it was shown as Episode 1


Kim Possible strolled down the main hall of Middle High, searching for her best friend, one Naruto Stoppable. Stopping in front of his locker, she looked around the hall until she spotted the top of the trash can suddenly pop up, and it was attached to the top of the head of her missing best friend. The whisker marks on his face were thickened with eye-black, and he was dressed in camouflage fatigues while scanning around with a pair of binoculars.

Naruto the whipped a walkie-talkie out of nowhere, "Delta-Bravo, this is alpha-fox. Main hall is still clear, over!"

"That's big a 10-4 alpha-fox. Sending back Lieutenant-Alpha with the goods, over."

"Copy that, Delta-Bravo." replied Naruto.

Kim poked the top the trash can, "What are you doing, Naruto?"

Naruto waved her off, "KP, it's spirit week! You know what that means!"

The redhead face-palmed, "Not another prank war..."

A ceiling tile above them suddenly slid back and a small rope dropped down. A naked mole rat shimmied down the rope with a small bag of water balloons draped over his shoulder.

"Rufus! Nice!" exclaimed Naruto.

Kim sighed, "And you've got Rufus in on it too?"

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Big fun!" squeaked Rufus.

Naruto shrugged, "Rufus rules Kim. Rufus-

"Is the ultimate ninja pet. I know, I know." said Kim as she rolled her eyes.

"KP, you might wanna clear out of here in about ten minutes. KP? Kim? Kimmie? Kimmimaro? Pandaroo?" The redhead had completely frozen up with a goofy grin on her face. Naruto the turned see what could have possible captivated her attention so much, and found Josh Mankey hanging up a poster across the hall. The blond let out a sigh, "Sorry KP, but not even being your not-so-secret crush exempts him from the prank war."

When the blond turned back the redhead was already gone, somehow appearing by Josh's side in the blink of an eye.

"Kim is not a fangirl. Kim is not a fangirl. Kim is not a fangirl..." Naruto repeated the mantra over and over, hoping he could brainwash himself into actually believing it.

Across the hall, Josh felt someone come up behind him, but was too preoccupied with his poster, "Hey, what does this say to you?"

"Well-" began Kim only for Josh to cut her off as he turned around and realized who she was.

"Hey, you're Kim Possible right?"

"Yeah-" Josh cut her off again.

"I saw you on the news the other day. You saved that ambassador or something, right?"

"Yeah, it was no big." bashfully replied Kim.

"That was cool." he said with a smirk before walking away.

"Yeah, thanks. It was..." She then realized he was gone. "Bye!" she muttered weakly before turning and walking away.

Neither noticed the 'Spank Me!' sign now stuck to his back.

'His fangirls are gonna have a field day!' thought a snickering Naruto.

Naruto quickly stepped out of his trash can, now sporting an orange Denver Broncos t-shirt and a pair of black cargo shorts. Rufus hopped into his side pocket, as they joined Kim when she walked past them.

"I can't even form a sentence around Josh!" groaned Kim. "How am I going to ask him to Friday's dance?"

Naruto snorted, "Thanks for the heads up there, Kim. Might have been pretty awkward if you waited till the last minute to let me know I had to find my own date."

"Yeah, well I know we always have gone as friends. But thought I would be kind of nice if we could go with real dates this time, don't you think?" asked Kim.

"Not a big deal. A little heads up is all I was asking for. Though it'll be nice for some one else to get the space probe speech from your dad and the 'I can kill you and make it look like natural causes' look from your mom." Naruto and Rufus shivered at the thought.

"So, who are you going to ask?" questioned Kim with a sly smile.

Naruto shrugged, "Well, my dream date would be Bonnie, but I think I'll settle for Shego."

Kim punched him in the shoulder lightly while giggling, "Very funny, Naruto."

"You're right. I should go with both! We could double date with you and Mankey afterward!" declared Naruto.

Kim doubled over laughing.

Naruto frowned and adopted an annoyed tone, "Hey, I'm dead serious here."

Kim stopped laughing and turned to him with a look of horror.

Naruto burst out laughing, "Oh, I so had you!"

Kim pouted, "Not funny, Naruto!"

Her Kimmunicator then beeped.

"What up, Wade?" asked Kim.

"Meet me at your locker." replied Wade.

