Contest entry for ILuvZarter's contest.

Chapter 1:

Carter held Zia close as they sat on the small sofa in Carter's bedroom. Carter's heart was racing as he breathed in her scent, she smelled like a sweet spice. He ran his hands through her medium length jet black hair, delighted at the feeling of it tickling his finger tips. He leaned his head forward breathing in her scent before capturing her mouth with his. She tasted like strawberries and mangoes.

He trembled slightly as Zia ran her soft hands down his chest.

"Are you sure?" Carter asked her softly.

Zia smiled gently, "Positive."

Carter kissed her and the rest, well the rest is just the start to a strange beginning.

3 weeks later

Zia paced around her room nervously. She had missed her period, she was nauseous, and she had a strong craving for pickles. She hated pickles!

"No, no, no. This can't be happening, I'm only 17!" Zia yelled to her empty bedroom. She sighed as she realized how foolish she looked, yelling at no one. She looked at the pregnancy test that was sitting on her night table, she was too afraid to see the results.

Zia reminisced about everything that had led up to this nervous ordeal. After finding Carter and Sadie a few years before and together defeating Apophis she had taken up residence at the Kane mansion with Carter, Sadie and Amos. Of course she fell for Carter, he was sweet, funny, determined, brave, a great kisser…

It would've been crazy had she not fallen for him. That's why that night three weeks ago was bound to happen. Amos had taken Sadie out for the day leaving her and Carter home alone. They had watched a few movies cuddling up on that wonderful sofa, no! That terrible, evil, and seductive sofa. Then she lost her virginity, but they had used protection. That was the only semblance of hope that kept her from going into full panic mode.

"I have to do this. I'm Zia, host of Nepthys. I've been chased by crazy magicians. I helped defeat Apophis. I can do this. I can do this," She repeated that a few times before picking up the stick. She dropped it after seeing the plus sign. She didn't know what she was going to do.