Chapter 2:

"Are you going to tell me why you've been avoiding me for the past month now?" Carter asked Zia as they stood in her bedroom at 1 AM in the morning. Zia had finally agreed to have a talk after a frustrating month of her avoiding him.

Every time he tried to talk to her something would suddenly come up. When he tried to kiss her she would pull away, at dinner time she was silent, on the way to school she was silent. Carter was worried, angry and frustrated at Zia. He didn't know if she was tired with him and had another guy, but he tried to ignore those thoughts. Zia was not the deceitful and lying type, at least that's what he kept trying to tell himself.

"Yes," Zia sighed and sat down on her bed staring at her hands, "I might as well tell you. I can't hide it from you forever."

"You're seeing another guy aren't you? You want to break up with me? Well I won't let you. I want to be with you Zia, I always have and I always will," There was no way his pride could handle her dumping him easily, he would fight for her.

Zia looked up at his distraught face, she looked confused.

"I know I'm not the coolest guy on the planet. I know I dress like an old man, and I know I'm stupid for giving up my powers as a host, but I won't lose you Zia. I can change if you want me to-"

"Stop," Zia interrupted.

"No Zia! You haven't let me speak for weeks. You need to understand that I lov-"

"I'm pregnant!" She screamed at him, "I'm not cheating on you, I never would. I'm 17, my family is dead, I'm in a foreign land, and I'm pregnant."

Carter's brain stopped processing, all he could hear was the word "pregnant" repeating endlessly in his mind. He didn't want to believe it, they had used protection. They had done what they were taught to do, but apparently Sex-Ed was just a boring class full of lies.

"B-but we, I…"

Zia continued to stare at him as she tried to study his reaction. Carter couldn't think in the suddenly growing smaller room, he had to get out somehow. The room was suffocating him. So he did what any scared, nervous kid would do and ran out of the room, ran out of the house, ran away from it all.

This chapter broke my heart to write. I was like, "Carter why you run away?" And he was like, "It makes for better drama." :P

Also FFnet is broken and I can't update my other two stories, so this story gets priority (at least until the bug is fixed).

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