They quickly moved to her locker, where Kim rolled through the combination and opened the locker. Wade reappeared on the hidden computer screen.

"You guys won't believe the amount of hits the site has been getting! Everyone wants your help!" exclaimed the young genius.

Naruto started flipping through the mission print outs from the computer, "Find Tora, the lost Cat? There's already three of them for this week!"

Kim shivered at the thought of the little hellion, "Never again."

"Oh, is this Tokyo? Japan! Can somebody say Ramen time!" declared Naruto.

"Yeah!" squeaked Rufus as he high-fived Naruto and they started doing a victory dance.

"So, how soon can we get there?" asked Naruto, drooling at the thought of ramen.

Kim rolled her eyes, "Can we at least see what the mission is first, Wade?"

"Yeah, it appears to be an emergency. Here's the security footage." replied Wade.

It was short footage of a man with blue skin, swinging by a helicopter before it cut out.

"Rewind and freeze on that guy, Wade." commanded Kim. The video ended up freezing on an all to familiar face, "Dr. Drakken!"

Naruto let out a whistle, "Your arch nemesis."

Kim gave him a questioning look, "Don't you mean our arch nemesis?"

"No, just yours. Whenever we kick his butt he goes all, 'Kim Possible, you think you're all that, but you're not!' " replied Naruto, doing a dead on Drakken impersonation. "Plus, Shego hates your guts too. In fact, I don't think either of them know my name..."

Kim patted him on the shoulder, "Of course they do. Half the time it's you sprinting around pressing his self destruct button."

Naruto thumped his chest proudly, "I got mad track skills! Fasted man in Middleton!"

Kim sweat-dropped, "You need to stop listening to rap music, it rots your brain."

Naruto nodded, "Word, Kim. Word."

Kim shook her head as she closed the locker, "Whatever. Let's jet!"

"Did I hear Tokyo on a school night? Yes, I did dattebayo!" cheered Naruto.


Naruto let out a sigh of pleasure after taking a sip of his fruity drink with an umbrella leaning back into the seat of the private jet, "This is the life, dattebayo."

Rufus nodded in agreement, "Yep!"

Kim graciously thanked their ride, "Thanks for the lift, Britina."

"Kim, duh!" exclaimed Britina. "It's the least I could do after you saved my Chicago show."

Kim waved off her praise, "That little backstage fire? It was no big."

"For you, maybe." replied Britina. "It must be so awesome not be afraid of anything."

Kim shrugged, "Fearless, I am not."

"Ain't that the truth." mumbled Naruto. "Josh Mankey has her shaking in her boots."

"Ooohh! Crush story!" teased Britina.

"Naruto!" growled Kim, as she elbowed him in the gut.

"Hey, I'm just saying. For someone who has gone toe-to-toe to Shego during that time of the month, talking to a teenage boy should not be a problem." stated Naruto.

"I don't see you chatting it up all the time with cute girls at school." countered Kim.

"Hey, Bonnie is a hot teenage girl and I talk to her." responded Naruto.

Kim threw her hands up in frustration, "Naruto, you hate Bonnie. In fact, you hate Bonnie more than I do."

Naruto shrugged, "That's beside the point. I can still talk to her."

"So, not the same situation!" exclaimed Kim with a huff.

"Kim, I said you should go for it." advised Britina. "What's the worse than could happen?"

Kim had no response, slouching into her seat with a pouch

"So Britina, a lovely lady like yourself must get asked out all the time." casually stated Naruto.

Kim grimaced, 'Oh, no...'

"Yeah, it gets really annoying sometimes." groaned Britina. "Don't tell me-"

Naruto shook his head and raised his hands up in a placating manner, "No, nothing like that, just need to pick up a date to a school dance this Friday. Figured one of the coolest girls in the world could offer a few tips on how to not get shot down by a few high school girls."

Britina eyes lit up, "Where do I begin? This one guy once tried to..."

As Britina entered gossip mode and Naruto pulled a notepad out of nowhere and started taking notes, Kim let out a sigh of relief, 'Phew! For a second there, I thought he was going to ask her to the dance.'


"Japan! This place just calls out to me, dattebayo." declared Naruto as he took a big whiff of the air.

"Come on, Naruto. They're over here." said Kim as she dragged him over to the front of the orange building, where helicopters were still flying around it. A beautiful tall dark haired woman in a red dress stood waiting with a short balding man in a black suit.

