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A harsh rain fell over Konoha. Roughly ninety percent of the village came for the mass funeral. Many sobs and whispers were heard in the open training field that held the Memorial Stone. Everyone felt sadness, anger, remorse and most of all guilt. The Memorial Stone was bigger than it was before, becoming twice as large to fit all the names of the deceased. Right beside the Memorial Stone was a darker, richer stone that held the names of the greatest heroes the village had ever produced.

The Senju brothers, Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze with Kushina Uzumaki/Namikaze and most recently Jiraiya the Toad Sage. But there was one other name.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

It was a huge shock to find the loudmouth, hyperactive blonde dead.

The boy give so much to the village even though they treated him like the Kyuubi sealed inside of him. Now that he was dead the village felt so empty without his presence constantly makking the people laugh with his schemes.

But unknown to the people this was a setup. After Naruto was told who his parents were he grew resentful of them. He hated his father Minato, the man that caused him hell and solitude. He had every right to be angry with him.

Tsunade was the one who told him about Minato and Kushina. Tsunade never felt so sad that Naruto requested to abandan his last name Uzumaki.

When Naruto was told about his parents he didn't talk to you. Every time he saw her his eyes would hold such a coldness it broke Tsunade's heart each day.

But last week Naruto decided to give Konoha one last prank.

A faked death.

Tsunade was all fanatical about it but Naruto said it all he deserved for being denied the normal he wished he had.

Tsunade complied but grew sad knowing Naruto would never forgive her or the village.

The plan was something. Naruto would died of using Kyuubi's chakra, the chakra mixed with yokai would caused his life to shorted drastically causing a heart attack. Tsunade tried to save him but the yokai knocked her out. Waking up she saw Naruto dead and sprawled up on the floor.

When she broke the news to the Konoha Twelve (Sasuke and Taka are alive and allied with Konoha as of right now) were in tears. Especially Hinata.

The girl never felt so heart broken. She thought it was her faught Naruto died because he used the Kyuubi's chakra to avenge her.

She was going to commit suicide if Kurenai and the others didn't stop her.

Sasuke and Sakura were the ones that felt guilty the most.

Sasuke because of his clans history with revenge.

Sakura because of her so called 'love' for Sasuke.

The Konoha twelve felt so dead right now.

The bell rang signaling the start of the funeral.

Tsunade stepped up and cleared her throat.

"We are all here today to honour the death of Konoha's most bravest ninja Naruto Uzumaki." Everyone bowed their heads down in respect.

"He was a lucky, loudmouth that always spoke with a voice full of pure heart and courage." Tsunade wiped away her tears.

"But he was the best ninja this village had ever had, even though we treated him like trash"

The villagers cried in guilt and shame as Tsunade continued.

"Naruto to me was like a brother or even the son I never had. I wish he was alive for one day so I could tell him about how much he meant to me."

Everyone was crying now.

"Even though he suffered the worst kind of hell the world has ever known, Naruto was live on in our hearts."

Tsunade looked up towards the black sky and sighed.

"Please step up and pay your respects."

Tsunade walked off the stage and walked to a table grabbing a cup of sake she drowned in her sorrow. Shizune didn't try to reprimand her this time as she grabbed a cup and drank with her, crying for the loss of her otoutou (little brother).

Hinata walked towards the casket with Kurenai in tow as she cried. She placed a hand on his face she cried.

"Naruto-kun why did you die? I was going to finally tell you about how much you mean to you but now you're gone. I don't know what to do anymore.

Hinata cried as Kurenai tried to consol to her.

But before Kurenai could say anything a loud roar crashed the room.

A voice spoke out to her.

"Don't move you're in danger"

A white haired kid in black robes appeared in front of her wielding a sword too large for him as he charged.

In a second the beast was slay dissipearing in a red flash.

Naruto who was hiding in the shadows grew angry.

"How dare those assholes come in hereand reck my funeral?"

But Naruto didn't felt to angry he was happy.

Happy because the village was getting what it deserved.

But seeing Hinata scared made him pissed.

Do you want to save that girl.

Naruto nodded.

Then hear my name and you can save her.

"What's the catch" Naruto asked.

Tch no catch just hear me out my name is..

Naruto opened his eyes and screamed out.

"Rule the darkened skies with fierce thunder, Let the darkness be the sword of fate, Destroy Onigetsu no O!(King Demon Moon).

"Destroy everything with darkness, Let the waves of destiny ride in a flash of steel, Devastate Ryujin no Yami (Dragon God of Darkness).

In a flash Naruto appeared holding Hinata in his arms.

Hinata opened her eyes not believing what she saw.

'Is Naruto-kun really alive?'

Naruto looked at the girl in his arms.

"Sorry Hinata-chan but I going to leave this hell hole"

But before Naruto could say anymore he felt himself feeling sick.

'Shit Kyuubi is not responding and my swords are glowing black this is gonna hurt"

Naruto kneeled over spitting blood and water as Hinata held him.

The white haired was done with the last monster and walked up to them.

Hinata seeing the sword in his hands quickly drew chakra in her hands.

"Relax my name is Toshiro Hitsuguya and I'm a shinigami"

Hinata blinked. "Shinigami? I thought they were just legends"

"The guy in your arms is gonna die if you don't give him to me."

Hinata looked at Naruto and growled.

