A/N: I had this story on quizilla for like 3yrs and they are now hasseling me about my latest chap...So I've decided too post it here...I will post more of my chaps after I touch them up a bit. I do not own Kakuzu, Hidan or any other characters that are copyrighted...and some quick info my OC is Kaylee, she's 22 and blonde, a tomboy, she does and says dumb things, she gets into trouble with/out even trying and I love torturing her ...okay I'm done with the boring stuff enjoy this short prologue if ya can :A/N End

'Note to self never enter an alley when being chase especially if that ally is a dead end' Kaylee indicated to herself in notion. She was pitted between an old smelly dumpster and 3 furious 'scene' ladies with ponytails. Kaylee had no idea why they were furious with her. She had only ran pass them to get to the anime convention.

"Girl, you know how much these boots cost me?" the leader of the pack growled out pointing at her feet. Kaylee looks down at the girl's feet, the girl was wearing supposedly white boots but they were all brown and muddy.

'Oo yeah...ha-haa... The puddle I had jumped in as I passed them, I forgot about that.' Kaylee thought remembering what she had done.

"Well, are you gonna answer her bitch?" the lady on the right demanded bringing Kaylee back from her rumination.

'Did she just call me a female dog?' Kaylee thought surprised at the lady's choice of words.

"Umm, No I don't know, I have never bought a pair of snow boots in the middle of spring." Kaylee answered annoyed.

"Well, bitch for your information these boots cost me $300 and you're gonna pay." the leader said pointing at Kaylee.

"What? I am not paying you $300 for those ugly ass boots." Kaylee exclaimed, then jumped back to realized to what she had said she's go to learn how to keep her mouth shut. The leader narrowed her eyes at Kaylee then grinned.

"I've got other ways of making you pay." the leader said with an all-knowing mischievous smirk. Kaylee eyes widen 'what did I get myself into?' she asked herself. "Girls, you know what to do." she then snaps her fingers as if that were their queue. The two girls pulled Kaylee's hood over her face at the same time grabbing and tossing her into the dumpster. They were incredibility strong ladies to able to just toss her like that. Kaylee quickly removes her hood only for her face to turn green.

"Ewe" Kaylee cringed in disgust as she picked up a moldy-rotten banana peel from her lap and tosses it aside.

"Next time we meet I won't be so nice." The leader sneered peering into the dumpster down at Kaylee. Kaylee just glared up at her and the lady left.

"Next time we meet I won't be so nice." Kaylee mocked knowing the girl is long gone. "Sheesh and they called me a bitch." she said talking to herself. She tried getting out of the dumpster but failed a couple times because the garbage below her wasn't stabled. As she was half out of the dumpster, something hard slam against the dumpster causing Kaylee to fall back in. She let out a string a curse words before she had a feeling someone was looking at her. She looked up and saw a pair of magenta eyes peering down at her in the dump.