"Thank you for coming Team Possible. I am Kyoko, translator for Nakasumi-san." greeted the woman.

"So, what's the sitch?" asked Kim.

"They have taken over our entire factory and our workers are trapped inside." informed Kyoko.

"How many?" asked Kim.

"Two." answered Kyoko.

"Hundred? Thousand?" questioned Naruto.

"No, just two." replied Kyoko. "This is the most state of the art, automated factory in the world."


Kim and Naruto slunk around the side of the building through the shadows before grappling up to the rooftop, Naruto nearly loosing his shirt in the process.

"Damn medium shirts..." grumbled Naruto.

"I told you to buy the smalls." chided Kim.

"Only guys with mega muscles wear smalls, Kim. If you ain't ripped like Brick, it ain't worth it." replied Naruto.

Kim rolled her eyes, "Whatever."

The two crawled across the roof until the reached the glass ceiling where they could peer inside.

"Why would Drakken break into a video game factory?" puzzled Kim.

"Kim, Kim, Kim, everyone knows that all of the top of the line technology gets funneled into video games!" scolded Naruto.

Kim gave him a blank look.

Naruto shrugged, "Hey, where do you think your brothers get their best scrap computer parts from?"

Rufus poked his head out of Naruto's pocket and nodded in agreement, "Uh-huh, Uh-huh."

"Tweebs..." muttered Kim with a smile as she shook her head.

"Yep, the next-gen graphics system Z-boy is what he's after." muttered Naruto before his eye's suddenly lit up. "He wants to take over World of Warcraft!"

Kim gave him a skeptical look, "I know Drakken. He wants to take over the real world."

"Well, I'd take over the World of Warcraft if I were in his shoes." grumbled Naruto.

Kim smirked, "And that would still make you a better super villain than Drakken."

The two teen heroes and naked mole rat discretely made their way down into the factory as Drakken and his henchman continued their work below. A henchman was stationed at all points of the factory's main assembly line, working hard to extract the desired pieces of technology.

"I'll free the hostages, you do what you do best." stated Kim.

"Drive the super villain insane? Oh, you know me too well!" said a grinning Naruto.

"Please and Thank you!" replied Kim as she discretely moved over towards the hostages.

As the heroes jumped into action, the assembly line progress monitors were already doing Naruto's job for him, "Konichiwa! Konichiwa! Konichiwa!..."

"Can't you shut that infernal thing off!" ranted Drakken.

The hostages shook their heads no, causing Drakken to growl in frustration and take it out on a henchman by kicking him in the rear.

"Put some greasy elbow into it!" The mad scientist nearly had a heart attack when Shego tapped him on the shoulder."Don't sneak up on me like that!"

Shego scoffed in defiance, "I wasn't sneaking."

Drakken wasn't buying it, "Ninjas make more noise than you Shego, quit it."

"Hey, is this thing on?" Naruto's voice called out as Seinfeld music started to play courtesy of the Kimmunicator. The monitors of the assembly line all cut out and zoomed in on a microphone.

"I know that voice..." mumbled Drakken.

Shego rolled her eyes in annoyance, "It's Kim Possible's lunatic sidekick."

Naruto's face came onto the screen, "So, what is the deal with KFC hot wings? They're not that hot, and they don't even give you a whole wing!"

Rufus mimicked the drum sound effects, "Ba-dum-ch!"

Kim shushed the hostages as she appeared behind them and cut them free with her laser lipstick.

"And what's the deal with Cheese Steak?" continued Naruto. "Is it cheese or it is a steak? Make up your mind people! I'll be here all night folks!"

"Booo!" shouted Shego.

"Yes, it's time for this comic to get ran off the stage!" proclaimed Drakken as the henchmen ran a forklift right through a stack of empty boxes and into Naruto's location only find the blond and mole rat nowhere to be found.

"You looking for us? You'll have to do better than that!" gloated Naruto from the rafters above.

"Yeah!" added Rufus.

"Too easy!" declared Shego as she fired a blast at him, forcing him to dive into a pile of boxes below.

"Naruto!" yelled Kim.

"Kim Possible!" exclaimed Drakken.

"Drakken!" yelled Shego, to stop him from going off on his usual rant.