"If you hurt him"

"Don't worry I won't"

Toshiro grabbed his cellphone and called for backup.

"Hello this it Hitsuguya-Taicho and we had a emergency. A live human being with monstrous reitsu is dying we need a medical team stack"

As Toshiro was talking a busty blonde appeared.

"Taicho all the hollows have been taken cared of of."

"Nice standby and watch the blonde he needs medical attention."

"Roger that."

A minute later two men in black robes came through a gate and put Naruto on a stretcher. Hinata could only watch her love dissipeared.

Naruto woke up and groaned.

'What the hell happen I feel like shit'

He looked around and found he was in a white room with a window.

'Great a hospital, I hate hospitals'

Just as he about to go grab some clothes a silvered hair woman came in.

If Naruto had to guess she was around the same age as Shizune, as she tall and a bit cute in his opionion.

"So you're awake, how do you feel?"

"A bit tired but I'll manage"

The silver haired woman grinned.

"Well that's good but I have to take some tests you are still recovering"

Naruto nodded as she checked up on him.

After the testing was done she gave Naruto a bundle.

"Here are some clothes you can change into, after you're done please see me outside"

As she walked out the door Naruto called out to her.

"Hey what's your name?"

She smiled, "Isane Kotetsu."

Naruto grinned as she closed the door.

Clad in the same black robes as everyone else Naruto saw Isane waiting for him.

She beckoned him to follow her and as they walked he decided to make some small talk.

"So Isane-chan where are we?"

Isane blushed at being called chan but quickly shook it out.

"This is the Seireitei or what you humans call it Heaven"

Naruto had a shocked look on his face as Isane giggled.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun you're not dead but you wear close when Hitsuguya-Taicho came and called us out to help you."

"You mean the white-haired midget with the long icy sword?"

Isane giggled but spoke in a scolding tone.

"Yes but please don't call Hitsuguya-taicho small he might be short but he's one of the most powerful people here in Seireitei."

Naruto nodded but asked another question.

"Um Isane-chan where are my swords?"

Isane pointed to a desk.

"They should be in there."

Naruto looked behind the desk and grabbed his two swords. Taking a good look at them he smiled as he felt their power. Ryujn was a normal sized katana but with a red hilt and a black guard in the shaped of a dragon and cobra coiling around each other.

Onigetsu was the size of a katana as well but had a black hilt and a silver guard in the shaped of a fox's heaf with two cresent moons as ears.

Putting them both on his back Naruto walked back to Isane as they continued on their way.

After five minutes of walking they stopped at a big red gate. Isane knocked as someone opened the door.

They both walked inside as they felt eyes staring at them. Naruto could see a lot of people wearing the uniform as Isane but with white coats over theirs.

Isane bowed in front of a old man with a long grey beard.

"Thank you Kotetsu-fukutaicho for bringing Naruto-kun with you is he ok?"

"Hai, he made a complete recovery last night and is ready for anything sir"

"Good go back to your taicho"

Isane bowed and walked back to a woman with a braided black hair.

Naruto looked at the old man with a confused glance.

"So Jiji what am I doing here?"

Many people gasped at the disrespcet Naruto shown.

"You hold your tongue you isolate whelp." A young woman with navy blue hair glared at him.

"Calm down Suifeng(Soifon)-taicho he's just confused"

The old man cleared his throat.

"My name Yamamoto young one what is you name?"

"Naruto jiji"

"No last name?"

"No jiji I had gave up my last name when I found out who my parents were."

This raised a lot of questions.

Why did Naruto say he hated his last name with a hate filled voice.

But Yamamoto questioned him.

"Naruto what was your last Name"

"Uzumaki-Namikaze" This raised a few gasps.

"Did you say Uzumaki-Namikaze?"

"Yeah so?' Naruto said in a angry tone.

"Those are the last names of two of the most powerful shinigami here in this room." A man with white hair said.

"Minato and Kushina please come here I got someone you like to meet." Yamamoto ordered as two people came in the center of the room.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at them as they came closer.

The woman gasped as she looked him while the man had his mouth opened.

"Naruto-kun?" The red haired woman asked.

"Don't call me that!" Naruto shouted as she cringed.

"But it's the name we gave you" The man said with a sad tone.

"I don't want anything you given me you bastard!" Naruto dissipeared in a flash of black as he stabbed him.

"Minato!" The red head came to her husband's aid.

"Why Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at them with rage.

"I have no father" He looked Minato then Kushina, "Or mother".

Naruto dissipeared as Kushina cried while Sarutobi came into the scene looking at Minato he sighed.

'This family reunion could've gone worse'

Naruto ran past the doors with frantic look in his face as he ran.

"Where to run?"

He saw a giant gate and decided to go there.

The two guards posted there saw and shouted.

"Hey don't come here!"


But it was to late Naruto ran past the gate going to another dimension.

Naruto looked back at them.

"Sayoonara Bastards!"

Naruto soon found himself laying down on the street as he groaned.

"Damn Dad get over here!"

"Are you ok?"

Naruto couldn't here them as he blacked out.

"What's your name?"

Naruto grinned.

"Kazama Arashi"

As Naruto fainted a pair of eyes stared at him through a window, in a her hands was a cellphone with a message on it, 'A dangerous ryouka escaped the seireitei while injuring a fuku-taicho Naruto Uzumaki ...capture and kill on sight.

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