Heart without a Home


Sam E. & Rachel B.

Summary: Sam is showing his girlfriend how much he really loves her. I borrowed this song from Nick Carter.

I don't own GLEE and if I did Lauren & Puck will be together all the time. I hope you all enjoy and any comments are welcomed… Thanks

It was a Friday and it was Glee practice when I saw the sexiest man I have ever seen walk into the classroom. I saw him carrying his guitar and I knew that he would be singing for us today and I can't wait to hear what he came up with. Sam looked around the room and when his eyes laid on me I saw his smirk that he flashes to all the ladies. He walked over to Mr. Schuester and asked if he could sing a song today before they got to their assignment.

Mr. Schuester said," Sam will be singing a song that he wants to share with us" and then he sat with the rest of the class.

Sam then picked up his guitar and sat on the stool and started to play. He sung it to her and while he sang he let his emotions come through with every word.

Girl I love to watch you
You're like candy to my eyes
Like a movie that you've seen
But you gotta watch just one more time
But that smile you're wearing
It's a beautiful disguise
It's just something you put on to hide the emptiness inside
And you seem so lonely

But you don't have to anymore..

If you're a heart without a home
Rebel without a cause
If you feel as though
You're always stranded on the shore
Like a thief in the night
Let me steal your heart away
Baby if for reasons, what you're looking for
I'll be yours

I'll be yours

You need a new sensation
One you never had before
I got a feeling if I gave you some
You'd probably want some more
Did you know that Baby
You're the bluebird in my sky
I only wanna make you happy cause
I love to see you fly

And if you feel lonely
You don't have to anymore


I'll be yours, I'll be yours

I'll be the raft in the tide
I'll be yours
I'll be the truth in the light
And what's more
When no one opens the door
I'll be the hope that you're looking for


I'll be yours...

Once he was done, he sat his guitar down and walked over to Rachel and he pulled her up. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. All the couples were hugging while they watched Sam express his true feelings to Rachel.

Rachel, " thank you and I love you.

Sam," I am glad that you liked it and I mean every word of it..

They kissed and Quinn was frowning the whole time because she was still secretly in love with him.