Naruto emerged from the stack of boxes he dove into unscathed, "So Shego, you doing anything this Fri-"

"Naruto!" shouted Kim while giving him a look that said 'what the hell?' .

"Kidding! Kidding!" said Naruto as he raised his hands in placating matter. He then gave one last look at Shego, "Or was I?"

"I'd forgotten how annoying the sidekick was." grumbled Drakken.

"And, I'd forgotten how tiny your feet are. I must be really hard for you to pick up women." remarked Naruto, causing everyone else in the room to fight to hold back a snicker.

"Silence, Buffoon!" yelled Drakken.

"Na-Ru-To! That's my name. And anybody got a tictac for this guy!" joked Naruto.

"I seem to be at an dead end with this one, so I'll try over here." grumbled Drakken as he turned to Kim. "Kim Possible! You think you can thwart my plan!"

"Do not stop to tell her the plan." groaned Shego.

Drakken waved her off, "I've got this covered Shego."

"Every time you stop to announce 'the big plan', she wins." reminded Shego.

"Well..uh..gruh..I..Fine!" grumbled Drakken as he pulled out a remote and pressed the button. Several thick cables dropped down through the roof and the henchman all hooked them up to the factory equipment. The glass ceiling shattered, revealing a helicopter hovering above.

"Let's go!" commanded Shego.

She, Drakken, and the henchman all moved into the center of the room, as the helicopter yanked the assembly line right out of the floor. Drakken let loose with incessant maniacal laughter as they made their escape. Kim and Naruto could only watch, stunned as they flew away.

"So, no escape jet-packs?" asked Naruto.

Kim sighed, "No escape jet-packs."

Naruto nodded, "Huh. Should have taken the twins up on that offer then."


The next morning a slightly dejected Kim arrived at the breakfast table and sat down across from her father, who was reading the morning paper.

"I can't believe it! This mad scientist Drakken stole an entire factory!" exclaimed James. "It seems two workers were rescued by world famous teen heroes, Team Possible! Nice work, honey!"

"Sure, but Drakken still got away and we need to figure out his plan. Plus then there's the whole Josh thing." whined Kim.

"Who's this Josh? Another mad scientist?" her father asked.

"No, Dad. Josh is this cute guy I want to take to the dance." replied Kim.

James raised eyebrow as he pulled the paper down from his face, "I thought you and your friend Naruto went to those type of school functions together?"

"Yeah, but we decided we're too old for the whole friends thing anymore and to get real dates. Plus, Naruto is Naruto and Josh is a hottie!" exclaimed Kim.

James Possible almost swallowed his morning coffee down the wrong pipe before he quickly changed the subject, "Ahem! I wouldn't throw in the towel so soon with this Drakken thing. I think you should get right back on the case. And no more hottie talk at breakfast anymore."

"Who's a hottie?" asked Anne Possible as she made her way to the breakfast table.

"No more hottie talk, this is the breakfast table." warned James.

Kim ignored her father, "Josh Mankey."

"Ooh! Kim's got a boyfriend! Kim's got a boyfriend!" taunted Jim and Tim as they joined the table.

"Don't make me hurt you..." grumbled Kim.

Anne gave her sons a warning glare, "Eat your cereal boys."

"So, this Josh is cute?" asked Anne.

Kim sighed, "He's golden, Mom."

Anne turned to her husband, "Golden? That's good right?"

"Don't know, and don't want to know." replied James, directing his attention back to the paper.

Kim started rambling off Josh's good qualities, "Josh is just so cool, and smart, and talented, and kind of quiet..."

The rude slurping of Tim ruined her train of thought, "Excuse you! Your manners are just as bad as Naruto's..."

Jim and Tim high fived each other, "Awesome!"

Kim rolled her eyes, "That wasn't compliment..."

"You want to know what I think?" asked Tim.

Kim glared at him, "No."

He answered anyway, "You should just have Naruto do it for you. He's cool and he's not afraid to say anything to anybody."

"Plus, he can imitate pretty much anybody. He could even pretend to be you over the phone." added Jim.

James eyes narrowed, "Your principal has been getting anonymous voice mails..."

"Ugh...Gotta go!" exclaimed the twins as they vanished from the table.

Anne placed a comforting hand on her daughter's shoulder, "Asking out a boy is like diving into a really cold pool. Have a big breath, then take the plunge."


