Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Belongs to Nickelodeon and Canadian Television. This takes place in Season 2 but not after a particular episode. This is David's perspective on Frank and why he never seemed bothered by Frank's attitude towards him even though they were supposed to be friends.

They all get mad when Frank makes another jab at me, but they don't get him. Not like I do. He's all talk. He wouldn't actually hurt anybody. He acts tough, but that's just to hide the pain. I can always tell when things have been bad-he gets more snappish. But he's always sorry about it. He doesn't mean half the things he says, and I get that. That's why all his remarks are aimed at me. Because he knows I won't take him seriously. He'd never tell the truth about what's happening, but I know it's killing him. He just doesn't know what to do. He's scared. He can see that he's losing his best friend and he's scared. He doesn't want to lose him. That's why I sponsored him to be part of the Midnight Society-so that he could take his mind off of everything that's been happening. And I know he's grateful…though he'd never say it. He comes here once a week and once week he can forget. He can act like everything's fine, that he's not dying inside. They don't know Frank like I do. They haven't seen him joking and laughing and having a good old time. They haven't seen him cry because he's just so scared because of what's going on. If they only knew what he was going through, they'd leave him alone, but they don't. Frank will never tell them, and I certainly won't. He told me what he did in confidence and I won't break it. But I'll be there for him. I'll listen to him and let him rant and rave, let him cry. I'll just be there for him, you know? Be a friend. Because that's what he needs: a friend. And I'll be here for him for as long as he needs me. I'll be here for him…and the others will never know the truth about what he's going through. They'll act like they know him, and they'll fight and argue with him, because that's he wants. He doesn't want pity or sympathy, or whatever. He just wants to forget. Even if it's just for one night a week. And I'll help him with that. As long as I'm around, they'll never know that he's scared to death of losing his brother.