My Own Love

Rating: M

When I looked into his eyes I knew that I found heaven and I would do anything to make sure that I never lost him. He was my world; he made me feel things that I have never felt before. When he smiled he would melt and break anyone's heart. Those beautiful green eyes were something that I loved to get lost in. Damon Salvatore is his name and I am his wife Caroline. We have been together since Tyler has left town. He was there for me when Matt found out the truth about me and what I am. He never once made me feel like I was an animal because I knew that he went through the same shit that I am going through. Stefan & Elaina never thought we would work out; they were always judging us and making sure that we were never alone.

I know that he is watching me and I love how I can feel him close to me and how he knows when to give me my space.

*Damon's p.o.v*

I am standing at the window watching my wife, yes I said wife, stare into outer space. I am one lucky man and I know this. Once I realized that I was in love with her; my brother Stefan freaked. He thought I would only use her like before, but what he didn't know what that I was truly, madly and deeply in love with her. I wanted what Stefan had with his soul mate and I knew that I would have it with Caroline. She is sexy, smart, funny and very caring. She is nothing like she was before she turned. Our wedding is what made Stefan shed a tear and that's when he knew that what we had is for real.