"Before this day is over, I'm going to ask Josh to the dance." declared Kim as she slammed her locker closed.

Naruto chuckled, "Yeah, good luck with that. You know I could grease the wheels for you, but you would have to owe me a favor."

Kim quickly weighed the value of getting caught up in another of her friend's pranks being worth going to the dance with Josh. She just as quickly dismissed it, "No, I have to do this myself."

Naruto nodded to Josh hanging up a poster across the hall, "Now is a good a time as any."

"You're right, wish me luck." Unfortunately for Kim, the bell the rang and a stampede of students herded across the hall, separating her from Josh. By the time they were gone, Josh was too.

Naruto chuckled and shook his head, "Better luck next time, KP."


Kim let out another sigh of frustration. Josh had been in the gym to hang a banner for the dance, but by the time they got around to taking a break during cheer practice, he had already finished and left. This was on top of the run in she had in with Bonnie before cheer practice.

"Let's take it from the top-" The redhead was cut off by the door to the gymnasium slamming open.

"Hey, Kim! Guess who just bested his own school 100-meter best record by a hundredth of second?" announced Naruto.

"Naruto..." as Kim shook her head at her friends interruption, some of her squad took the time ogle her best friend. The blond was only dressed in a pair of running shorts, running shoes, and a thin wife-beater undershirt.

"You know, he's not as muscular as the football players, but that track physique isn't bad."

"Just look at those abs..."

One brunette cheerleader eyes lit up at the chance to put her second least favorite person down a peg.

"Well, if isn't the number one idiot in Middleton. Shouldn't you be in a remedial class somewhere?" taunted Bonnie.

"Bonnie? Your parents still letting you out of your cage every morning to come to school, I see." retorted Naruto.

Bonnie scoffed, "I'm surprised the dead last of the school can actually speak in complete sentences. How you avoid the bottom of the food chain is beyond me, but you will always be the dumbest kid in school."

Naruto shrugged, "I can't compete with you, Bonnie. You're the queen."

"That's right." haughtily replied the brunette.

He continued, "You're the queen bit-"

"Naruto!" shouted Kim.

Naruto shrugged, "What? It's true. She's the queen bit-"

"Naruto!" shouted Kim again.

"Fine, fine." said Naruto giving in. 'She's the queen bitch!'

Kim smacked him upside the back of the head.

"Hey! I didn't say it!" grumbled Naruto.

Kim gave him a glare, "You thought it."

"But, I thought you hated her too..." groaned Naruto.

Kim shrugged, "Not as much as you."

"This must be that weird girl code where only a girl can call another girl that to her face, isn't it?" said Naruto.

"See, you're learning!" said Kim, patting him on the top of the head.

Naruto batted her hand away, "I am not a dog!"

"Yeah, more like a fox!" joked Kim.

"Yes! No, wait a minute-" The Kimmunicator cut him off.

"What's going on, Wade?" asked Kim.

"Hot tip on the Nakasumi heist! Can you cut practice?" asked Wade.

"Sure, we're on our way." replied Kim


The teen hero team had managed to navigate their way down a steep slope amidst the frigid conditions on their snowboards. They then progressed through a laser security field only for a clump of snow to fall off of Naruto's arm and trip the lasers. They ended getting dropped into the middle of Drakken's lair and were surrounded by henchman armed to the teeth.

"Oh, come on! That is so cheap!" groaned Naruto.

"Cheap, yeah!" agreed Rufus.

Kim glared at Naruto, "Ugh! I've never been captured that fast!"

"Don't look at me like that. You had snow on you too!" remarked Naruto. "Isn't getting inside the lair what we wanted to accomplish in the first place?"

"Don't mind me guys, I just like to watch!" declared Shego as she leaped on the narrow walkway hanging over the area.

Naruto grinned, "Oh, really! Well, then-"

Kim cut him off as she leaped across the lair and up to the walkway to engage Shego, "So, not the time Naruto!"

Naruto shrugged before smirking at the henchman surrounding him, "A hoard of henchman against little old me, I almost feel sorry for you guys. I was going to save this for Bonnie, but who am I to deny you gentleman?"

