Please note: This is my first fic, period. I'm going to try and make it a good one, but please bear with me. Also, I have been influenced by other writers, and may use some of the same topics, but the plot ideas are all my own. -§teph

This story takes place after the first year of Eden Hall. They will have turned sixteen.

Charlie's POV

Alright, what next? Everything had been happening so fast. Every time I looked up, it seemed he was there…I couldn't help but smile, of course, every time. We'd been together for several years, and I couldn't imagine life without him. Don't judge me yet, because, I'm not totally dependent on him…well, okay, I am.

I, of course, wasn't complaining about him being around a lot…I wouldn't want it any other way. I thought things were going great! The night before, Adam and I had gone out. We'd acted like normal teenage friends, until the movie. It was great…really great. And, I hope you can tell that I'm not talking about the movie.


[-flashback ripple thingy-]

Adam and I walked into the theater. There weren't many people there, considering that it wasn't much of a movie, and it'd been around for a while. I felt kind of uptight being there when the lights were up, but Adam, being Adam, convinced me that once the lights were down, no one would care.

I'm glad I stayed. Once the lights dimmed, he looked at me, with a grin occupying the pallid area of his façade. Soon after, the lights went out altogether, and nothing was lighting the room accept the flickering glow of the movie screen. His face was illuminated for an instant, before the dark hues of the film set us both in obsidian once more. I leaned forward, well, sideways, and we had both obviously been thinking the same thought, because we bumped our heads against each other. I knew, by the hushed 'Ouch!' and 'Ow' that I heard in unison. Adam smiled, and so did I. I wasn't anxious or anything…not! I let him lead, he was the elder. Our kiss was tender, and it perplexed me. How could he play hockey, and be so gentle, and mellow, and, all-in-all, perfect? It was really mind reeling. I wondered if he thought the same thing. I couldn't expect him to, of course…I'm the thinker.

Later, my mom would ask me how the movie was. She thought we were going to see some thriller type thing. If you want the truth, I have no idea what we were going to see…I didn't watch any of it. Adam and I were enthralled with each other, and I was elated beyond comprehension.


It sounded funny, but that's what I called him. I knew he hated the nickname 'Cake Eater' but, Cakey was as good a nickname as any. And, he responded to it! That had sent me laughing hysterically the first time he'd actually answered to it.

"This is great…"


"Thanks for bringin' me…"

"No trouble…trust me."

I couldn't see his face, but if I could, I bet there was a devious grin there.

"Oh, and Charlie…" He spoke again.


"Next time…you're paying."

I laughed good-naturedly, we always took turns paying.

"Sure, Banksie."

The rest of the night was spent…well, you can imagine. Kind of how the first half was spent. I would always remember that fondly…

[-fades back into reality-]


It was hard to believe that our last date had been so soon. It felt like ages ago. People always said I was obsessive…Maybe I am. Adam never complained, of course, he never complains anyhow. We'd never really spent more than a few hours in each other's company at once. It got kind of awkward after that. I walked from my class, going to find Banks before lunch started.