The henchman all stared at him like he was insane until he pulled on a gas mask and dropped two smoke bombs on the floor. Unfortunately for the henchman, only one of them was a smoke bomb. A terrible odor permeated the ground floor and the henchman all dropped like flies.

"Wade Load's patented stink formula. Never leave home without it!" declared Naruto as he pulled up his mask.

"P-U!" squeaked Rufus in agreement.

Kim wasn't having as successful a time with Shego. After dodging a few blows from the super powered villain, the redhead almost slipped off the walkway, barely managing to hang on with her hand.

"How's second place taste Kimmie!" taunted Shego, but Kim managed to flip her way back up onto the walkway.

"KP, duck!" shouted Naruto as he chucked a stink bomb. The redhead ducked and Shego got stink gassed right in the face with a full dose.

"Oh, man! What is that stench..." groaned Shego as she passed out from the stink.

Kim held her nose as she backed away from Shego, "I'm so glad we never went with Wade's fake lip gloss idea."

"Now where's twinkle toes..." questioned Naruto as Kim joined him back on the ground floor.

Right on cue Drakken descended down from above in a robotic pod, "Ah, my teenage foe and the other guy."

"I told ya Kim, your arch nemesis, not mine. Can't even remember my name!" grumbled Naruto. "And your take over the world plan stinks! Why take over the world, when you could conquer the World of Warcraft!"

"What is this Warcraft World that you speak of!" demanded Drakken.

Naruto's face fell and he let out a sigh, "There's just no hope for you, is there..."

"Your Warcraft World has nothing on this!" bellowed Drakken. "Watch as this state of the art assembly line becomes the ultimate robot warrior!"

"Dude, even a Warcraft noob could beat a piece of junk like this." flatly replied Naruto.

Rufus nodded in agreement, "Uh-huh. Uh-huh."

"So, not the time Naruto!" yelled Kim and she dragged them out of the way before Drakken trampled them in his robot.

Drakken then activated the robot's blasters, but Kim's acrobatics and Naruto's speed kept them out of harms way at every turn.

"Why'd they have to be a cheer leader and track star? If they were in the science club they'd be finished already!" complained Drakken.

Kim and Naruto both dove behind a giant crate, hiding from Drakken as Kim flipped on the Kimmunicator, "Wade, we've got a giant robot warrior on our hands."

"I've got the blueprints to the Nakasumi assembly line here." replied Wade. "Nakasumi installed an override into the machinery, if it worked for the assembly line it should work for the robot."

"Yeah, but where is it?" questioned Naruto.

"I'll find it, you keep him busy!" shouted Kim as he leaped from behind the crate.

"Kim Possible!" roared Drakken as he caught sight of her.

"Drakken, heads up!" yelled Naruto.

"What!" Foolishly turning the robot around, the viewing shield got blasted with water from Naruto holding a water hose, hindering his visibility.

"Bah! I forgot to install windshield wipers!" yelled Drakken as he started firing weapons in random directions, luckily managing to cut off Naruto's water supply.

"Where is that override?" questioned Kim as she climbed the back of the robot with suction cups.

A panel in front of her opened up to reveal security camera that she quickly punched offline.

"Get off my back!" bellowed Drakken as he raked across the back of the robot with the robot arms, missing Kim, but revealing the override console in the process.

"Good luck, Wade!" said Kim as she attached the Kimmunicator to the console.

As Wade struggled to crack the Nakasumi password, Naruto and Kim kept Drakken distracted. Naruto simply keep running back and forth, taking advantage of Drakken's poor aim while Kim leaped around the robot's body. Getting fed up with Naruto's taunts, Drakken turned his attentions to Kim, pinning her down with all the robot's blasters.

"I have you now, Kim Possible!" declared Draken.

"Yo! Blue boy! Heads up!" shouted Naruto.

"What!" Drakken instinctively turned this time to get a stink bomb right to the face, courtesy of Naruto as his shield was down.

"Ahh! The stench!" shrieked Drakken.

Naruto sped over to the unconscious henchmen and picked up a pair of their weapons before making his way back to the robot. Naruto stabbed each weapon into one of the feet of the robot. Kim leaped off the back of the robot, using her grappling hook to tangle up it's legs as she made her way down. Shego had regained consciousness and joined Drakken in the robot, but by now it was too late as Wade cracked the code and deactivated the Robot.

"Nooo!" screamed Drakken as the robot started to topple over. Realizing he was right in it's landing spot, Naruto leaped onto a nearby dolly and started scooting away. Seeing this, Kim tapped a button on the back of her gloves, and her shoes transformed into rocket skates. She zoomed across the room and gave Naruto the extra push to get out of the way as the robot collapsed behind them. The forms of Drakken and Shego could be seen barely hanging onto walkway above.

"You can remember this as the day that you almost crushed the fastest man from Middleton! Ha!" shouted Naruto.

As they turned to leave, Naruto suddenly paused, "I have the feeling we're forgetting something..."

"Kim Possible! You think you're all that, but you're not!" shouted Drakken.

Naruto pumped his fist, "There it is!"

Kim couldn't hold back her laughter anymore, "Let's get out of here."


The next day at school, Kim found herself in the same predicament she started the week in.

"Oh, Josh is coming! I don't know what to do!" panicked the red head, hid in the janitors closet.

"Kim, you so are going to owe me for this." groaned Naruto as walked over to talk to Josh at his locker.

"Wait, Naruto!" shouted Kim, but he was already gone.

"Yo, Mankey!" greeted Naruto.

"Naruto! I saw what you did to the biology lab the other day, nice work." said Josh with a chuckle.

"Yeah, that was pretty good." replied a grinning Naruto. "Just wait until I hit the Chem lab, it's going to be epic."

Josh smiled, "I bet."

"So, Josh, I here you've turned down all your date offers for the dance. What gives?" asked Naruto.

Josh shrugged, "I guess you could say, the right one hasn't asked yet. I wasn't really that interested in any of those girls."

"Could I interest you in a cute girl about this tall, red hair, top cheerleader, and just saved the world last night?" asked Naruto.

Josh gave him a puzzled look, "Kim? But, I thought you guys..."

Naruto shook his head, "Naw, we're just friends. But I have it on good authority that if you asked said girl to the dance, she say yes."

"Really?" questioned Josh.

Naruto scoffed, "Yes, really. Hey, is that Britina?"

Josh turned around, "Where?"

When he turned back around he found a stunned Kim in Naruto's place.

'I am going to kill Naruto...' thought Kim.

Josh looked around confused, "Kim? What happened to Naruto?"

Kim shrugged nervously, "I don't know?"

"Strange friend you got there. Cool, but strange." stated Josh.

Kim shrugged, "Tell me about it."

'Well here goes nothing...' thought Josh. "So, I was wondering about the dance this Friday..."

Outwardly Kim was maintaining her calm, but inwardly Kim was ecstatic, 'Naruto, you rock!'


"See, I told you my diabolical pranking mind could be put to good uses." said Naruto as he spied on Kim and Josh from the ceiling.

"Yeah, but now what are you going do for the dance?" asked Wade over the Kimmunicator.

Naruto gained a pensive look, "Funny thing, once Bonnie essentially outed Kim for liking Josh that put the Naruto on the open market. For some reason they all thought Kim had dibs on me. Which is weird because we're just friends. It's completely obvious."

Wade shook his head his obliviousness, "So, who are you going to the dance with?"

"Well, I never got to ask Shego, so one smoking hot Miss Amelia will be joining the Naruto!"

Wade's eyes nearly budged out of his sockets, "Amelia? Naruto shoots, he scores!"

"Yeah, I'm pretty awesome." added Naruto.

"She should probably lay off the Shego jokes, if Shego actually caught wind of you..." warned Wade.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at him, "Who said I was joking about Shego? If Kim wouldn't kill me for it, I'd so go there..."

Wade was stunned into silence.

"Not! Hahahaha!" laughed Naruto.

Wade shook his head, "You are the prank king, I should have known."

"Or would I?"

Would he? Who knows! That my friends, is the widely insane mind of one Naruto Stoppable!

So, essentially Naruto is in the KP universe. He grew up there as Kim's best friend. Ron still exists as Naruto's cousin, and he'll drop in from time to time to hang with Naruto. Naruto is currently unaware of his true heritage, that and how he came to this world as an infant will be revealed in time. Pairing may eventually be Naruto/Kim, but nothing is set in stone and they won't be getting together anytime soon, they don't see each other that way yet. So now that you've read, go ahead and review! Please? Don't make me have Kim do her puppy-dog pout!